TFT Progress Report #14 – Courage

Etymology of Courage:

Origin = Middle English (denoting the heart, as the seat of feelings): from Old French corage, from Latin cor ‘heart.’

Definition of Courage:

The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

If there is one thing I have learned during this trek of the past 6 months, it is that truth is relative and, therefore, mutable on both a societal and individual basis.

Furthermore: Personal ‘truths’ are essentially inextricable from one’s beliefs.

A long time ago I learned that it is a pointless and completely futile exercise to attempt to convince or otherwise convert anyone to my (or any) system of beliefs.  I learned that just because something had become true for me, it didn’t mean that it must be true for anyone else.  …Bob H exemplifies this and it is from him that I learned this important lesson while studying ACIM (Thank you, Bob–I love ya, man).

Truths and beliefs are relative to both individuals and collectives.   Each and every human being is entitled to have their unique life experience, which results in large part from the beliefs they hold and the ‘truths’ by which they operate and function in their daily lives.

What is true for one individual may be entirely untrue for another.  And that is okay.  Neither is right or wrong.

Ponder that:  neither is right or wrong.  –Because, indeed, truth is as relative as is reality.  …Well, at least that is what I have come to believe as true based on my ‘reality’.


If anyone ever says to you, “you need to come back to reality”.  Ask them where or what reality is. When attempting to define or describe ‘reality’, they can only answer that question by expressing their beliefs (i.e., what is true for them).

Again:  think about it.   If individual and collective beliefs are mutable (and they obviously do change) then so the collective ‘reality’ can change.  …It follows that what we believe as the collective becomes true.

Have you ever changed your beliefs about something?  About something really, REALLY, immense?

I have.

I was born and raised in the era of Red Dawn ( ) – a time in the middle of ‘time’ when we were conditioned and taught as a nation to fear the Soviets.  In fact, we were taught and conditioned to fight and eradicate the Soviets because our ‘govern-ment’ (research the Etymology of that word) told us that the Soviets were bad and out to kill us via nuclear holocaust.

Having lived in the Soviet Union during both the Reagan and Bush administrations, and having traveled both Moscow and the countryside while there, I, for one, can say that I never met a Russian who didn’t LOVE Americans—I NEVER, EVER met a Russian or Soviet who sought to bring ill will against me or my country.  In fact, they LOVE Americans and are among THE MOST hospitable, friendly and loving folks I’ve ever encountered in my worldly travels.   Them and the Greeks 🙂    …The French, well, not so much…

Point being:  I held a truth that I was conditioned to believe:  “the Soviets/Russians are out to get us, so let’s build more bombs!”    Turns out, (in my experience) they mostly wanted to be friends and celebrate life together.

This got me to thinking…

What would happen if the people of the world got together withOUT the ‘govern-ments’ being involved?  What would actually transpire if and when everyday common folk could commune and convene withOUT ‘govern-ment’ telling us how or why we should feel divisive or fearful toward each other?

Answer = WORLD PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Yes! –it’d be one big giant global LOVE fest, which is what ‘govern-ment’ fears THE most.

Why does ‘govern-ment’ fear this?  …Because it would mean they no longer have purpose.  Without purpose they have no existence.  Much like the individual human ego, ‘govern-ment’ is the macro of the micro.  It is the collective nation-state ego-mind, which cannot exist without the polarity of dualism.  In fact—it may ONLY exist as a ‘ruling authority’ to the extent that folks (i.e., the masses) are unable to self-regulate and/or unwittingly give up their power to a perceived authority because said ‘authority’ has convinced society that the greater society needs to be ruled!

Is this microphone on…hello?…’checking, checking one, two’…

Listen to me folks:  WHEN WE LEARN THE TRUTH THAT WE CAN CO-EXIST IN PEACE ON AN INTRA AND INTER-NATIONAL BASIS, THEN WE NO LONGER NEED A RULING OLIGARCHY TO GOVERN THE AFFAIRS, ECONOMIES, EDUCATION AND POLITICS OF WE, THE PEOPLE, OF THIS PLANET! –And we ARE a species of this planet, not a nationality(ies) that exist separate from each other on the life-giving Gaia Sophia Mother Earth upon which we live.  We are humans being—so let us be free in truth!

…’Check, Check…one, two’…is this thing on?

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth!” –Henry David Thoreau

I recently read something that really resonated with me:

The time has come for all serious students of truth to move into their power as awakened spiritual beings, while at the same time moving courageously through whatever remnants of the ‘old’ may still operate in or affect them.  …As an individual evolves into new and higher ways of resolving karmic issues and remaining lesson, he no longer needs the intense problems, accidents, and difficulties previously required for awakening.  Most of you are there now.  On earth there will always be difficulties of some sort, whether your’s or another’s, but now you have new, higher and guided tools with which to resolve them”.

For me, this trek has been a period of resolution and personal renaissance.  I have learned that one is to undertake such a mission only for one’s self; that one is most foolish to expect any amount of validation or commendation in pursuing one’s truth.  …That one cannot expect anyone else to be transformed through vicarious epiphany and, therefore, not to expect anyone else to discover a ‘truth’ which can, in the final analysis, be only true for me within my unique reality.

Whereas I cannot speak for Logan, I feel that he might echo this sentiment.  Perhaps he found his truth on this journey, in that ‘the’ truth remains both illusive and relative, by nature.  …And so it is…

On April 18, in Lewes, DE, as Kathryn, Oliver and I watched Logan actually start walking from the vehicle toward the embarkation point of no return, I had a moment of reckoning:  We’d either pull this off or fail in our gallant attempt.

Due in the largest part to Logan’s valiant and courageous pursuit, indeed and in deed, we succeeded.  It took a lot of courage– a true lion heart– for Logan to traverse this great nation by foot and bicycle, over 4000 miles, through thick and thin in order to bring light to serious matters affecting humanity.

One week ago to this day, on Saturday, October 2 at ~ 1pm PST, Logan reached the Pacific Ocean to conclude the cycling portion of this trek (a bit more than 3000 miles of cycling, after hiking more than 1100 miles at the onset).  In total, he logged more than 4400 miles via walking and biking in the past six months.  …For this courageous endeavor I applaud and congratulate him—job well done, my brother! 🙂

Mind you, though, that both you and I did this for non-other than ourselves –for the relative truth we seek in an otherwise deceptive world of illusion- that of the polarity and separated mind which would prefer us to believe that peace on this earth and for her children is not possible in our lifetime.

‘Nay’, we say as dissidents!   For it CAN be and IS so the truth that humanity may be united in love.

Today, this 10th day of October, 2015, we reunite to conclude the final mile.  We meet at ~2pm EST, whereupon Logan bikes from Chelsea, Indiana to Jeffersonville, thereupon for us and whatever entourage might join us, to walk to the foot bridge from Indiana to Kentucky where Logan set off on July 31.

Today we conclude chapter 1 of The Trek For Truth, having written this chapter o’er the past six months since April 18, to discover our truth and speak fearlessly about the issues plaguing an otherwise peace-loving and peace-seeking humanity.  One which has been subverted and subjugated by a ‘govern-mental authority’ that would rather have us believe that we are at war with one another (in whatever form ‘it’ may assume).

No.  No More!   The veiled is being lifted.  So let the apocalypse reign in the rain of cleansing.   If anything, we—and ALL of the trail angel humans being who Logan encountered along this trek—are proof that humanity is redeemed and transcendent of the powers that were.  It is time for healing; it is time for peace, in all forms, for all.

Let us, then, go forth in our en-lightened and sovereign power to re-claim peace and love for a united humanity.

Please stay tuned for chapter two, for we know not where this trek leads from here…only that we know we are led to speak our truth and do all we can to restore integrity to the human condition.

In so many ways, it feels that this journey has only just begun…  Let us all be courageous as we endeavor to persevere.


“Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. They begin sensing that something is amiss, and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side ot reality others are oblivious to, and so beings their journey of awakening. Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance.”  — Henri Bergson


Our peace be with you always in all ways,


TFT Progress Report #13 – Day 103 and more than halfway to goal!

Happy Sunnyday, TFT Community!   And, while we are at it–happy lunar perigee.  I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy the perigee.  🙂

Well, it’s hard to believe that the last TFT Progress report was posted so many days ago, on August 9, when Logan was camping in Eminence, MO.  Much has transpired these past 20 days; he has covered much ground since then.

To bring you up to speed on the overall Trek benchmarks thus far:

On Thursday, August 27, we celebrated 100 days on the trek.  As of day 100, Logan had logged 2,506 total miles cumulative. The breakdown  as of day 100 was 72 days walking (1, 106 miles) 28 days on bike (1,400 miles) = 2,506 miles.

