Disease – A Growth Industry

I really struggled with this post when I first wrote it in August of 2014…even the title gave me fits.  I originally wrote a stream of consciousness journal entry one morning the prior month shortly after I woke up.  Ironically I titled it Why Have I Begun to Awaken?  I’ve printed it at the end of this blog post.  I decided on the existing title after considering others such as:

Insanity, Genocide and Suicide


Why Mainstream Medicine Will NEVER Cure Cancer

If one could step back from previous experiences and neutrally examine the history behind the design, development and implementation of the current medical model, a radically different story may emerge as opposed to the common misunderstanding.  The current Big Pharma, Big Insurance AMA, FDA, CDC, NCI controlled system is truly a monopoly.  How can that be you may ask, since I’ve listed several groups that would have to be controlled by another for this mega-industry (and mainstream medicine is truly an industry) to be considered a monopoly?  Simply look at the monopolists who created it…Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan (please refer to the podcast entitled “Rockefeller Medicine” in my previous blog post for a detailed explanation).  The facts and the sordid history are all readily available.  But you may have to set aside your conditioned views to gain a broader perspective.  This system is one multi-headed hydra…not separate entities as those behind the curtain would have you believe.  And the Rockefellers, Carnegies, et al are not at the top of the food chain.  Much like the mafia, the names that are commonly known are not the true puppet masters.  But you don’t have to know the specific con artists in order to see through the con.  I’m examining the health related aspects of the con with this post, but once you can perceive the hallmarks you can see the same game perpetrated within virtually all of our mainstream hierarchical systems.  Here is a short video I recorded on this topic:

Medical Monopoly: Brief History of Pharmaceutical Medicine


So let’s look at cancer as the most transparent example of this insanity (at least from the perspective of one who considers life more precious than profit) of our current system.  Cancer is a massive epidemic, but it is not treated that way by our public health institutions.  Why aren’t all possible causes and cures (and not just patentable/profitable ones) aggressively investigated?  In most (if not all) states it is a medical board violation for a Medical Doctor (trained and “certified” in the allopathic medical system) to treat a cancer patient with any other therapy beyond cutting (surgery), burning (radiation), and poisoning (chemo) their patients.  The straight-jacketed MD’s are bound by what is called “standard of care” rules, treatment protocols mandated by their powers that be (self-appointed medical authorities such as the Infectious Diseases Society of America), and if they dare to treat outside those boundaries the medical mafia (AMA, FDA, state medial boards, insurance companies) will make them pay (lawsuits, slander, revocation of license, criminal prosecution, etc.). Even though these toxic “therapies” are horribly ineffective (remember, their statistical success rates are based upon an arbitrary number of years each patient manages to survive beyond his/her treatment), MD’s are not allowed to offer any other options.  And the sad fact is that many of these “survivors” later die from the toxic after-affects of their treatment.  But those statistics and facts are conveniently ignored. Not just ignored but actively suppressed.  Beyond their ineffectiveness and toxicity, the other common thread among these profit above life therapies is their immense cost and hence huge profitability.

Conspiracy Theorist:  Someone who questions the statements of known liars.

Cancer (a close second to heart disease as the leading cause of death in the US) is a growth industry, employing hundreds of thousands across the US (millions around the world) and generating billions of dollars of annual profits.  And yet with all the donated dollars and the efforts of the “War on Cancer” (declared by one of our many political paragons of virtue – Richard Nixon, a Rockefeller puppet) we only see an exponential worsening of the situation.  If simple and very inexpensive (hence not profitable) cures for cancer were made available today, within a short period our economy would be wrecked.  We literally cannot afford to cure cancer.   That is an absolute statement of fact and a declaration of complete insanity.  By some estimates, as much as 75% of our annual healthcare dollars are spent on chronic metabolic diseases.  And mainstream allopathic medicine has never come up with a single cure for any of these types of diseases…not one!  And beyond that, the sociopaths who developed and maintain this system actively suppress any cure that comes about to protect the insane (yet very profitable) monopoly they created.   And yet we keep it afloat by subscribing to the lies that are hidden in plain site.

