Speaking the plain, hard truth (video)

Posted this to YouTube this morn, and now posting on TFT website for your convenience.


As Logan mentioned in his video diary, he will be recording some slightly longer videos to address pertinent topics affecting humanity.

This video is one of them, and he calls it: Speaking the plain, hard truth.

Whereas the truth about the crimes committed against our species is not usually something folks like to hear or deal with, it is, none the less, the truth that such crimes are committed.

We need an open, honest investigation of our medical system (e.g., big pharma for starters) and its nefarious ties to the FDA, CDC, WHO– to the ‘doctors’ who are DIRECTLY on the payroll of the insurance companies and big pharma which stand to benefit by subduing cures and proliferating dis-ease.

The level of corruption is beyond obvious, as is the motive.

Why, we must ask, are proven cures for chronic diseases stifled (precluded from reaching the market) by people who sit on the boards of the FDA, CDC and WHO, yet also are on the payroll of either the insurance companies or big pharma, the latter which gain billions$$ from the suppression of these known cures?

Are why are the doctors who discover these cures– why are so many of them mysteriously killed– if not derided, ridiculed, sued by the establishment and driven out of practice?

here is a link to recent article related to this: http://www.sott.net/article/300739-10th-Holistic-Doctor-found-murdered-in-her-home-controversial-connections-are-surfacing

Such are the questions we continue to ask and explore in our Trek For Truth.




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