Today, just a few minutes ago, and literally as I type this update, I received the following photo and text from Logan:

“Halfway there!  Also over the halfway mark of the cycling leg.  Only 1,450 miles to go! 🙂    …Just reached the summit at 12:30 eastern; 12.5 miles at 6 miles per hour.  Not as tough as the climb two days ago; better road and weather. …Eating something, and then a fast and hair-raising decent…I will video it.”

Monarch Pass Summit

So there you have it, happy campers, We have surpassed the halfway mark to San Fran, and less than 1500 miles to go — way to trek, Logan — we KNOW you can and will make it!!!

It is great to receive this update from Logan, whereas the last one (and the previous intense climb to which he refers) was on Friday.  Thought I’d share it with you, to provide a peek behind the scenes of the glamorous (not) life on the trail:

“Dude… 15+ mile climb with 4,500 foot elevation gain…ouch!  Rockies are beautiful, but they kicked my ass today!  Longest climb I’ve ever done by 6 miles.  My legs are hammered, but hopeful better in the morning.  …Big storm last night and I ended up sleeping in bathroom at park.  Motion sensor light went on every time I moved! ”

Yup, every time I start to whine about something in my life for which I am not satisfied, I tend to pause and consider how it could be a lot worse- such as sleeping in a park bathroom to avoid a storm and not having a warm shower for days on end.  Logan and I sometimes chuckle when I complain about work and all of the emails and calls I have to process each day, lamenting that I wish I was out there on the trail with zero laptop and cut of from the world.    He replies how he’d like to be able to spend the night in one place for at least a couple nights in a row, not have to eat trail food daily, and have a shower and clean clothes more than once a week.  Then, we both pause, re-consider our circumstances, and decide (with a good laugh) that we will maintain our respective lifestyles- at least for now 🙂

In other news, Logan has recorded some really good videos; both footage of the cycling journey as well as some commentary videos related to issues for which we seek the truth.  Please check out both our FB page and YouTube channel to catch up on the videos (and remember to ‘like’ when you view).

As for the indiegogo fundraiser, we are deeply appreciative of the donations that have come in- thank you!  We’ve raised almost $800.00 toward our $5,000 goal.  Thanks also to such folks as Jim and Andrew for supporting the media development and website efforts, as well as our families and friends for their moral support, and the many trail angels whom Logan encounters along the trail.  Indeed, we have MUCH gratitude- it is a collective effort!

I will speak just a tad more about ‘the collective’ in the closing comments.  For the moment, I’d like to share with you some of the wonderful photos Logan has captured these past 20 days.  Please enjoy this TFT scrapbook (click on a photo to enlarge it):

Near Golden City MO


central Kansas








Logan’s good friend Sue


Scott City Park in Kansas- home is where you hang your hammock









fellow cycler Wayne Meador and his rig










East Colorado Plain















campsite in Olney Springs










Sugar City Cafe

Thomas Sr. & Thomas Jr.











Heart of The Rockies campground









fellow cycler Ryan-taken in Cotapaxi






The nice ladies at the Hillsdale Post Office






now that is a climb!







Summit of Monarch Pass







Rockies at Monarch Pass







Final maps for remaining trek








Bike map detail


In closing, we’d again like to thank everyone who is participating on this trek with us.  As it pertains to other recent posts with respect to unity among humanity, as well as the sometimes-not-so-pleasant topic matter we address via video or blogs, we have reached a pivotal point as a global society.

On the one hand, it seems evident that more and more people are awakening to the truths about the oppressive agendas of the powers that were.  It’s good that the veil is being lifted to let in the light of reckoning.

On the other hand, some of these truths are simply not fun to deal with; families and communities-entire nations- have been impacted in terrible ways by systems that do not serve the greater good.

In any case, we must be courageous to address these matters, in order that we may develop ways to make life better for everyone and our Mother Earth.  Ultimately, that is what we seek to do:  build the new.  To help usher in the second renaissance with as much love and compassion as we can possibly muster for all of Earth’s people.

We are the collective called humanity.  It is our divine nature to live in peace and prosperity, in full recognition and real-ization that we are capable of returning and anchoring heaven on Earth.

Let us, then, be united around those things that virtually everyone desires- regardless of race, creed or religion.  Such things as good health, a clean environment, the end to wars, freedom to experience liberty as defined by the sovereign individual, tranquility, plenty of food and shelter for all…in a word: happiness.

Let us end the separation by remaining vigilant to the things and entities that seek to divide us.

Let us unite, remain strong, and bring healing to our collective in re-membering that Truth and Love Prevails.  It always does.

Until next progress report, may our Truth and Love be with you, 🙂


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Gear Tour

We hope you find this video enlightening. It is provided to answer many inquiries we’ve received regarding the equipment and methods Logan utilizes to sustain himself on the trek.

The science surrounding gear selection, materials, expendables and various necessities all teeters on the weight quotient as well.

It is critical to have everything one needs for shelter, sustenance and tools, but with a keen eye for keeping the overall curb weight, when fully outfitted, to the absolute minimum. –Ounces count!


TFT Progress Report #12 – almost halfway to San Fran Bay !

Hello and happy SUNday, our most awesome TFT Community!  🙂

Welcome to TFT Progress report #12, wherein we are VERY excited to announce the release of the tickler for the documentary film Freedom?  In conjunction, we have launched an indigeogo campaign to raise funds for the production and ongoing trek operating expenses.  Here is a link to the indiegogo campaign:

…And here is the latest video.  Special thanks to Bright-Eyed-Jack Studios and  Director/Producer Jack Lindsey.


Ever heard that Willie Nelson song ‘On the Road Again’ ?  Well, that’s where Logan has been, having logged a whopping 530 miles this past week, since departing Louisville for TFT phase 2 on Friday, July 31.   Add the hiking miles (1,106), and the total cumulative trek miles logged thus far is 1,636– Go, Logan, GO!!! 🙂

Passing through Sturgis, KY Aug 3

It has been an eventful week with tremendous progress, due in no small part to our family, supporters, the trail angels and Logan’s Kung Fu-like ability to distract his mind away from his aching, saddle sore butt. (Just sayin’…kinda comes with the territory)

Toren Family

It is exciting to begin posting photos again of the awesome folks he meets along the way, as well as to journal and effect the trek via the sporadic communications he and I share between his stopovers and my crazy schedule.

Speaking of awesome folks, Logan was so thrilled to see Jessica Toren ( a former Red Cross coworker of his) and her family when he passed through Paducah, KY.  As he notes on our FB page, many thanks to the Toren Family for hosting him in their lovely home. Jessica picked up Logan in Vienna, IL and arranged an interview about Lyme disease with the NBC affiliate.   Thank you Jessica and mark- you rock!  🙂 

Jenkins bicycle rest stop


On August 4th, Logan was fortunate to find a really wonderful stopover at Jenkins Bike Shop.  We really appreciate the good folks there, who make it accommodating for cyclist on the go.

Jenkins rest stop ph charge
By August 5, Logan had made his way to Alto Pass, IL.  For those in our Midwest region, that was during the time we had those wicked-bad torrential downpours.  Logan found a neat little shop in Alto Pass to wait out the storms.
Alto Pass IL
…He doesn’t look too bad for a guy who just peddled 30 miles  of rolling hills and 345 miles over the past 5 fives days leading up to Alto…


Cynthia and Ron in Alto Pass

While there, he also met Michael and Cynthia.  They own a Root Beer Emporium and Cafe in Alto Pass, IL. Michael also builds custom electric guitars (Zunis).

As of today, August 9, Logan is camping in Eminence, MO.  We aren’t quite halfway to San Fran, but soon will be–and momentum builds!   here is a snapshot to provide perspective of where we started back in April, where Logan presently is, and the remaining trek ahead.

Eminence MO

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, we have expanded our logistics and supply operation to make room for the T-shirts and coffee cups inventory, which is part of our perks for donating to the TFT Indiegogo campaign.    Additionally, Cuz, Mr. Butters and Londy are doing fine (for those who have inquired), and I remain head over heals in love with the big ‘L’ – Life itself…  All the more intriguing it becomes day-by-day… 🙂

…Wow- what a GREAT time to be alive and partake in this grand experiment of becoming the next higher ideal of our potential as a human species.   Thank YOU for participating with us on this loving trek for truth, freedom and the human way.

Again, we so very much appreciate the kindness of strangers, the support of our family and friends, the trail angels and all of the absolutely radiant humans being that Logan encounters along the trail.

Until next time, may peace and happiness enlighten your day!


