TFT Progress Report #10 — The Human Condition and Dreams

Good SUNday to the TFT Community!  –Hope y’all are doin’ swell.  🙂

In addition to this TFT update with some links to other empowering news you can use,  I am expressing a quick missive about some occurrences of the past week .   So drop your walking sticks, grab a seat on the log and gather ‘round the campfire…

As for the TFT progress report, Logan will be back on the trail Monday; resuming from Chelsea, IN; from where we extracted him a few days back.  He will meander southwest down the ‘Kentuckiana’ Ohio valley toward Illinois over the coming days.

After that, in about 10 days, we are going to drop back and re-assess the logistical plan for the route westward, and with consideration for the going-forward mode of transport.   Fact is, it’s a dire necessity that Logan makes it through the Rocky Mountains pass ahead of winter’s inclement weather.  It is, therefore, most likely that he will switch to bicycling as the preferred and prudent mode of transport for the remaining 4400 mile journey.   We will keep you posted as the plan develops.

In the meantime, we have been busy with production on a TFT video that we hope to release in about 10-14 days from today, July 12th.  With the help of the bright-eyed, and capable young Director Jack, (an aspiring film maker and soon-to-be student at Columbia College Chicago), we spent three hours yesterday morning capturing content.

Step one = publish a TFT overview promotional video.  Step two = build footage for the TFT Documentary: FREEDOM?  Whereas such things require an operating budget, we greatly appreciate any and all donations.

If it’s not possible for you to donate, then please do us a favor and ask others to subscribe to our website for the post updates, our YouTube Channel and Facebook (Links below).   …we REALLY do appreciate seeing our subscriber base increase.  THANK YOU, sincerely, for passing along this post and other posts with encouragement for others to subscribe.  J

A segment of the video shoot included recognition of other truth seekers who have been an inspiration to us.  One of which is Allan Weisbecker—a gem of a human being—and a guy who always makes me laugh.  A fantastic writer and filmmaker, we highly recommend that you watch Water Time if you haven’t already.  Here’s a link to his latest post:   And here’s a link to the 7 minute intro of Water Time:

Another person we mentioned is Adam Kokesh.  Adam is presently on national tour to promote his book FREEDOM, which is available for free at this link:   Also, just announced, Adam and Macey became engaged (yay!).  We are so happy for them 🙂  Link to the announcement:

Lastly, we mentioned the tireless and brilliant Richard Grove.  I’m still blown away by ‘the brain’.  We admire his contribution to truth, and Richard’s website contains a phenomenal wealth of resource materials, found here:

That, happy campers, is the gist of the TFT Operational update; stay tuned for more as Logan returns to the trail this week.

As it pertains to the missive I mentioned afore, I now pose a question to you:  Do you have dreams?

Actually, it’s a two-part question, the second being:  When I asked this question, what was your immediate response?  In other words, did you interpret the question as ‘Dreams’ when sleeping at night?  Or, did you think of ‘Dreams’ as in aspirations, desires and ambitions?

Hold that thought– I’ll circle back in a minute.   Let me convey something else in the interim; it has to do with the subject of this week’s post: The Human Condition.

BTW, did you know that synonyms for the noun ‘Condition’ are:  Disorder, Complaint, Illness, Ailment, State, Form Situation and Circumstance.  When we look at the definition of the verb, we find: ‘bring (something) into the desired state for use.’  …As in, to condition someone for something…

If we begin an etymological break-down of the word, we note that it begins with ‘Con’.  Upon investigating ‘dition’ we learn:  Middle French, from Latin dicion-, dicio word of command, command, dominion, from dicere to say.    …Hmmmm…

I spent the past week or so deeply in thought about both the condition(ing) of our human species and the beautiful mother earth on which we live.   Another BTW:  ‘live’ spelled backwards is ‘evil’.   –But I digress; ‘tis not time, just now, for the fun-with-words game.

As I was saying, I had an unusually contemplative week.  It was fraught with thoughts of doubt and uncertainty; whether people would ever awaken to (or take action about) the continued atrocities against humanity.  I wondered if we’d ever reach the ‘100th monkey’ stage before the ruling oligarchy killed our mother Sophia and her true, innate children—us.

