The American Discovery Trail

The American Discovery Trail (ADT) is a new breed of national trail — part city, part small town, part forest, part mountains, part desert — all in one trail. Its 6,800+ miles of continuous, multi-use trail stretches from Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware, to Pt. Reyes National Seashore, California. It reaches across America, linking community to community in the first coast to coast, non-motorized trail. The ADT provides trail users the opportunity to journey into the heart of all that is uniquely American — its culture, heritage, landscape and spirit.


An interactive Discovery Trail state-by-state map can be found on the trail’s website here.


The ADT incorporates trails designed for hiking, bicycle and equestrian use. Because it connects five national scenic and 12 national historic trails, 34 national recreational trails, and many other local and regional trails — it is the backbone for the national trails system. It passes through metropolitan areas like San Francisco and Cincinnati, traces numerous pioneer trails, leads to 14 national parks and 16 national forests and visits more than 10,000 sites of historic, cultural and natural significance.

The ADT is all about connections — people to people, community to community, urban areas to wilderness. It provides the opportunity for the most adventurous to travel from coast to coast, truly discovering the heart of America.  So in 2015 I think I’ll go for a long walk and meet more of my neighbors beginning in Delaware.  I plan to share the experience via my blog, videos and photos.  I hope people are curious as to why I am walking.  Below is a rough outline of my journey:

American Discovery Trail Mileage Calculator
State Mileage Subtotals – # of miles # of days Subtotals – # of days Subtotals – # of weeks Subtotals – # of months Comments
DE 45 3.2 14 mile per day average
MD 270 19.3
WV 289 20.6 End of “Start” months
OH 471 1075 27.7 70.8 10.1 2.4 06/27/15
KY 7 0.4
IN 366 21.5 End of “Mid” months
IL 284 14.2
MO 343 1000 17.2 53.3 7.6 1.8 08/20/15
KS 570 28.5
CO 912 1482 45.6 74.1 10.6 2.5 11/02/15
NV 496 24.8
UT 593 29.7
CA 376 1465 18.8 73.3 10.5 2.4 01/14/16
TOTALS 5022 5022 271.5 271.5 38.8 9.0
Average miles per day: 18.5
Average w/1 day off per week: 21.6
Average miles per week: 129.5
“What If” Calculations Per Day Per Week
Avg miles – start 14 98
Avg miles – mid 17 119
Avg miles – end 20 140
Estimated Start Date: 04/18/15
Estimated End Date: 01/14/16
Ken & Marcia Powell’s Trip Planning Info:
Mr. Lee’s 2013 ADT Trail Journal:
Lion King’s 2007 ADT Journal:
American Discovery Trail Website:
Google Map of ADT Route