These are friends and organizations who are lending their talents and products to support the Trek For Truth.  Hope you will check them out!

Jenna Wright, a fellow Lyme and chronic illness warrior, has volunteered to be Logan’s health coach while he is on the trail.  Jenna’s holistic approach is individualistic, encompassing a Mind, Body and Spirit journey that includes using food, nutraceuticals, self discovery and basic energy medicine principles and some supplementation to help restore balance, synergistically optimizing personal wellness.  She strives to do this as simplistically as possible, breaking down daily care into a basic routine for wellness.

You can find Jenna on the web:  Basically Well Website and on Facebook:  Basically Well-Lyme and Chronic Illness Support


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We connect you to independent brands making innovative, high-performing and wildly cool gear. We scout for the innovators of today and the icons of tomorrow, and share their products and stories through our store and magazine.

Garage Grown Gear Website – click here

The story of the outdoor equipment, clothing and nutrition companies we work with follows a similar thread. An individual goes on an adventure and thinks, “Wouldn’t it be cool if …” This individual – often an engineer, designer or other professional – then returns home, begins tinkering in the garage, basement, attic or formerly abandoned warehouse down the road. Prototypes are handed out to friends, refinements are made, and before long a business is born.

Some brands we partner with are still in a garage, while others have grown. But all remain true to their organic roots.  It’s our passion to bring these businesses to you.


The Zaricki Family – Thank you for underwriting some of our telecommunications costs!