I also thought a lot about the astral hierarchal realms, and how the game is rigged, far beyond what we observe in day-to-day life on this planet.  This led to more contemplation and research pertaining to what some referred to as ‘Astral Parasites’, or other life forms that derive sustenance from and by creating a negative energy  field throughout the planet.

I mean, think about it.  It’s akin to licking a toad for the hallucinogenic effect.  Yeah, sounds weird, but it’s true.  There are certain toads that, when disturbed, secret a toxin.  The toxin is like LSD.  People shake the toads and then lick them to get high.

It just got me thinking that it’s possible for there to exist another life form that does something similar to us; a lifeform (ethereal as it may be) which creates disharmony, fear and angst among people, upon which it feeds (i.e., we are the unsuspecting toads being shaken up).

I suppose it’s quite similar to what some interpret as the devil and its ways of subversion.  We’ve all heard the adage ‘the devil made me do it’, or, ‘that guy had his demons to deal with’.   Why do we say these things unless we believe them to be true?  …And is it not possible to change our conditioning so that we may become empowered and responsible for our creations, versus being victimized by some unseen force such as evil and devils?

Hey- I just noticed something else:  devil spelled backwards is LIVED.  And live is the opposite of death.   –But again, I digress.

Anyway, I became discouraged (if not plagued) by feelings of whether Logan and I were doing the TFT for naught; whether any of it really mattered.  …Yep.  Discouraged if not overwhelmed that few others were awakened enough to recognize that WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS—for EVERYONE.

We, everyONE who seek to vanquish uninvited victimization, must team up.  ‘TEAM’ = Together Everyone Achieves More.  We can do this!  🙂   Go Team TFT!

I discussed my existential angst with a friend who assured me that ‘the field of potentiality is indeed changing’.  That mother earth herself was rousing in order to dream a new dream.  Interestingly, I have been concurrently very focused on A Course In Miracles Lesson 140, which some refer to as ‘the happy dream’ lesson.   Another ‘Hmmmm….’

Subsequently, the next day, I was very thrilled to listen to the latest recording of Parliament Of Wise Owls (POWO), which is produced by Sol Luckman, Laura Walker and Andrew Foss.  It anchored for me a very positive message; it gave me inspiration and hope, if not lots of smiles and chuckles. 🙂    I’ve been a huge fan of The Oracle Report for more than two years; the addition of the POWO episodes are something I enjoy very much.  Here’s a link to the latest recording, and I hope it makes you happy too:

Okay, then; enough of my rambling about the human condition.  After all, I truly believe that the troubles we face shall soon be alleviated.  Brighter days shall dawn–they always do.

Instead, how about we circle back to the topic of dreams?    I had a sleeping dream Friday night (technically it would be Saturday morning).  I recount it for you as follows:

The dream began (quite suddenly) with me wrestling to escape from a bunch of mean pirates in the hold of a big old wooden ship.   I ran up a narrow ladder to topside as they clamored swords and kept trying to pull me back down by my ankles.  Once free on the deck, I ran fast to the bow and jumped as far as I could off the starboard into a massive ocean bay.  It was nighttime and I could see nothing but pitch black as I swam as far as I could underwater, away from the ship.

Just as I popped back above the surface I heard an angry man yell from the deck, “NOOOOOOOOO!!!”

And then – Pha-FOOM and Ka-BOOM!—a massive explosion erupted in a gorgeous orange fireball as the ship was obliterated.  It was spectacular, as the ship hull pieces and cargo began raining down in the water all around me.

I began laughing because it occurred to me that I had been successful in setting fire to the black powder kegs in the belly of the cargo bay.  The ship, for which I had the distinct connotation as being the last of its kind and the prize warship of an evil empire, was now destroyed.

Almost breathless, I began to swim toward a piece of the mast floating nearby; I clutched on and pulled myself astraddle.  Just then, behind me, I heard another big splash and the angry man yell, “There he is!  —Seize him and kill him!!!”   It was the captain of the ship and one of his yeomen pirates (uh-oh).  They had survived the blast and were in a dinghy boat rowing toward me.

…I couldn’t help but to pause when I saw the captain some 50 yards out, for he looked so very much like Captain Hook…

That’s when I thought ‘what would Peter Pan do in a situation like this?’  -And it came to me:  call upon the elementals for help!  “Wind of the night and water of life”, I commanded, “rise up to my back and carry me fast from this attack!”