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TFT Progress Report # 11 – Phase 2 Launch

Greetings once again, dear TFT Community!  Happy sunny Sun-day for August 2, 2015   🙂

Welcome to another exciting installment of ‘As the Trek Turns’.  For, indeed, we have turned a big corner to embark on PHASE 2 of the TFT odyssey.

Having taken the past couple of weeks to re-group, recuperate, re-tool and re-commit, we are now officially re-launched into the remaining 2800 miles of our quest for truth, happiness and the imminent liberation of humanity…

…And- oh- what a most wonderful time it is to be in love with life as we collectively manifest the blossoming next renaissance!

Let us begin this update by resuming from where we left off, July 12.  Per last report, Logan was taking a much-needed break after walking 1100 miles from Lewes, DE to Louisville, KY.  Concurrently, I was having Peter Pan-like lucid dreams about a rampant consumption society incited by the global manufacturing oligarchy of all things plastic.

…Both of us were having a twinge of angst about where and how we go from here.  This was especially with consideration for the mode of travel, in order to traverse The Rocky’s ahead of autumn.    To be perfectly honest, we were both a bit fatigued, if not once again feeling overwhelmed at the massive journey ahead, with utmost consideration for Logan, who’s butt is on the line each day he forges into uncharted territory.

We were re-minded of a passage oft contributed to Goethe:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back– Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

We prayed, consulted our Soul Group, and we figured it out, as inevitably we do:  Transition from two feet to two wheels– get a bike.  And so we did.

I don’t think either us has felt that boyhood sense of anticipation and glee for many years.  The one that comes with designing, sourcing and procuring a shiny new red bike, replete with disc brakes, paniers and front carriage!  Plus, it has that new bike smell (bonus).  🙂

Having determined and secured the going-forward mode of transportation, Logan performed due diligence for the route maps and launch window.  Based upon how many miles he can cycle per day, with about 2800 route miles from Louisville to termination in San Francisco, he estimates touching the Pacific Ocean in October.  Thusly, the phase 2 launch date was slated for Friday, July 31.  And so it was, and it was AWESOME!

We had many supporters turn out from the Lyme and TFT awareness community, as well as media coverage from WLKY-32.    Here is the link to the news story on WLKY; we commend the conscious, responsible journalism of Erica Coghill and WLKY TV:

Subsequently, I made this quick highlights video to encapsulate Logan’s sendoff; his return to the path less taken:


Speaking of the path less taken and truth journalism, have you heard about the latest CDC bombshell?   Yeah.  The MAJOR news story –centered on the charges that have been read into the congressional record by Representative Bill Posey – but which have yet to be reported by the lamestream media???

Well, then, check out THIS article and ask yourself where in the heck your ‘(s)elected’ representatives stand on the matter and/or what have they done to address it:

Again:  things that make one go, “Hmmmmmm…maybe big pharma, in collusion with big government, IS actually out to exterminate us ‘useless eaters’ “.

…Yeah…and after you research ‘useless eaters’ for yourself, I’ll be happy to illuminate you about my time spent with Henry Kissinger and other genocidal heads of state.  Just remember, there is no ‘theory’ to the conspiracy, so please don’t waste my time with conjecture about the sad truth– and never ask me anything unless you want the unadulterated truth.   …Integrity comes with a price; a heavy burden at times, but it also delivers one to ultimate liberation and freedom.  I feel a quiet pity for anyone who knowingly chooses to avoid the truth, when they know full well what it is, but do not have the means or courage to face it.  I, personally, would die if I lived in such a contracted and compromised state of spirit, for it is not my nature.

But I digress, so allow me to continue on with the pertinent topics at hand.

The latest CDC revelations and continued denial by the AMA that chronic Lyme disease even exists smells like corruption (*cough* murder) to me.  You can make your own decision, or not.  Either way, a decision is being made, by someone, about YOUR lives.

After all, it’s always and ultimately up to each of us, isn’t it?   Whether to layover like a lapdog or, conversely, to stand up and ask the prudent questions, such as: WHAT IN THE BLOOMIN’ HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE, AND WHY IN THE HELL AREN’T THESE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY BEING REPORTED BY THE LAMESTREAM MEDIA!!!???

Ooh, ooh—look over there, look over there– Donald Trump’s toupee flew off, Bruce Jenner got a new bikini, and Madonna is showing her ass in public again  —squirrel!

(that was jaded sarcasm)

The reason for broaching the topic of fraud and deception surrounding the link between vaccines and autism has DIRECTLY to do with the same vein of continuing chicanery (by your ‘govern-ment’) regarding the refutation of Lyme disease as the epidemic that is it has become.

Did you know that our state government, most physicians and the medical institution at large do not even recognize/admit that Lyme can be contracted in the state of Kentucky???!!!  …Well, let’s just ask Michelle and her two sons (featured in the aforementioned WLKY news report).   Yeah.  They almost died from Lyme disease, after contracting it right here in My Old Kentucky Home state of denial.

This is an opportune point to insert a link to the absolutely incredible documentary film Under Our Skin.   For those who have not yet seen this, I cannot encourage you enough to check it out:

Are you seeing a pattern here, folks?

As John Cougar sings: ‘you have to stand for something, or you’re gonna fall for anything’.  Yup.  Words of wisdom and admonition.

For the wise owls cognizant to observe these patterns of murderous deception—as perpetrated by the CDC, AMA, the WHO, and every other derivative of the cabalist powers that were— let us stand with love in our hearts and CALL THEM OUT!

Speaking of wise owls who hoot out the truth, we send a big TFT salute with much gratitude to truth speakers such as:

Mike Adams The Health Ranger:

Sharyl Attkisson, an exceptional person of integrity:

Laura Walker at The Oracle Report and her promotion of the TFT with recent news links: ( )

And, most certainly, Erica Coghill at WLKY news for demonstrating the courage and integrity to report the real news you can use.  BTW, here’s a link to another story that Erica covered with Logan last year in June, 2014:

I spoke with Logan yesterday and today; he’s making great progress and his spirits are high. 🙂

After peddling across the foot bridge into Indiana ~ 11:00 am EST Friday, he arrived in Corydon, IN by 2:30pm and logged 50 miles on day 1 of the re-launch (woo-hoo!).  While in Corydon (Indiana’s first state capitol), he was thrilled to meet trail angel Jessica, who is also a Lyme patient.  We send a big TFT thanks and virtual hug to Jessica, who sent Logan a care package during his arduous hike through the Ohio leg of the trip, a month ago.

Trail Angel Jessica in Corydon

He logged another 50 miles on Saturday (yesterday), and is presently on track to touch Illinois late Monday or early Tuesday.  After that, ‘only’ 2500 miles and three months to go before we say helloooooo, San Francisco!    🙂

Yep, happy campers, we are back on the trail with a renewed wind in our sails.  Forever onward and upward we trek for truth and seek to unveil all evidence of the new renaissance—for it IS here NOW.

So arise and feel invigorated in the knowing that brighter days dawn as the old constructs of  a perverted power-elite crumbles back into the ether from which it came…like so much fog of a bad dream.  The separated mind is rejoined and rejoices to learn that in every way and always, truth and love prevails.  Let us then, campers, choose to be in love with each other, our natural state of being humankind.

Mark Twain is quoted as saying:  ‘The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

I, for one, was born to deliver a message of inspiration …to be given the opportunity to provide an example for what it is to embody the antithesis of and antidote to evil, for which the anagram is LIVE.

Let us all choose a happy and healthy life for ourselves and our mother earth.  As we forgive ourselves and the aberration of anything else that might appear to be in conflict with our divine nature, let us go forth on this trek in love with life eternal.

Until next progress report, may peace our goodwill and love be with you,


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TFT Progress Report #10 — The Human Condition and Dreams

Good SUNday to the TFT Community!  –Hope y’all are doin’ swell.  🙂

In addition to this TFT update with some links to other empowering news you can use,  I am expressing a quick missive about some occurrences of the past week .   So drop your walking sticks, grab a seat on the log and gather ‘round the campfire…

As for the TFT progress report, Logan will be back on the trail Monday; resuming from Chelsea, IN; from where we extracted him a few days back.  He will meander southwest down the ‘Kentuckiana’ Ohio valley toward Illinois over the coming days.

After that, in about 10 days, we are going to drop back and re-assess the logistical plan for the route westward, and with consideration for the going-forward mode of transport.   Fact is, it’s a dire necessity that Logan makes it through the Rocky Mountains pass ahead of winter’s inclement weather.  It is, therefore, most likely that he will switch to bicycling as the preferred and prudent mode of transport for the remaining 4400 mile journey.   We will keep you posted as the plan develops.

