…Of Flies, Ticks and Etheric Parasites

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It is time.  It is time we had “the talk”.  …And Spirit, oh Holy Instant, let me be guided by your benevolence in the conveyance of these words.   So be it, and so it is, once again, that I write.

Whereas we are much overdue for a TFT progress report, and there is much to celebrate, I cannot bring myself to pen anything that might be interpreted as trivial.  Yesterday, we celebrated 100 days on this odyssey; 2,506 miles cumulative thus far.  72 days (1,106 miles) of walking and 28 days (1,400 miles) on bike = 2,506 miles over 100 days of truth speaking and soul searching for Logan and me, each in our own way.

Alas, we are relegated to measuring such things in linear terms, although there is actually no-thing linear in the multiverse of experience. Let us begin this missive here, on this topic and study of ‘time’; this aberration of a construct that appears necessary for measuring our existence.   While it may appear as necessary, it is not.  Rather, it is but another trick of the separated mind, a construct and nothing more, by which we limit ourselves into perceiving and believing that we are finite.

One week ago tomorrow- last Saturday- I had lunch with George.  George is wise beyond his years; a truly brilliant and loving being who I quickly came to adore.  George lamented that ‘time is a total scam’.

I chuckled.  I couldn’t agree more.   Those within our LES and Soul Group community here in Louisville have heard me bitch and moan on more than one occasion about my disdain for (frustration with) the construct of linear time.

George suggested that our whole planet would be better off if we lived by the cycles of nature; if we rose with the sun and slept with the moon…if we, by all means, learned again to be at one with nature and Earth’s natural cycles.  He concluded by describing how crazy it is that society is constructed around the five day, ‘9-to-5’ work week…and that he’d much rather live on a farm.  I am with you, George, and may it be such that we both do someday soon.

The reason we conduct ourselves (measure our entire lives) according to ‘time’ is because we have been fooled into avoiding our divine essence.  We have become accustomed (conditioned) to living within tidy little boxes that attempt to both restrict and define who we are as individuals and a society.

No more…

…At least not for me.  I can no longer feign the finite.  I grow weary of ‘being in the world but not of it’.  I can no longer be constrained or distanced in any way from my divinity.  Nor will I sit by idly to observe any of you wallow in this mire of perceived limitation; this appearance of lack— which is yet another construct within the antithesis realm of anything eternal and infinite.  For that which is eternal and infinite knows no lack; throughout divine freedom there exists no lack in any form.  …Only the appearance thereof.

As to the subject line of this message, it is by the apocalypse- the unveiling- we address that which plagues us.

When the boys become too rowdy, I must sometimes intervene.  “Don’t make me come up there!” I admonish from the comfort of my evening chair.  “If you don’t settle down, if I have to come up there, I am not wasting my energy on foolish behavior!” (That’s code for ‘somebody is gonna get an ass whoopin’)

Now comes to pass the reckoning, for I have risen from my chair, and my energy shall be not wasted.

Flies at a picnic are annoying, whereas they so persistently flit and light upon one’s self and food.    Ticks are more loathsome; whereas they burrow to take blood- they are more intrusive by their means of seeking sustenance.

We discuss the dis-ease called Lyme; the havoc and detriment borne by the infected tick.  We further discuss the travesty and dishonor of a ‘healthcare’ system that fails to even recognize chronic Lyme as the epidemic which it has become.  Although we strive to bring light- and thereby healing- to such maladies, I often feel that we are addressing the symptoms and not the root cause.

As it pertains to all things malignant to an otherwise peace-loving society, be it disease perpetuated by a rigged medical monopoly, the dumbed-down programming of a defunct education system, or the subjugation of our global society by the corrupt self-appointed monarchy of the two-headed beast (Church and State), let us be both honest and bold to exclaim that, in fact, the emperor has no clothes.

…It is only by our willingness to participate in the charade that both he and we perceive the air of regality when, in truth, there is for this hierarchy no reality.

In the context of business process improvement, to conduct root cause analysis (RCA) is to peel back the layers until you arrive at the messy under seam of what makes things tick (there’s that word again).     RCA, though not usually a fun task because of the discipline and work required, does yield information upon which to implement changes in procedure, which results in a more smoothly running process.

In the context of consciousness, root cause analysis brings me to study such things as Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy, the pinnacle of which is self-actualization.  I have studied and sought in earnest for many years for how to arrive there.  After many years of study and seeking clues from esoteric texts, shamans and all manner of sources ‘out there’, it finally occurred to me:  remove the ‘T’ from ‘there’.

Yes.  It occurred to me, finally, that there is nothing external that will lead me to this pinnacle- to ‘there’.   Rather, it is only, ever and always herewithin, in and of myself are all my experiences created.  As such, there can be nothing external to plague me, be it flies, ticks, or etheric parasites, that which some refer to as the Jinn.  Others call it Satan, of which the Jinn are merely an expression or construct.  These shadow expressions are simply just that: the shadow self.  Some might reflect upon this as being the wounded or ego self—that which cannot be born nor sustain by itself; which by definition must have a host if it is to exist.

As much as we place labels or use words to try and describe this polarizing darkness and duality- this condition which appears at odds with the peaceful security of love and light—alas we must be delivered back to taking responsibility for re-cognizing these shadow aspects within ourselves.  In doing so, we are both appalled and liberated.  We become, at once, horrified to see within ourselves the capacity to harbor dis-ease in all of its forms, while paradoxically real-izing the cure which sets us free to once again ‘be’ without effort or constraint…to alleviate the appearance of lack.