Wow!  I was suddenly pushed up the bay by a big swell, and was somehow able to paddle on the wind with my arms, such as oars.    [Note: it was a semi-lucid dream and I recall thinking to myself, ‘holy crap. this stuff actually works if you believe in it!’]

Whereas the captain was cursing and banging his sword against the dinghy, I was skimming quickly and farther away, until I saw a river inlet.  The sun was about to rise and I’d lose the cover of dark, so I darted portside into the estuary.

The river was choppy at first, but soon was calm as the sun rose.  I continued ‘paddling’ against the air with my arms and came upon a smaller tributary, whereupon I navigated starboard into a deep creek.  The creek was completely covered in a canopy of low-hanging tree limbs.  The water was placid; it was enchanting scenery with forest along both sides.   About two miles in, it became very quiet and there were copious lilly pads.  Just ahead I saw the termination at a deer path along the bank.

The ship mast bumped up to the bank and I hopped off.  I proceeded to my right in a brisk walk, all the while parting sapling branches, somewhat stooped in rather thick undergrowth.

I had advanced about a quarter mile when suddenly, ‘BAM!’ – I walked head-first into a set of double glass doors and was knocked back on the ground.   The doors, identical to the kind at a shopping mall, opened and I went inside.

…This is where the dream gets weird…

I went through a foyer to arrive in a massively huge department store.  It seemed never ending and the ceiling was no less than four stories up.  There were numerous surveillance cameras placed symmetrically all across the ceiling.  There was a balcony way at the top enclosed with mirrored glass.  It struck me as being a place from which to observe.

The department store floor had every conceivable ware you can imagine.  The aisles went on so expansively that you couldn’t even see the end.  There was clothing, makeup, food, dry goods of every sort, hardware, electronics, housewares, jewelry—seemingly everything that had ever been manufactured was available in this place.   …And then something more, which struck me as rather odd.

I came upon an attendant who was watching the floor from an elevated podium, about 20 feet high.  Upon climbing up, the attendant could not see me, nor could anyone else, as though I was invisible.  The ‘anyone else’ includes the many shoppers, as you might expect.  But what I didn’t expect was what I next noticed:  there was an office-like cubicle farm integrated throughout the rows of merchandise.  At each cubicle was a small desktop, to which people were assigned.  Every 7-9 feet there was a quad-cube formation and there were hundreds upon hundreds of people sitting or standing at these desk tops.  All around them was merchandise, and each had a clipboard on which to make notes.

Then, a loud, clinical-sounding voice echoed over the intercom system: “Subjects prepare for next series of rating surveys… subjects now begin survey process.”   With that, some of the people groaned, as though fatigued, and they began to fill out forms to rate the appeal factor of various merchandise articles.  It became apparent that whoever was behind the surveillance cameras and mirrored glass was utilizing these people for gathering data to determine purchasing preferences.

Just then, I heard thunder and it began to rain inside this massive shopping dome.  Most of the people groaned and some put down their heads or slumped.  After a quick downpour ceased, the attendant spoke into a recorder: “observed that subjects appear averse to getting wet.”   …The whole set-up seemed kinda oppressive; the people seemed un-emotive and gloomy.  I wondered why some of the people were free to shop and roam the aisles, whereas others were relegated to the cube farm and filling out survey after survey.

…In any case, ALL of the people seemed almost robotic, as though a piece of their human-ness was void.   To the extent that no one could seem to see me, I wondered if they could hear me.  I leaned over the podium rail with my hands cupped around my mouth and shouted as loud as I could:  “Hey!  Why don’t you people wake up and walk out?!?!  The door is right over over there!”

At which point I abruptly awoke.  It was once again Saturday morning in West Beuchel, KY.

Like I said, weird dream, right?

In closing, I ask another question about dreams.  What are your dreams– ambitions and desires– for the future state of our planet and her children?

I, among many others, hold faith and focus on the indomitable energetic of love’s frequency to arise the higher vibration of us all, that we may manifest, once again, heaven on this earthly realm.

Perhaps if more and more of us dream toward common goals of liberation in the truest sense, we may real-ize it together more quickly.