In the meantime, we have been busy with production on a TFT video that we hope to release in about 10-14 days from today, July 12th.  With the help of the bright-eyed, and capable young Director Jack, (an aspiring film maker and soon-to-be student at Columbia College Chicago), we spent three hours yesterday morning capturing content.

Step one = publish a TFT overview promotional video.  Step two = build footage for the TFT Documentary: FREEDOM?  Whereas such things require an operating budget, we greatly appreciate any and all donations.

If it’s not possible for you to donate, then please do us a favor and ask others to subscribe to our website for the post updates, our YouTube Channel and Facebook (Links below).   …we REALLY do appreciate seeing our subscriber base increase.  THANK YOU, sincerely, for passing along this post and other posts with encouragement for others to subscribe.  J

A segment of the video shoot included recognition of other truth seekers who have been an inspiration to us.  One of which is Allan Weisbecker—a gem of a human being—and a guy who always makes me laugh.  A fantastic writer and filmmaker, we highly recommend that you watch Water Time if you haven’t already.  Here’s a link to his latest post:   And here’s a link to the 7 minute intro of Water Time:

Another person we mentioned is Adam Kokesh.  Adam is presently on national tour to promote his book FREEDOM, which is available for free at this link:   Also, just announced, Adam and Macey became engaged (yay!).  We are so happy for them 🙂  Link to the announcement:

Lastly, we mentioned the tireless and brilliant Richard Grove.  I’m still blown away by ‘the brain’.  We admire his contribution to truth, and Richard’s website contains a phenomenal wealth of resource materials, found here:

That, happy campers, is the gist of the TFT Operational update; stay tuned for more as Logan returns to the trail this week.

As it pertains to the missive I mentioned afore, I now pose a question to you:  Do you have dreams?

Actually, it’s a two-part question, the second being:  When I asked this question, what was your immediate response?  In other words, did you interpret the question as ‘Dreams’ when sleeping at night?  Or, did you think of ‘Dreams’ as in aspirations, desires and ambitions?

Hold that thought– I’ll circle back in a minute.   Let me convey something else in the interim; it has to do with the subject of this week’s post: The Human Condition.

BTW, did you know that synonyms for the noun ‘Condition’ are:  Disorder, Complaint, Illness, Ailment, State, Form Situation and Circumstance.  When we look at the definition of the verb, we find: ‘bring (something) into the desired state for use.’  …As in, to condition someone for something…

If we begin an etymological break-down of the word, we note that it begins with ‘Con’.  Upon investigating ‘dition’ we learn:  Middle French, from Latin dicion-, dicio word of command, command, dominion, from dicere to say.    …Hmmmm…

I spent the past week or so deeply in thought about both the condition(ing) of our human species and the beautiful mother earth on which we live.   Another BTW:  ‘live’ spelled backwards is ‘evil’.   –But I digress; ‘tis not time, just now, for the fun-with-words game.

As I was saying, I had an unusually contemplative week.  It was fraught with thoughts of doubt and uncertainty; whether people would ever awaken to (or take action about) the continued atrocities against humanity.  I wondered if we’d ever reach the ‘100th monkey’ stage before the ruling oligarchy killed our mother Sophia and her true, innate children—us.

I also thought a lot about the astral hierarchal realms, and how the game is rigged, far beyond what we observe in day-to-day life on this planet.  This led to more contemplation and research pertaining to what some referred to as ‘Astral Parasites’, or other life forms that derive sustenance from and by creating a negative energy  field throughout the planet.

I mean, think about it.  It’s akin to licking a toad for the hallucinogenic effect.  Yeah, sounds weird, but it’s true.  There are certain toads that, when disturbed, secret a toxin.  The toxin is like LSD.  People shake the toads and then lick them to get high.

It just got me thinking that it’s possible for there to exist another life form that does something similar to us; a lifeform (ethereal as it may be) which creates disharmony, fear and angst among people, upon which it feeds (i.e., we are the unsuspecting toads being shaken up).

I suppose it’s quite similar to what some interpret as the devil and its ways of subversion.  We’ve all heard the adage ‘the devil made me do it’, or, ‘that guy had his demons to deal with’.   Why do we say these things unless we believe them to be true?  …And is it not possible to change our conditioning so that we may become empowered and responsible for our creations, versus being victimized by some unseen force such as evil and devils?

Hey- I just noticed something else:  devil spelled backwards is LIVED.  And live is the opposite of death.   –But again, I digress.

Anyway, I became discouraged (if not plagued) by feelings of whether Logan and I were doing the TFT for naught; whether any of it really mattered.  …Yep.  Discouraged if not overwhelmed that few others were awakened enough to recognize that WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS—for EVERYONE.

We, everyONE who seek to vanquish uninvited victimization, must team up.  ‘TEAM’ = Together Everyone Achieves More.  We can do this!  🙂   Go Team TFT!

I discussed my existential angst with a friend who assured me that ‘the field of potentiality is indeed changing’.  That mother earth herself was rousing in order to dream a new dream.  Interestingly, I have been concurrently very focused on A Course In Miracles Lesson 140, which some refer to as ‘the happy dream’ lesson.   Another ‘Hmmmm….’

Subsequently, the next day, I was very thrilled to listen to the latest recording of Parliament Of Wise Owls (POWO), which is produced by Sol Luckman, Laura Walker and Andrew Foss.  It anchored for me a very positive message; it gave me inspiration and hope, if not lots of smiles and chuckles. 🙂    I’ve been a huge fan of The Oracle Report for more than two years; the addition of the POWO episodes are something I enjoy very much.  Here’s a link to the latest recording, and I hope it makes you happy too:

Okay, then; enough of my rambling about the human condition.  After all, I truly believe that the troubles we face shall soon be alleviated.  Brighter days shall dawn–they always do.

Instead, how about we circle back to the topic of dreams?    I had a sleeping dream Friday night (technically it would be Saturday morning).  I recount it for you as follows:

The dream began (quite suddenly) with me wrestling to escape from a bunch of mean pirates in the hold of a big old wooden ship.   I ran up a narrow ladder to topside as they clamored swords and kept trying to pull me back down by my ankles.  Once free on the deck, I ran fast to the bow and jumped as far as I could off the starboard into a massive ocean bay.  It was nighttime and I could see nothing but pitch black as I swam as far as I could underwater, away from the ship.

Just as I popped back above the surface I heard an angry man yell from the deck, “NOOOOOOOOO!!!”

And then – Pha-FOOM and Ka-BOOM!—a massive explosion erupted in a gorgeous orange fireball as the ship was obliterated.  It was spectacular, as the ship hull pieces and cargo began raining down in the water all around me.

I began laughing because it occurred to me that I had been successful in setting fire to the black powder kegs in the belly of the cargo bay.  The ship, for which I had the distinct connotation as being the last of its kind and the prize warship of an evil empire, was now destroyed.

Almost breathless, I began to swim toward a piece of the mast floating nearby; I clutched on and pulled myself astraddle.  Just then, behind me, I heard another big splash and the angry man yell, “There he is!  —Seize him and kill him!!!”   It was the captain of the ship and one of his yeomen pirates (uh-oh).  They had survived the blast and were in a dinghy boat rowing toward me.

…I couldn’t help but to pause when I saw the captain some 50 yards out, for he looked so very much like Captain Hook…

That’s when I thought ‘what would Peter Pan do in a situation like this?’  -And it came to me:  call upon the elementals for help!  “Wind of the night and water of life”, I commanded, “rise up to my back and carry me fast from this attack!”

Wow!  I was suddenly pushed up the bay by a big swell, and was somehow able to paddle on the wind with my arms, such as oars.    [Note: it was a semi-lucid dream and I recall thinking to myself, ‘holy crap. this stuff actually works if you believe in it!’]

Whereas the captain was cursing and banging his sword against the dinghy, I was skimming quickly and farther away, until I saw a river inlet.  The sun was about to rise and I’d lose the cover of dark, so I darted portside into the estuary.

The river was choppy at first, but soon was calm as the sun rose.  I continued ‘paddling’ against the air with my arms and came upon a smaller tributary, whereupon I navigated starboard into a deep creek.  The creek was completely covered in a canopy of low-hanging tree limbs.  The water was placid; it was enchanting scenery with forest along both sides.   About two miles in, it became very quiet and there were copious lilly pads.  Just ahead I saw the termination at a deer path along the bank.

The ship mast bumped up to the bank and I hopped off.  I proceeded to my right in a brisk walk, all the while parting sapling branches, somewhat stooped in rather thick undergrowth.

I had advanced about a quarter mile when suddenly, ‘BAM!’ – I walked head-first into a set of double glass doors and was knocked back on the ground.   The doors, identical to the kind at a shopping mall, opened and I went inside.

