The casualties of war

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As I always begin with a prayer of gratitude and guidance in advance of composing… Spirit, oh Holy Instant, let me be guided by your benevolence in the conveyance of these words.   So be it, so it is.


When we think of the ‘casualties of war’, what comes to mind?  Of course we recognize the soldiers who perish on the battlefield, and the innocent civilians killed– those described as ‘collateral damage’.

But do we ever give due consideration for the living?

I reference those who must carry the sorrow and burdens, if not anger and bitterness, for their loved ones who perished?   Additionally, do we consider the crushing impact to the families and communities who must provide ongoing care for their wounded loved ones upon returning home with traumatic brain injury (TBI), double or triple amputees, PTSD and other maladies that last for years and decades?   Lastly, how about the overall emotional and psychological negative imprint of armed conflict which is passed down through generations and via the traumatized, collective psyche of humanity?

As a Marine, I learned that some of the most damaging, debilitating and sustaining impacts to a nation (or tribe) is not the war itself, rather, the longer-term impacts resulting as a consequence of war; such things as mentioned above.  The toll from post-war derivatives of continued division (divisiveness), caring for the wounded (be the wounds physical or spiritual or psychological)…the residual hurt and sorrow.

Another thing I learned about war and militant conflicts in general was how to win them.  Whether at the tactical or strategic level, there is one mission-critical aspect to know and apply if you seek to win either the battle or the war.  It can all be distilled in one word: DIVIDE.

Ever notice how well-known and used is the phrase ‘divide and conquer’?   It is so much used that it has become cliché.  Why is that?  …Perhaps it is a testament to the effectiveness of the ploy.   Yes.  Yes it is.  Whether one executes an envelopment maneuver against a platoon or a battalion, to divide one’s enemy and cause them to fight on multiple fronts is to dilute their potency/effectiveness.

In the practical sense of waging combat, the commander seeks to divide the opposing force in physical terms, whereas, we leave it up to Psy-Ops to work on the division of mind and spirit with demoralization techniques.

I am addressing the latter, herein, and within the broader context of the much, MUCH larger and epoch war being waged for the souls of humanity.  I speak in terms of the ‘war among heaven’—the broadest scale of war ever waged and raged…the battle between this thing called ‘evil’ versus The Source.

In biblical terms it is referred to as the war waged by satan (purposely not capitalized) against God (The All That Is).  While I am not a religious scholar, it doesn’t take one to agree that a primary teaching of ‘the church’ (as well as the King James Version of the Bible which, BTW, was so grossly edited by Sir Francis Bacon and related scoundrels, after the Nicene Council had completely re-wrote scripture…just sayin’) –a primary teaching of the church is that a perfect angel of God (Lucifer) splintered off, became the devil, and sought perpetual battle with God for the conquest of mankind’s souls into his realm, hades (hell).

Look– you can put whatever label you want on it– be it Lucifer, the devil, satan, the Jinn, the archons—to me it is all the same stuff; just different ways to describe this ‘evil’ energy.   In ACIM ( ) vernacular we never refer to it as such, nor is it remotely referenced as such.  Rather, we refer to the illusion of ‘the separated mind’ and sometimes loosely associate with it, the ego, and shortcomings thereof (see my post from yesterday on this matter).   However one identifies it or with it, the prime points are as follows:

a)  It has only the power we give it. –So don’t give it power.

b)  It steals energy and power (a parasite) by dividing us within the individual and collective minds/hearts. …it lives off of negative energetics of fear/anger/sorrow. It cannot survive without this energy source, which it siphons from humanity via the (presently) ruling global oligarchy who ‘sold their souls’ for the opportunity to keep the rest of us believing in a world of war, strife and division as the norm.  …To which I say screw you, you war-mongering-one-world-church-state bastards, your days are numbered and you know it.

c)  It is not creative; it does not have our capacity for divine creation- it therefore has to mimic or copy. It cannot reproduce, it can only inhabit (like the sterile, non-creative parasite it is).

d)  It, by definition, cannot possibly win this spiritual ‘war’ for the souls of humanity because it is not eternal.  The only thing eternal is that which is real, and the only thing real is LOVE.  Love trumps evil 1,000,000% of the time.