Until next time, may the peace of sovereignty and security of love’s truth envelope you all…


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TFT Progress Report #9 – Love, as does truth, always Prevails

Happy Sunday to our beloved TFT Community!  🙂

We hope y’all enjoyed a wonderful Independence Day celebration yesterday and are rounding out your long weekend in a happy space.

I am taking this opportunity to provide a quick update, express gratitude for YOU, our supporters, as well as leave you with some food for thought.

#1 = Update:  As mentioned in the very last TFT progress report #8, Logan is off of the trail for a few days while he recoups and we re-group around the going-forward plan for the next 4000 miles.  Per last update, we met today, July 5, to plot timing for crossing the Rocky Mountains by October (ahead of inclement weather) and plan budgets and logistics for the months to come.

It was a great meeting.  We discussed some ‘philosophical issues’ ahead of getting down to brass tacks.  Also, we were very fortunate to receive guidance from a kindred spirit (an ‘oracle’ of sorts), so that we may consider other factors that influence the months ahead.  To close/summarize the meeting minutes: we remain emboldened in our quest, and with intentions for the very best!   We are ‘onward and upward’, so stay tuned for more details to come.

#2 = Gratitude:  We appreciate the opportunity to be of continued service to both our country and humanity as a whole–globally.  Whereas we may sometimes feel overwhelmed and have concerns about ‘how we are going to get there from here’, or even if our mission is for naught, inevitably we find redemption and motivation from YOU.

‘You’ includes the folks that contribute their time, efforts and subject matter expertise for such things as the website (J.P. is the man!), as well as those who have donated operating funds, those in our network who help care for Cuz (love ya B & P, K & mom), along with those in our LES and soul group community who provide moral and spiritual support (C&T, among others).   It also includes the many trail angels and salt-of-the-Earth folks who have so generously provided food, water and shelter to Logan along this road less travelled. Lastly, and not least, it includes our sisters, Leslie and Rebekah, who provide promotional and nurturing support more than they might realize.  🙂

This is, by every means, a collective effort, and every little bit helps.  ‘Rock Soup’ is one of my favorite skits from my days as a cub scout.  It’s a story about a village of people who, individually, did not have enough to eat, yet together– by each contributing what they did have to the community soup pot—ended up having enough soup for everyone.  As I stated in the launch video from Lewes, Delaware, wherein I borrowed a line from the song by The Police, ‘One World’: “We can all sink or we all float, ‘cos we’re all in the same big boat”  ( full lyrics found here: )

Thanks again to everyone for both your material and spiritual support—we appreciate you!   🙂

#3 = Food for thought:  This past week has been a very expansive experience for me personally.   I endured a circuitous business trip that, in and of itself, provides fodder for a short story on the nature of life and a treatise on the topic of synchronicity (more on that later).

Most importantly, I re-found my muse.  Perhaps it has been decades, if not eons (je ne sais pas), since I found the place within myself to achieve the balance necessary for adequately expressing myself—the essence of who and what I AM, which is inexorably linked to what we–all of us–are.

We are the essence of THE ALL THAT IS.  Regardless of one’s religious orientation, spiritual tendency, ethnicity or lineage in all its forms, re-member this:  we breathe the same air; we drink the same water— and we ALL, ultimately, seek for peace and happiness among our species, for it is our immutable and inherent benign nature as Humans, being…

…On that note, in closing, I leave you with two items.  One is the link to Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’, found here:

The other is a poem I wrote in January 2009.  (BTW- I have transposed the poem below the image in case it’s hard to read)  As I said, having re-found my muse, it has been a poetic week’s end, for which I celebrate and bask in the awareness of my I AM presence…

…That which cannot, nor will ever be, separate from ALL of you.  This poem is entitled ‘What We Are’.  It was inspired after a meeting of our Louisville Soul Group, wherein we study A Course In Miracles.

May the empowerment and joy of knowing who and what you are be with you always, in all ways.

what we are

As I am, I AM

The All That Is, As Is

perpetually expanding

to experience the infinite spectrum

of that which I Am not

thereby to know the highest joy

of the wholly eternal love

that I Am

How I know you is true

remembered with me

as the All We Are

which is the all that is

countless thread points

on the outermost fringe

of the divine tapestry

interwoven as THE ONE

Forever increasing capacity

to express love

the all there is

as we are

and so it goes

it is that we be love,




In love and gratitude, may our peace be with you  🙂