…This is where the dream gets weird…

I went through a foyer to arrive in a massively huge department store.  It seemed never ending and the ceiling was no less than four stories up.  There were numerous surveillance cameras placed symmetrically all across the ceiling.  There was a balcony way at the top enclosed with mirrored glass.  It struck me as being a place from which to observe.

The department store floor had every conceivable ware you can imagine.  The aisles went on so expansively that you couldn’t even see the end.  There was clothing, makeup, food, dry goods of every sort, hardware, electronics, housewares, jewelry—seemingly everything that had ever been manufactured was available in this place.   …And then something more, which struck me as rather odd.

I came upon an attendant who was watching the floor from an elevated podium, about 20 feet high.  Upon climbing up, the attendant could not see me, nor could anyone else, as though I was invisible.  The ‘anyone else’ includes the many shoppers, as you might expect.  But what I didn’t expect was what I next noticed:  there was an office-like cubicle farm integrated throughout the rows of merchandise.  At each cubicle was a small desktop, to which people were assigned.  Every 7-9 feet there was a quad-cube formation and there were hundreds upon hundreds of people sitting or standing at these desk tops.  All around them was merchandise, and each had a clipboard on which to make notes.

Then, a loud, clinical-sounding voice echoed over the intercom system: “Subjects prepare for next series of rating surveys… subjects now begin survey process.”   With that, some of the people groaned, as though fatigued, and they began to fill out forms to rate the appeal factor of various merchandise articles.  It became apparent that whoever was behind the surveillance cameras and mirrored glass was utilizing these people for gathering data to determine purchasing preferences.

Just then, I heard thunder and it began to rain inside this massive shopping dome.  Most of the people groaned and some put down their heads or slumped.  After a quick downpour ceased, the attendant spoke into a recorder: “observed that subjects appear averse to getting wet.”   …The whole set-up seemed kinda oppressive; the people seemed un-emotive and gloomy.  I wondered why some of the people were free to shop and roam the aisles, whereas others were relegated to the cube farm and filling out survey after survey.

…In any case, ALL of the people seemed almost robotic, as though a piece of their human-ness was void.   To the extent that no one could seem to see me, I wondered if they could hear me.  I leaned over the podium rail with my hands cupped around my mouth and shouted as loud as I could:  “Hey!  Why don’t you people wake up and walk out?!?!  The door is right over over there!”

At which point I abruptly awoke.  It was once again Saturday morning in West Beuchel, KY.

Like I said, weird dream, right?

In closing, I ask another question about dreams.  What are your dreams– ambitions and desires– for the future state of our planet and her children?

I, among many others, hold faith and focus on the indomitable energetic of love’s frequency to arise the higher vibration of us all, that we may manifest, once again, heaven on this earthly realm.

Perhaps if more and more of us dream toward common goals of liberation in the truest sense, we may real-ize it together more quickly.

Until next time, may the peace of sovereignty and security of love’s truth envelope you all…


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TFT Progress Report #9 – Love, as does truth, always Prevails

Happy Sunday to our beloved TFT Community!  🙂

We hope y’all enjoyed a wonderful Independence Day celebration yesterday and are rounding out your long weekend in a happy space.

I am taking this opportunity to provide a quick update, express gratitude for YOU, our supporters, as well as leave you with some food for thought.

#1 = Update:  As mentioned in the very last TFT progress report #8, Logan is off of the trail for a few days while he recoups and we re-group around the going-forward plan for the next 4000 miles.  Per last update, we met today, July 5, to plot timing for crossing the Rocky Mountains by October (ahead of inclement weather) and plan budgets and logistics for the months to come.

It was a great meeting.  We discussed some ‘philosophical issues’ ahead of getting down to brass tacks.  Also, we were very fortunate to receive guidance from a kindred spirit (an ‘oracle’ of sorts), so that we may consider other factors that influence the months ahead.  To close/summarize the meeting minutes: we remain emboldened in our quest, and with intentions for the very best!   We are ‘onward and upward’, so stay tuned for more details to come.

#2 = Gratitude:  We appreciate the opportunity to be of continued service to both our country and humanity as a whole–globally.  Whereas we may sometimes feel overwhelmed and have concerns about ‘how we are going to get there from here’, or even if our mission is for naught, inevitably we find redemption and motivation from YOU.

‘You’ includes the folks that contribute their time, efforts and subject matter expertise for such things as the website (J.P. is the man!), as well as those who have donated operating funds, those in our network who help care for Cuz (love ya B & P, K & mom), along with those in our LES and soul group community who provide moral and spiritual support (C&T, among others).   It also includes the many trail angels and salt-of-the-Earth folks who have so generously provided food, water and shelter to Logan along this road less travelled. Lastly, and not least, it includes our sisters, Leslie and Rebekah, who provide promotional and nurturing support more than they might realize.  🙂

This is, by every means, a collective effort, and every little bit helps.  ‘Rock Soup’ is one of my favorite skits from my days as a cub scout.  It’s a story about a village of people who, individually, did not have enough to eat, yet together– by each contributing what they did have to the community soup pot—ended up having enough soup for everyone.  As I stated in the launch video from Lewes, Delaware, wherein I borrowed a line from the song by The Police, ‘One World’: “We can all sink or we all float, ‘cos we’re all in the same big boat”  ( full lyrics found here: )

Thanks again to everyone for both your material and spiritual support—we appreciate you!   🙂

#3 = Food for thought:  This past week has been a very expansive experience for me personally.   I endured a circuitous business trip that, in and of itself, provides fodder for a short story on the nature of life and a treatise on the topic of synchronicity (more on that later).

Most importantly, I re-found my muse.  Perhaps it has been decades, if not eons (je ne sais pas), since I found the place within myself to achieve the balance necessary for adequately expressing myself—the essence of who and what I AM, which is inexorably linked to what we–all of us–are.

We are the essence of THE ALL THAT IS.  Regardless of one’s religious orientation, spiritual tendency, ethnicity or lineage in all its forms, re-member this:  we breathe the same air; we drink the same water— and we ALL, ultimately, seek for peace and happiness among our species, for it is our immutable and inherent benign nature as Humans, being…

…On that note, in closing, I leave you with two items.  One is the link to Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’, found here:

The other is a poem I wrote in January 2009.  (BTW- I have transposed the poem below the image in case it’s hard to read)  As I said, having re-found my muse, it has been a poetic week’s end, for which I celebrate and bask in the awareness of my I AM presence…

…That which cannot, nor will ever be, separate from ALL of you.  This poem is entitled ‘What We Are’.  It was inspired after a meeting of our Louisville Soul Group, wherein we study A Course In Miracles.

May the empowerment and joy of knowing who and what you are be with you always, in all ways.

what we are

As I am, I AM

The All That Is, As Is

perpetually expanding

to experience the infinite spectrum

of that which I Am not

thereby to know the highest joy

of the wholly eternal love

that I Am

How I know you is true

remembered with me

as the All We Are

which is the all that is

countless thread points

on the outermost fringe

of the divine tapestry

interwoven as THE ONE

Forever increasing capacity

to express love

the all there is

as we are

and so it goes

it is that we be love,




In love and gratitude, may our peace be with you  🙂


TFT Progress Report #8 — Over 1000 miles and feeling GREAT!!!

Happy SUNday, Trekkers for Truth, and welcome to TFT update #8.   I like the number 8; it is the number of infinity.  It’s so much fun being infinite.  One never runs out of things to exBErience  😉

That word just came to me.  I typed ‘be’ and was thinking ‘experience’, hence ‘exberience’.   In addition to my affinity for infinity, I also like fun with words .  In fact, I LOVE words!   Hey- just add the letter ‘L’ and you have worlds of words.  See what I mean?  -Fun!  🙂

Were I not focusing my efforts on being a human rights and happiness advocate, I’d likely be a full-time etymologist with a minor in hermeneutics.  It’s true: I can spend blissful hours perusing the dictionary or thesaurus.  We’ll chat more about words later.  For now, let us move on to the combined report for the period covering June 15-28.

What a past couple of weeks it has been!  More surreal than usual.  But ya know, that’s what makes the ‘exberience’ ever more amusing! 🙂

Let’s begin by announcing some phenomenal progress via the most recent TFT all-time world record set by Logan last week.  Ready?

Logan has surpassed the 1000 mile mark upon entering KY on June 23 !!!

  🙂  Woo-HOOOOOO!  🙂

It so happened to be ‘Truth Tuesday’, and the ever-awesome Luba Williams made a really wonderful poster that Logan posted to his trail journal page.  Check it out–and THANK YOU, Luba!

