TFT Progress Report #9 – Love, as does truth, always Prevails

Happy Sunday to our beloved TFT Community!  🙂

We hope y’all enjoyed a wonderful Independence Day celebration yesterday and are rounding out your long weekend in a happy space.

I am taking this opportunity to provide a quick update, express gratitude for YOU, our supporters, as well as leave you with some food for thought.

#1 = Update:  As mentioned in the very last TFT progress report #8, Logan is off of the trail for a few days while he recoups and we re-group around the going-forward plan for the next 4000 miles.  Per last update, we met today, July 5, to plot timing for crossing the Rocky Mountains by October (ahead of inclement weather) and plan budgets and logistics for the months to come.

It was a great meeting.  We discussed some ‘philosophical issues’ ahead of getting down to brass tacks.  Also, we were very fortunate to receive guidance from a kindred spirit (an ‘oracle’ of sorts), so that we may consider other factors that influence the months ahead.  To close/summarize the meeting minutes: we remain emboldened in our quest, and with intentions for the very best!   We are ‘onward and upward’, so stay tuned for more details to come.

#2 = Gratitude:  We appreciate the opportunity to be of continued service to both our country and humanity as a whole–globally.  Whereas we may sometimes feel overwhelmed and have concerns about ‘how we are going to get there from here’, or even if our mission is for naught, inevitably we find redemption and motivation from YOU.

‘You’ includes the folks that contribute their time, efforts and subject matter expertise for such things as the website (J.P. is the man!), as well as those who have donated operating funds, those in our network who help care for Cuz (love ya B & P, K & mom), along with those in our LES and soul group community who provide moral and spiritual support (C&T, among others).   It also includes the many trail angels and salt-of-the-Earth folks who have so generously provided food, water and shelter to Logan along this road less travelled. Lastly, and not least, it includes our sisters, Leslie and Rebekah, who provide promotional and nurturing support more than they might realize.  🙂

This is, by every means, a collective effort, and every little bit helps.  ‘Rock Soup’ is one of my favorite skits from my days as a cub scout.  It’s a story about a village of people who, individually, did not have enough to eat, yet together– by each contributing what they did have to the community soup pot—ended up having enough soup for everyone.  As I stated in the launch video from Lewes, Delaware, wherein I borrowed a line from the song by The Police, ‘One World’: “We can all sink or we all float, ‘cos we’re all in the same big boat”  ( full lyrics found here: )

Thanks again to everyone for both your material and spiritual support—we appreciate you!   🙂

#3 = Food for thought:  This past week has been a very expansive experience for me personally.   I endured a circuitous business trip that, in and of itself, provides fodder for a short story on the nature of life and a treatise on the topic of synchronicity (more on that later).

Most importantly, I re-found my muse.  Perhaps it has been decades, if not eons (je ne sais pas), since I found the place within myself to achieve the balance necessary for adequately expressing myself—the essence of who and what I AM, which is inexorably linked to what we–all of us–are.

We are the essence of THE ALL THAT IS.  Regardless of one’s religious orientation, spiritual tendency, ethnicity or lineage in all its forms, re-member this:  we breathe the same air; we drink the same water— and we ALL, ultimately, seek for peace and happiness among our species, for it is our immutable and inherent benign nature as Humans, being…

…On that note, in closing, I leave you with two items.  One is the link to Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’, found here:

The other is a poem I wrote in January 2009.  (BTW- I have transposed the poem below the image in case it’s hard to read)  As I said, having re-found my muse, it has been a poetic week’s end, for which I celebrate and bask in the awareness of my I AM presence…

…That which cannot, nor will ever be, separate from ALL of you.  This poem is entitled ‘What We Are’.  It was inspired after a meeting of our Louisville Soul Group, wherein we study A Course In Miracles.

May the empowerment and joy of knowing who and what you are be with you always, in all ways.

what we are

As I am, I AM

The All That Is, As Is

perpetually expanding

to experience the infinite spectrum

of that which I Am not

thereby to know the highest joy

of the wholly eternal love

that I Am

How I know you is true

remembered with me

as the All We Are

which is the all that is

countless thread points

on the outermost fringe

of the divine tapestry

interwoven as THE ONE

Forever increasing capacity

to express love

the all there is

as we are

and so it goes

it is that we be love,




In love and gratitude, may our peace be with you  🙂


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