Help Us?

You can help make this Trek a success!

Logan and Drew are self funding the opening months of this journey.  But if you believe in what we’re trying to do, you can make a financial contribution to keep the Trek For Truth going.  Below are examples of the trail expenses your kind gift will help offset.  Our general budget breaks down to about $2 per mile, inclusive of the related costs that will keep Logan and this project moving forward.

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You can also help with sending good thoughts and moral support along this long journey.  If you’d like to be a Trail Angel, you can “Like” us on Facebook, follow our journey and express your support with care packages, notes of encouragement, and even the offer of a shower, meal and a night under a roof if you or someone you know lives along the route.  We really want to meet and spend time with folks as we travel across the country.  Visit the Calendar page to see upcoming towns and post offices along the trail.  If you send a care package (food is great, healthy and lightweight is awesome!).  Scroll down for instructions on how to address a package to a post office, and for a wish list of items for care packages.