Truth Tuesday






selfie at serpent mound- June 16




As of June 16, Logan was in West Union, OH, at the cumulative benchmark of 890 miles.   Since he was only a couple hours drive from Louisville, we pulled him off of the trail so that he could co-host the guest speaker event we had arranged with Adam Kokesh on Wednesday, June 17.

Thanks to Logan’s son, Gabe, for making the trip and helping us get him back here for the event.  Thanks also to Jim, Oliver and Jack for helping with AV and set-up; it was a team effort!

We also express much gratitude to everyone who came out in support of Adam’s visit.  Indeed, it was great crowd; there was copious laughter, hugs and smiles throughout the evening.


Gabe’s ADT shuttle service



Adam and Macey are wonderful people.  We admire their tenacity and courage as they make their own trek across America on Adam’s Freedom Campfire Tour.

I gained something profoundly important while listening to Adam talk.  It gave me a perspective that lifted my spirits and attitude, with both a renewed sense of empowerment  and joyfulness.   It relates to one of my favorite passages in his book, FREEDOM: “Happiness Causes Freedom”.

Listening to Adam recount his experiences of incarceration, among other things, I was re-minded that freedom begins with one’s state of mind.  …Actually- with their state of heart.  As he writes: “If we don’t know how to be happy, what’s the point of being free?”

L-R = Logan, Adam, Drew June 17

The joy and mission of TFT is helping others be liberated.  In our mission we are sometimes challenged with assimilating and transmuting dense energies; entities which are rather malevolent. In my experience as a human rights and happiness advocate, it is commonplace to encounter the absolute antithesis of happiness.  It takes much discipline to remain vigilant to ‘the game’, so as not to become seduced into the battle-mind of lower ego densities where they thrive.

When I originally drafted this post, the subject line was “1000 miles and still laughing”.   “Great” rhymes with “8”, so I opted for the rhyme this time.     The point is, both Logan and I sometimes struggle with the aforementioned transmutation; we become worn down and feel that our efforts are futile.  That’s usually when the ‘mind chatter’ sets in, along with unhappy feelings and/or bombardment of extremely negative thoughts.  …Heavy physical fatigue typically onsets as well.

When it gets bad enough, we will hop on a call to compare notes about what we are experiencing. These calls always come about in a synchronous way.  Inevitably, these discussions lead to mutual enLIGHTen-ment, whereupon we end up (literally) belly laughing out loud at a given situation.  As soon as we find the laughter, a redeeming aspect becomes apparent and we are re-calibrated back ‘up’ to the higher octaves.  Even though the topics with which we deal are tragic and often mind-blowing, you reach a point where tears turn to laughter because it’s just that darn ludicrous.  (…note to self:  ease back on the open source event correlation analysis for a few days…hahahahaha)

Maybe that’s why Kurt Vonnegut is my all-time favorite satirist.  He had a way of taking really dark topic matter (things such as war, trans-humanism, geoengineering etc.) and crafting a story that leads one to observe the lunacy, but in a nonthreatening way.  He created awareness without ‘preaching’; he demonstrated how to be empowered by observing the utter folly in the foibles of man.  …He found the humor in the seeming chaos and made us laugh about it.  God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut.

This post was originally drafted for release on June 21, the summer solstice, and six months after the historic TFT launch meeting that Logan and I held on December 21, 2014 (winter solstice).  I sometimes have ‘a thing’ about symmetry; I also observe the solstices with devoted eagerness.  For me, they are pivotal balancing points.   June 21 was also Father’s day, and I was feeling introspective, if not a bit melancholy.  I pondered the legacy I’d leave my children, were I no longer here.  I awoke that day thinking about the ways I wish I was a better father, and a better person overall.

I tried to write, to be at the laptop, but it was making me physically ill.  (I have increasingly less tolerance for electronic devices and EMFs).   As much as I felt a tremendous sense of obligation to complete the report; to celebrate the build up to Logan’s 1000 mile marker, alas, I simply struggled to execute.  At that juncture, (i.e., a moment of in-congruence and conflict) I did what I so often do:  I invoke The Holy Instant; I listened to Steve Judd’s latest report; I re-read the latest Oracle Report.  …Daily, weekly and monthly, I find inspiring answers and the most salient, accurate guidance in The Oracle Report.  Sure enough (as usual) my prompt was found in the Friday report of June 19 — get outside and be with nature.  BTW– archives found here: Oracle Report Archives

So I did !  🙂

Turtle whisperer


I called the marina at Taylorsville lake at 7:50 am and reserved a john boat.  Ollie and I spent the day on the water, exploring coves, swimming, playing with turtles and having a great time.

lunch break



Beauty of life




a corner cove

On the drive home that afternoon, out of the blue, Ollie-bear started asking me questions about the things Adam had spoken of.  “…why can’t you dance in Washington, D.C.; why do we pay so much taxes; why doesn’t the government like it when you all talk about certain things if they are true; when will I be old enough to drive across the country like Adam…”

I looked at him with a big grin, somewhat in amazement of his inquisitive mind and attentiveness.  At first I began to chuckle.  The chuckle became one of those kind that you cannot stop- like the giggles. The giggles snowballed into a roaring laugh- I had tears of laughter in my eyes as I was banging my hand on the steering wheel to catch my breath.  He kept asking me, “what’s so funny; why are you laughing?”

…Because, Oliver, you made me feel happy.  I was laughing with joy.  From the inquisitive minds of babes, life springs eternal.  To consider that my youngest son might some day become an anarchist, well, it just made me so proud…I had no further concerns about my legacy.

Nor am I concerned about our collective ability to complete this trek while bringing more joy to the world in the process.  We are humans being in the epoch of the second renaissance, and we know it. It’s why we are here.  As extensions of divinity- The All That Is- our expressions of love cannot be diminished.  We are exponentially creative spiritual beings having the experience of human form on this dimensional plane, for the purpose of anchoring heaven on earth.  –And it shall be done because we have already imagined that IT IS POSSIBLE!!!  As it is our essential nature to live an abundant joy-filled life- so be it – because we can!

Logan hiked almost 100 miles in the past 72 hours.  He arrived in corn patch Indiana, a little place called Chelsea, this afternoon at 4:00 pm.  It’s about 20 minutes from where I grew up (Austin, IN). Cuz and I loaded up and drove north to extract Logan from the trail; we took my mom to dinner before arriving back in The Ville a couple hours ago.

a boy and his dog – pick-up in Chelsea June 28

As we approached Logan’s sister’s home (Hi Les!), we spoke of remaining undeterred in our mission to alleviate pain, lack and suffering in all its forms, by continuing to hold the space for light and laughter…to forge ahead and find the humor in the folly of attacks against our species.

We meet again on July 5 to map the plan for the next 4000 miles of this odyssey, and at the same place we met on December 21 when the launch charter was finalized.  …Gosh.  I will never forget that day of the winter solstice 2014.  I was absolutely charged and frenetic about our prospects for success.  I was filled with eager anticipation for  the adventure to launch in the spring.  I didnt want that day to end.  I was entranced by the sun…it was so remarkable that day as I watched it set on the drive back home…

I am grateful that Logan will have a ‘zero’ week ahead.  He needs time to rest and recuperate, and we also can use this time to generate some media attention.

In closing, I leave you with something to ponder; with something to try the next time you feel sad, frustrated or overwhelmed and seek to pull yourself out of the doldrums:  Think of just one thing that makes you happy.  It might be a creative pursuit, an outdoor activity, a person, place or thing.  Whatever it is, just pause and think of it.  Then, upon feeling that happiness inside, ask yourself, “what is it that I like about this…what is it about this person/place/thing that makes me happy?”

When the answer comes to you, then ask the same question again about the answer, and so on and so forth…keep exploring what makes you happy, and see how your day unfolds from there.

In elevating our vibration to a state of joy, we become more prone to elevate the vibration of those around us.  The more this pool of joy – this circle of light- increases, so does it arise the vibration of our mother planet and all her species thereupon.  That’s a nice thought 🙂

Here is the photo I took of the sun on December 21, just before it sank below the horizon.  It made me happy to realize that as ‘my’ sun set, so was it also rising for someone else around the globe.

Sunset 12-21-14

Until next time, happy campers, our peace and love be unto you,


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TFT Progress Report — #7 (combined report for two weeks; June 01-14 )

Happy and peace-filled day to you, our cherished TFT Community! 🙂

We are excited to publish yet another progress report, as the past couple of weeks are replete with miracles, new all-time records, photos, some videos, and lots of other content posted to our various media outlets.    …Whereas we’d prefer to post this update weekly, sometimes ‘life happens’, so we combine two weeks into one report.  Such is the case this for progress report #7, which covers the two-week period from June 1 through June 14th.