Here are a but a few of these emerging disease profit centers that mainstream medicine can’t cure (they can’t even determine the causes), but can certainly profitably treat with lots of drugs (properly prescribed and administered FDA approved drugs kill more that 100,000 people in the US annually):

Autism, ALS, Alzheimers, Arthritis, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, AIDS, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parkinsons, MS, Lyme disease, Dementia, Guld War Illness, and on and on and on.  New diseases are being invented every year…conveniently accompanied by new patented pharmaceutical drugs.  And when I say invented, I mean most of the names listed above are merely medical labels for a collection of symptoms. Many of these may have related underlying causes, but it is much more profitable to manufacture a new syndrome and hence new expensive treatments (not cures mind you…cures are not good for business) rather than uncover the real underlying roots of these ailments.  All part of the insanity of a system that relies upon sickness to drive profits.  Doesn’t seem like a very sustainable business model though does it?  So what possible reason beyond pure greed would make a system such as this attractive to the powers that be?  What other benefits befall a ruling elite when the populace is almost universally sick, stressed and struggling just to survive?


If a cure for a deadly and/or debilitating disease was recognized and available, but was intentionally hidden and/or violently suppressed, would that be a crime?  If it was the cure for a disease that was affecting millions of humans all over the world, would that be a crime against humanity?  If a toxic substance was knowingly added to foods, drinks and other consumer products, but the general knowledge of its toxicity was suppressed and/or hidden, would that be a crime against humanity?  If a pathogen (bacteria, virus, fungus, mycoplasma) was manipulated in a lab and accidentally or intentionally released and that knowledge was withheld from the public, would that be a crime against humanity?  Are these situations not hidden in plain site?  Look into the organizations and financiers at the origins of molecular biology and genetics and you’ll find most of the usual subjects that drove the eugenics programs begun in the US in the late 1800′s.  Different names, same sociopaths.  Designer drugs flow from much of the same research and mindset as designer pathogens (genetically modified and combined in unnatural combinations – much like GMO “food”!).

Even a cursory study of mainstream history will reveal dozens and dozens of examples of this same type of predatory behavior among people drawn to power and control.  Can’t wrap your mainstream media soaked noggin around such dark scenarios?  Then just ask yourself, how many secret biological warfare labs are operating in the US or on one of our hundreds (yes hundreds) of foreign military installations, and what specifically are they researching?  Tough questions…since the billions of dollars of public (and not so public) funding devoted to ongoing biowarfare research is all secret!  But even mainstream history informs us that this type of sickness and death inducing research is most definitely being conducted on a massive scale.  If we seek true freedom from this insane and self-destructive behavior, then we must fearlessly ponder and face these dark subjects and bring the light of awareness to them.

If you’d like to see just a few of the dramatic examples of suppressed cures, simply research the stories of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski (excellent documentary here:Burzynski – Cancer is Serious Business).  You’ll find the American Medical Association and the Food and Drug (interesting combination don’t you think?) Administration front and center and hellbent on protecting someone…but it ain’t you and I!

There are many, many cures available for all the ills we face…physical, emotional and spiritual.  Healthy and nutritious foods produced with care and compassion.  Natural whole herbs and medicinal plants.  Traditional healing arts that have centuries of proven results.  Imagine one simple alteration in our world that could have a sweeping effect on our health and well being.  Imagine if we transferred say half of the collective effort and funds we invest in manicured (and toxic) lawns toward small organic gardens grown by virtually every homeowner.  In suburban America alone in one year, we could see the most remarkable neighborhood farmers markets emerge where neighbors swap produce, teach each other, help their elderly and less fortunate residents and rebuild real local communities.  Fresh wholesome food could be readily and abundantly available and it could happen very, very quickly.  Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.

Nature, in her infinite wisdom always seeks balance and equilibrium, and produces substances that bring that healing about within the human body/mind/spirit.  The human immune system is not inherently defective. It requires little if any external manipulation (i.e. pharmaceutical drugs) to perform its job.  Given the proper resources and protected from toxic assaults, it is an almost miraculous self-healing intelligence.