I can hear some of you inquiring, “So, Drew, what’s the point- where you going with this blog?     I’m glad you asked.  The answer is back to the subject line RE: casualties of war

For those paying attention, tell me, what is the best tactic for defeating one’s opponent?   Create DIVISION.  Create division throughout the collective and within the individual.   Seek to separate the individual and/or clan (or species), and conquest is much easier had.

To the extent that war wages perpetually across our beloved life-giving planet on so many levels and dimensional aspects– be it war among nations, war against our Mother Earth/nature, war within and throughout sects of organized religion, the war to program transhumanism into our psyche as acceptable/desirable—and the very war of wars– that of the spiritual or heavenly realms; to the extent we are an embattled species, let us understand their (the opposition’s) modus operandi so that we may cease war and engender peace—NOW!    Let us not become casualties of this battle, albeit waning in its final death-throws.

The past day and a half I became as divided and splintered as I’ve ever been in my life.  I had a really rough go of it.  I felt some aspect of me being torn away, being divided.  This morning I could barely get out of bed.  When I did, I could barely function and my heart literally ached with sorrow…I felt as though life-force was draining from me; a hollow void inside.    I kept thinking “pull it together; you’ve work to do and many people rely upon you”.  …Although I felt so disempowered and detached… my heart ached so badly.  I, in a rare instance, felt as a casualty of this war.

I sat with this.  I prayed.  I begged and pleaded to be healed and whole again.  I asked ‘why is this so?’  As I sat with this, I suddenly felt tremendous empathy—it dawned that I mourned in the pain of many others—but also came the message:  re-join to rejoice.

I went into my office and opened ACIM.  It opened to lesson 50: I am sustained by the Love of God.  I read it, and upon doing so, was guided to send a message to a dear person I know; guided that this message/lesson would benefit them.  So I did.  A miraculous event occurred almost immediately thereafter!  It was though the sky parted and these heavy, oppressive clouds were dispelled.  …As though I suddenly felt lighter and could feel the oppression of separation being lifted from my chest.  My heart stopped aching.

That’s it—eureka!  Spread the love and hope and this will be returned unto you!   The more we ALL do it, so does the circle of healing light increase exponentially!

A flood of information came, well, ‘flooding’ in.  I began to receive clarity on the message: do not succumb to the illusion of separation, it is but a trick.  Rather, seek to forgive, with all your heart, any trespass you feel made against you; seek to love without condition, regardless of your personal circumstance.  Seek to love the person or situation that hurts you most and, by all means, strive to show others how to remain whole as the collective—guard against separation in all of its forms!

Herein we find the keystone of the overarching message: be in unity and ALL will prevail against that which seeks to divide and tear asunder with fear.

…It was at my lowest point I was guided to convey a message of love and inspiration to another, upon which I was given the inspiration and power to return to a whole self; one re-empowered with and by The All That Is –Source.  …The return to Love; that which is eternal and knows only peace and fulfillment.

As I sat down to write this missive, I could not shake from my head the melody and lyrics to one of my favorite songs.  It is by the band INXS, entitled ‘Never Tear Us Apart’.  The very last time I was reminded (or heard) this song was in July, when I read the “ring of wings around the world” Oracle Report.  Those who know me, know that I occasionally peruse the Oracle Report (ahem *cough*, as in every single morning like clockwork!).  On this particular day, July 17, I was SOOOO very uplifted upon reading Laura’s report.  It provided inspiration and a mental image that remains with me to this day.  It is one of tremendous power; it re-minds us to re-join, which is the essence of the message in this post.

Imagine if we all locked elbows in unity for Love and Peace—all of us around the world.  Imagine if we all were simultaneously vigilant to the modus operandi of ‘them’ who seek to subdue us through separation.

Imagine how much sooner war and lack, in all forms, could be eradicated – the evil dispelled from our original heaven on earth—if we sought to form a ring of wings, to flap out hope and love to all.  …If we learned how to stay together in the common benevolent cause of world peace by ‘locking wings’, such as elbows, to fly above and beyond that which seeks to ail us.

In closing, may you be enveloped in a ring of wings of love, peace, security and tranquility – the state of the original and united humanity.

Here is the link to the Oracle Report Archives to which I refer- thank you Laura! 🙂

And, just for fun, here’s a link to the song:

Until next time, remember:  they can never tear us apart.

All our peace and TFT goodwill to you,



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