Before we delve in to the report #7 , we have a couple housekeeping items to remind everyone:

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…And now– On With The Progress Update for June 1–14!!!

When last we reported on May 31, Logan was departing Parkersburg, WV, and crossing the bridge into Belpre, OH for the Ohio segment of the American Discovery Trail (ADT).   He has covered a LOT of terrain over the past two weeks!  As I type this update at 11:11am EST June 14, he is just past Sinking Springs, OH ; he will reach West Union, OH by Tuesday evening.  Here’s what the ADT route looks like through Ohio:


Click here


***SPECIAL EVENT NOTE:  we are extracting Logan from the trail on Tuesday June 16th, to bring him back to Louisville so that he may participate in a VERY special TFT guest speaker event with Adam Kokesh on Wednesday, June 17.  See the event update on our blog post yesterday and PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND!***

I usually try to present these updates in a chronological fashion; to summarize the day-by-day in order of occurrence and related benchmarks along the way.  I decided to start this report by inserting an entry and photo directly from Logan’s trail journal, Monday June 1, 2015:

Trail Angel Doug in Chesterhill OH

Hit the trail at 7:45am and enjoyed quiet country roads all morning. Was a bit worried about water situation as I was already a bit dehydrated and almost out of water. As I walked through Vincent, I was greeted by Doug who was having a cup of coffee and a smoke before work. Bam…he immediately offered water and added coffee, a banana and trail snacks…thanks Doug! His dog Baxter kept me company while he filled my water bottles…what a great start to the day.


Thank you, Doug, for being such a generous and kind human being–  Thumbs up! 🙂

Trail Angel Maggie & her dog Jenna


Logan made comment on Tuesday that the Ohio trail segment (thus far) was like “West Virginia 2.0…except Ohio required some bushwhacking through heavy undergrowth and unmaintained trails.  It was upon reaching Burr Oak Park that Logan encountered his next trail angel of the week, Maggie.  Maggie and her husband own an orchard and they topped off Logan’s water supply–Thanks Maggie!

By Wednesday, June 3, Logan had reached Trimble Wildlife area, whereupon he was grateful to start his day with some fresh coffee, courtesy of trail Angels Sherry and Ron.  Little did he know that there was even worse trail to come, with heavier briars, stinging nettle and plenty-o-spiderwebs in the face.

Trail Angel Ron

Trail Angel Sherry

By Wednesday, June 3, Logan had reached Trimble Wildlife area, whereupon he was grateful to start his day with some fresh coffee, courtesy of trail Angels Sherry and Ron.

Bramble Knees

Little did he know that there was even worse trail to come, with heavier briars, stinging nettle and plenty-o-spiderwebs in the face.

As Logan commented in the journal, one has to take the good with the bad, and it could have been worse if he’d gotten way of trail and had to loop-back through the same brambles.

Fortunately, it got worse, for he did get off trail in the Trimble Wildlife area, which threw him behind schedule of reaching Murray City, OH as planned.

Wait- why is this ‘fortunate’, you might ask?  …Well, you have to know the Logan truism about getting lost.  It means that he is most likely, thereafter, to meet someone special– and he did!  …Actually, he met three very special folks later that day; three more trail angels who sparked the theme of the videos entitled “Synchronicity, Soul Connections & Trail Magic

The first, and next trail angel he met was Hershel.  Hershel, a Vietnam veteran,  provided water and a video interview that can be found on our FaceBook page here:

Trail Angel Hershel in Murray City OH

..I couldn’t copy the video from FB, so here’s a photo of Hershel.

A few miles later, Logan encountered a big threatening dog, upon which his owner called back the dog and invited Logan to have a cold drink.  Thereupon, he met Bobbie and Misty, which resulted in a wonderful visit and two hours of scintillating conversation that made the trail diversion more than worthwhile.

It’s like our teacher Carmen always says:  “…it’s all in divine order, dear…it’s all in divine order..”  🙂  –And she’s right, it always is.    Check out these two videos, and I hope you enjoy both the message and synchronicity, as did I.

And here is part 2:

As of Sunday, June 7, Logan was departing The Inn Towner Motel (located in in Logan, OH, BTW); starting segment 4 of the Ohio trail and headed for Hocking Hills state park.  He had just eclipsed 720 cumulative miles and was excited about the mail drop we’d coordinated– to provide him a pair of replacement shoes!

Ash Cave in Hocking Hills

Well, the mail drop worked out in that the package arrived at the state park office in time.  On  Monday night, however, he hit a bit of a snag. Actually, more than a bit…  He made a video about it, which can be found on our FB page.  He had an encounter with a park officer that resulted in having to break camp at midnight and hike in the pitch dark to find a place to re-pitch off park property.

Evidently, one is not allowed to be in the park after dark, unless at a camp-sight (sights were located 8 miles away from the trail), thus resulting in a hefty fine of $135.  Ughhhhh!!! 🙁

This incident might not have been so demoralizing, had it not been for the torrential downpour that night.    Suffice to say, Logan was fairly pissed about it at the time.

A couple days later when I spoke with him, I was totally amazed by his grace and change of attitude.  He’d spent about 30 minutes talking to the officer about the perils of Lyme disease that night; he provided coaching/advice on ways to protect against tick-borne illness.  As he recounted to me when we spoke a couple days later: “ya know…the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was probably a good thing to meet that park officer.  She didn’t know much of anything about ticks and Lyme disease, and now she does…maybe this knowledge will be of help to her and others in her line of work…”

Although his attitude about the incident was better a couple days later, he was still fuming on Tuesday.  Turns out, he channeled that ire into an all-time new record day…wait for it….

He hiked 26.50 miles on Tuesday and surpassed 760 cumulative miles that day –Whewwwwee!!!

I, for one, can’t imagine walking 6.5 miles right now, much less 26.5– way to hike, Logan!

As of Friday, June 12, he is 8 weeks and 827 cumulative miles on the Trek For Truth journey.  Most recently, he met some other very nice and interesting folks, including Mr. and Mrs. Mackie, Carey, and Patty who owns a local general store.

We’d like to give another big ‘TFT Thank you’ to trail angels Carey and his mom, who provided some ice water and directions along the way.

Patty has home schooled her 10 children (ages 10-30), and she is starting a blog called “Grown-up Conversations” emphasizing real discourse and critical thinking on important topics.

Mr. and Mrs. Mackie

Trail Angel Carey


Patty at her general store

This brings us to latest entry from Logan’s trail journal, Saturday June 13; he is located just east of Davis Memorial and sits at 849 miles:

Starting to run on fumes…7th of 10 consecutive days averaging 20+ per day. No motel options near the trail. Just found out today I will go home for a couple off days next week. Drew and I were able to confirm that Adam Kokesh will make a stop in Louisville on 6/17 on his American Freedom Campfire Tour. My son Gabe will pick me up Tuesday evening and bring me back thurs or fri.”

 Hang in there, Logan!  You’ll get a shower soon; just a couple more days and you will have set another record for longest stint without a shower (…gotta find the humor, brother – God is found in the laughter)  🙂

Meanwhile, back at HQ, this past week involved some work-related travel for me. That plus my mom was in need of some help with getting her yard cleaned up at her Bed & Breakfast, where she resides.  So, Oliver and Cuz spent the week at ‘Gammie’s’ home.

Cuz was king at the Carousel Inn

Speaking of man’s best friend, I simply cannot close this update without sending a MAJOR Kudos, salute and ‘Thank you’ to our dear friend, Janet Rowland, for the event that she and others coordinated on Saturday–it was remarkable!

Janet has helped tremendously to spearhead a group called UNITED Against Dog-Fighting.

Sadly, our state of Kentucky is the only state that has NOT (yet) made it illegal to own, posses, breed, train, sell or transfer dogs or their offspring for the purpose of blood sport- for fighting other animals.  …Such a sad commentary on the state of our beloved Kentucky when such heinous, disastrous and sickening blood sports are allowed to continue–due in no small part to several myopic state representatives who are cajoled by special interest groups with direct ties to (and influenced by) Corp Agriculture lobbyist.

Say what?  Factory farming (a.k.a. Corp Agriculture or ‘Corp Ag’) is somehow involved with stymieing and impeding legislation that would make dog-fighting illegal???   It sounds twisted –because it is.

I learned so much at the event about how state legislation REALLY works.  Janet and team did an absolutely phenomenal job of presenting resource material, facilitating the meeting and coordinating subject matter experts to speak– plus the food and refreshments were great too 🙂 …I wish I could have stayed until KY House Speaker Greg Stumbo arrived, but I had an appointment that I couldn’t miss.