We Can Do So Much Better Than This…

Just imagine if we unleashed all the human creative potential that is currently focused on just trying to stay alive within the confines of a system where a ruling elite thrives off of the misery of the masses.  But make no mistake here, I share none of this to demonize a small sect.  The energy of  ”victimhood” may be the single greatest drain upon our collective power.  Awakening to a lie is the first essential step toward realizing a great truth.  Recognizing ones identification with a false sense of self can lead to the realization of the “you” that has always been present.  We are so much more than we’ve been led to believe.

Lies, manipulation and pure ego maniacal self-interest foster a state where dis-ease can dominate.  When we begin to accept responsibility for our own role in perpetuating these debilitating energies, we weaken the grip of the forces of insanity.  Compassion, empathy, sincerity and gratitude literally generate a power that transmutes the corrupting nature of what some call the energy of evil (it may be trite, but I’ve always been fascinated that evil reversed is live).  It may sound overly dramatic, but on so many levels it appears that humanity is fast approaching an “awaken or perish” crossroads.

Many may have heard this analogy before, but it seems so apropos here. When a caterpillar is approaching the point of its metamorphosis, new cells begin to emerge within its body.  These are literally called “imaginal cells”.  At first, the creature’s own immune system identifies these cells as invaders and destroys them.  But nature in her wisdom creates them in greater and greater numbers until the transformation into a butterfly is inevitable.  If humanity is destined to transcend the limitations of our own collective fears and self limiting beliefs, many are going to need to embrace the role of being imaginal cells during our transformation.  It can be a painful process, but beauty and freedom await on the other side.

Let me be clear that when I attempt to highlight the corrupt nature of these insane systems of control and profit (at the expense of freedom and life itself), I am not implying any negative intent by the vast, vast majority of human beings forced to exist within them (hey, I am one of them!).  My intent is merely to reveal information that is now self-evident to me, in large part because of the fearless work and self expression of so many others I’ve come to know.  And this information is empowering, if one can step through the initial discomfort that comes with facing any painful truth.  In the months to come it will become more difficult and painful to remain willfully ignorant.  There is a heroes journey awaiting each of us.


Below is my spontaneous journal entry I mentioned above.  Just a few days after I wrote these words, I became aware of the suicide of a fellow Lyme Warrior named Heather.  She recorded a poignant video a few months before her death, appealing for help in the wake of her abandonment by the insane system I reference in this post.  She describes feeling foresaken, alone and almost hopeless (she was very sick, broke and homeless with no family support).  You can view her short, heart-breaking video below.  You can obviously tell she wanted to live.  These senseless suicides are an inevitable byproduct of the insane systems and beliefs we keep alive though our ignorance.  We can and will change this…and the courage of more and more human imaginal cells is vital.

Why Have I Begun to Awaken?

Why have I woken up to all of this?  Why have I remembered and recovered all this knowledge of illusion and deceit?  It’s so painful to be aware of the lie, and to live among all those who are so seemingly committed to willful ignorance.  I know their awakening is not up to me…it is not my responsibility.  But yet it feels so lonely to see the illusion in so many aspects of “civilized” life and wonder if I’m destined to exist within this no-man’s land for the remainder of my Earthly days.

Thoughts of suicide are my frequent companions.  I think of my son, my dog, my family and soul friends and push them away.  Often I just don’t understand why I seemingly volunteered to awaken in this life.  It feels like a lie to re-enter the game, and yet I wonder how to exist outside of it.  This limbo, this walking between the worlds is so very disorienting.  I don’t know where to go, what to do, how to live.  What am I here to do?  Will I ever have that insight, that inner knowing that I have connected with my purpose?  I so yearn to get on with what I came here to be and do.

I’m just soooo tired.  I’m tired of being sick.  I’m tired of not sleeping.  I’m tired of a “civilization” fueled by lies, deceit and falsehood.  People, left to their own nature, are most often genuine and selfless.  But in this insane society we are conditioned to put up a false face, and go along to get along.  I am sick of that.  But I can only take responsibility for my own role,  for my own participation.  Chop wood, carry water…

“Oh I am just a vagabond, a drifter on the run; And eloquent profanities, they roll right off my tongue…”  Lowell George

PS – here is a relevant video from a story printed by Green Med Info:  CDC Whistleblower video from August 19, 2014

PSS  – here is a short video I recorded on my AT hike in September of 2013 related to this same topic:  Lyme Truth – Why a Whistleblower?