Janet is such a brilliant, compassionate and loving person…I was so VERY impressed by the event she co-hosted.  All of her and others outstanding efforts to bring an end to this horrible, tragic crime against life is commendable.  Special thanks also to Lisa and Rick Schardein, co-hosts and owners of Current 360 ( ) and studio NuLu for donating their studio to host the event.

Here’s the logo and a link if you care to help:

united against dog fighting

 With that, I am going to end this report with a really short video called “Lil’ Peeps”, along with a simple message…

…May we be always re-minded to real-ize the sanctity and beauty of life, in all its forms and sizes. May we seek to hold an awareness of the infinite number of possibilities in each magical moment of life and throughout nature, for all species, on this miraculous planet we share.
Until next time, our peace and the benign spirit of goodwill and freedom be with you.  Happy trails…



TFT Progress Report #6 – Here we go into O-HI-OOOO!!! :-)

Happy Sunnyday, our most cherished TFT Community!

Are ya ready for another exciting exciting installment of truth and trekking?  …Well, we hope you enjoy this week’s video-intensive report, along with the trail updates and a special announcement about our intentions for an upcoming film project.

As always, I like to remind everyone that Logan maintains a daily trail journal on Trail, if you’d like to see additional commentary and/or photos of the day-to-day journey:  Also, all of the videos can be found on our YouTube channel here:

Okay then, happy campers, drop your packs, pull up a stump, and let’s get to the report for the period covering May 25-30!

When last we left off, Logan was in Bridgeport, West Virginia and had just eclipsed the 500 cumulative mile mark.  Our next objective was to make a mail-drop in Pennsboro, WVA by Wednesday, May 27 (mission accomplished, BTW), and then make Parkersburg, WVA by Friday evening, May 29th (check mark on that milestone as well).

NOTE: Due to the logistical lag time for when Logan can ship me the SIM cards to download videos, it is usually the case that I receive and post the videos a week to ten days after he records them.

That said, here is a short and scenic video of the Tygart River Valley area from May 22.  In it, Logan talks about how we might bring about positive change by striving to embody more of our higher selves- by aligning more with our divine nature:


Beginning of North Bend Rail Trail on May 25

Beginning of North Bend Rail Trail May 25

He sat off for Segment 1 of the Ohio American Discovery Trail this morning, Sunday May 31st, hence the ‘O-Hi-O’ reference in the subject line, having crossed into Ohio from WVA today.

A week ago today he posted a really good entry on Trail Journals (that entry found here:, in which he broached the topic of freedom, and made first mention of the concept for the film project.

With that, here is the video he made about said topic:

By Wednesday, May 27, Logan was at the West Union Campsite, having logged cumulative mile 567–whew!   You know what I always say: nothing like two trees and a tarp after a 20+ mile day 🙂  …that was sarcasm, BTW…  But seriously, as mentioned in his journal entry, it was better than camping beneath a piece of earth moving equipment as he did the night before trekking toward Bridgeport.

West Union Campsite May 27

It was on Wednesday May 20, exactly one week prior to West Union, that Logan recorded a two-part video, “Warrior Wednesday”.  In part 1 he mentions Luba, who conceived Warrior Wednesday, along with other great folks that he met along the trail in West VA.  In Part 2, he mentions the Freedom Campfire Tour being executed by a fellow former Marine, Adam Kokesh.  (Adam’s website found here: ).  …We HIGHLY recommend the free book that Adam has published, which can be downloaded as print or audio on his website.  Here are the Warrior Wednesday videos, parts 1 & 2:

On Thursday, May 28, Logan logged a new record–an unbelievable 24.50 miles– putting him at cumulative trip mile 591.50, and 450 miles logged over the preceding 4 weeks!!!

Heel Thyself !

By he time he reached Parkersburg, WVA on Friday, May 29th, he was in dire need of a break.

He accumulated some wicked-bad blistering on his heels over the previous days of rounding out the last segment of the West VA portion of the trail- ouch! 🙁


…So, I’m talking to Logan on the phone Friday night (night before last) when he arrived in Parkersburg.  We had secured a Hampton Inn with the original plan that he’d step into Ohio on Saturday, after one night’s stay.  I could tell by his voice that he was SPENT; that he needed a break, and especially considering the condition his heels were in, with blisters on blisters.

To know Logan is to know someone who lives with austerity and what might be perceived as a sense of guilt for indulging or taking it easy (i.e., giving himself a reasonable and much-deserved break).  I practically had to plead with him to take the extra night off to recuperate.  He finally relented and agreed, which was the smart thing to do, so to not further exacerbate the wounds.

My point of mentioning this goes to a much broader topic; one which I will only briefly touch on here.  …It has to do with the matter of being of service.  …Of making sacrifice to achieve a cause that one recognizes or deems as being far bigger than one’s own self (i.e., own self-interest).

–Wait–please don’t misinterpret my words, for I am not talking about self-sacrifice that is akin to altruistic martyrdom.  As a big fan of Ayn Rand’s philosophies, I agree with her that altruism becomes a negative trait to the extent that affects one’s own well-being.  I do not, however, fully subscribe to her view that “the ultimate moral value for each individual is his or her own well-being”.

Rather, it has become my experience that when I seek to be of service to my fellow humans, the universe inevitably provides for me all that I truly need, even during those times when it seems or feels like I have nothing left to give.  Furthermore, what has become true for me can be summed up in a quote from Jed Clampett.  I heard it in the episode named ‘The Clampett Look’:  “There’s no better feeling than the joy that comes from giving”   🙂

I am mentioning all of this because yesterday was somewhat of an inflection point.  For both Logan and me.  In fact, it was a hard day and we were both a bit spent from both a physical and morale perspective.

He was lamenting to me (and I’m paraphrasing here) “is all of this TFT effort worth it; can we really make a difference, or are we just pissing in ocean with hopes of raising the barometric pressure?'”

In turn, I was telling him about my visit on Friday night with our dear teachers, Carmen and Tom, as I too had reached a point of saturation (spiritual exhaustion) and sought their always-miraculous and healing counsel.  Additionally, I attended the funeral of my Godfather, John Benton yesterday morning…

John was an Army green beret in Vietnam; a decorated veteran who devoted the latter portion of his life in service to those less fortunate in our Louisville community.  During the funeral mass, the whole eulogy for John was about ‘service’, and how much he was known for serving and assisting others in need.  The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the burial–when they played taps and folded the flag to present to John’s wife, Patricia.

As I explained to Logan, I get very emotional whenever I hear taps…it causes me to have memories that lead to feelings of being betrayed.

This feeling (anger) of betrayal stems from the deep frustration I harbor, that so many men and women have given their lives in the service of our nation, but alas they did so in vain.  I comprehend that their intentions were good and they fully believed that in taking the oath to serve (and potentially die) for our country they were doing the right and best thing.

HOWEVER, I also know that war is a racket– perhaps the ultimate scam.  It is a scam devised by the globalist cabal and it is a complete aberration of true human spirit.  It is not our human nature to kill, maim and mutilate each other.   It is, however, the nature and tactic of the dark abomination to foment wars and divisiveness in all its forms.

It takes very little research to figure out how and WHO profits from war…to ascertain how insultingly perverse are the ‘history’ books with which we are programmed in our school systems.  –Oh- it’s a friggin ‘system’ for sure.   …How many of you actually still believe that ‘the war to end all wars’ (WWI) was sparked by the assassination of archduke Ferdinand?

In any case:  The TRUTH is coming out more and more EVERY SINGLE DAY, and we can be a catalyst for ushering in this new epoch of enlightenment, whereupon we find redemption and peace in the true and loving nature of our human species.

And that’s where Logan and I concluded our conversation.  We concluded by re-committing to double down on the TFT and ‘Turn that frown upside down!” 🙂    Being true makes us happy, and happy will shall forever be in our sovereignty!

Uncle Nick and me

Uncle Nick and me

As always, we like to end these updates on a positive note, so I leave you with three photos.


The first is my Uncle Nick and me.  He too is a veteran, and someone who I love and admire.  I had the chance to see him at John’s funeral.  My aunts always exclaim “you look like your daddy and have the mannerisms of ‘Buddy'” (‘Buddy’ is Uncle Nick’s nickname).





Cuz and Mr. Butters takin’ a break


The next photo is back at HQ, where we evidently run a union shop that mandates breaks for sunbathing.  This is Mr. Butters and Cuz sprawled on my office floor yesterday afternoon.




Departing Parkersburg May 31


The last photo is taken this morning as Logan departed Parkersburg and the great folks at the Hampton Inn, before walking across the bridge into Ohio.






Until next week, dear TFT Community, may the light of truth shine brightly on our paths toward peace!

–Our peace be with you! 🙂