To examine most deeply this goal of achieving heaven on earth is to observe most honestly that nothing external can prevent it from manifesting.  In the time-less multiverse of the consciousness of The All That Is, it is already made manifest.  We have but to receive (accept) it in our experience.  We have but to recognize and release these perceived demons within ourselves- the nightmare of the separated mind- that we may awaken to the happy dream; to the eternal and infinite Love that we are.  The separated mind (a.k.a. the alleged ‘fall from grace’) creates these Jinn- Satan in all its forms- that we may experience duality to any extreme we so choose.

Again: let us accept full responsibility for our creation, abhorrent as it may seem, and release this duality with and by the greater love that we are.  Said inversely: Let us re-cognize and real-ize our infinitely expansive capacity to hold and emanate the love and light of Source- the pure and eternal divinity from which we derive and, in truth, never departed.  As we accept our expansion and release from contraction, let us choose again to live in love, that these shadows may be eradicated by our light.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.  

-Anis Nin

Yesterday at 9am I spoke with Logan.  He has trepidation about the week ahead, as he departs westward from Pueblo, CO.  This next week, which begins today for him, is the most physically challenging leg of the route, encompassing desolate terrain, adverse weather and many long inclines.  I know he can do it, for he has courage and heart like the lion.  I remain with him in spirit, ever cheering him on, and with gratitude for the revelations made to me on this journey of 100 days thus far.

Last night I was faced with the black moon; the essence or glimpse of the dark night of the soul.  It was not pleasant, but it caused me to arise from chair.  When finally I slept, I did dream.  An odd message did come from this nocturnal journey, wherein I was driving in a car with a specific mission to deliver a sealed carafe of tea.

As I was driving, for hours upon hours, I would routinely pick up this carafe and shake it.  I knew not to who I was to deliver this carafe of tea.  I knew only that I must complete my mission, and that the tea must be shaken freshly upon delivery.

When I finally arrived at the destination, I was surrounded by water.  Upon stepping out of the car to survey this place, many people shouted from a hillside, yelling and waving for me to seek high land before the receded water rushed back in to inundate me and the car.

 I paid them no heed, because I knew it was a dream, and I fear no death, whether in dream or waking state.  I simply refuse to recognize death because, I have learned, it is not real- it is not possible, by definition, for anything eternal to perish.

I looked down in my hand at the carafe of tea and shook it once again.  I then looked to the horizon and could see the water line build; the ebb of the tide was flowing back in.  The people on the hillside yelled louder, waving me away from this basin.

Then, ahead of the swelling wave I saw her–the one who awaited my delivery of tea.  I smiled to know that I had completed my mission.  I smiled more broadly to know that my diligence had delivered not the carafe, rather, me to the sea to meet my true love.

She smiled too and held out her arms to embrace me as the waters engulfed us.

…For a moment submerged, so quickly in a rush of tide we were buoyed up and delivered to the hillside, whereupon the waters receded once again.

Said I to her:  “I have traveled very far, what is this place?”  …She did not answer.  Instead she smiled, looked me in the eyes, placed her finger upon my forehead and gently pressed.

I then heard the name of this land echo in my mind’s ear and felt good knowing that I was to be here—home with my true love, completely forgiven and fulfilled…in this place called Ochlamat.


Today the sun rose, the dark moon now passed.  Tomorrow is the full moon of illumination, whereupon the next expanse of pathway is further revealed.  I embrace the continued journey of self-exploration, infinitely within.

I send prayers of gratitude to you all for undertaking this journey with us, for your support and indulgence as we broach topics about those things that plague us with dis-ease.  This ‘time’ of dis-ease shall too pass, as we are ultimately delivered to a return to ease; the end of the drama.

In love, and with encouragement, that you may each soon discover your very own Ochlamat.



This afternoon, August 8, 2015, I felt that I would be best served by going to one of my most happy places; to the forest of my childhood; to the giving trees who I love and love me in return.    I recorded two videos (see our YouTube channel for those), and wrote this post.  It is indexed under the category of ‘spiritual’; take from it what you will…


My mom has been in the flower shop business since I was in kindergarten, and to this very day.

From earliest youth until such time I departed home (13 days after I graduated high school), I spent 6 of 7 days a week behind the counter, in the workroom either observing or helping with the family business.  That amounts to about 4,368 days of my life.

During my time in the shop I have witnessed the coming and going of more than 1000 funerals, for which I’ve made even more treks to deliver floral arrangements to the local funeral homes and cemeteries.  I also worked for the funeral home part time, maintaining cemetery grounds and clearing grave sites of the recently departed.  Throughout, I have seen many a family in mourning, I’ve heard many a eulogy, as does everyone in this business.

A curious boy, I always wondered why some funerals seemed to emanate more laughter and kinship than heavy sadness and a sense of separation.  I wondered why some people displayed such tremendous sorrow and burden, whereas others were prone to levity in remembrance.

One day, I asked the undertaker: ‘why is this so? … Why is that person so sad, but the other more at peace?’

Replied the undertaker two things that I have always remembered and thereafter contemplated for decades since:  “Everyone mourns in their own way the sense of loss.  Some focus on celebrating the life and personality of the person that once was, where others become focused mostly on the loss.  Also, regret.  Those who mourn so heavily seem also to carry the most regret.”

‘What do you mean by regret?’, I further inquired.

“Regret that they didn’t have closure before it was too late.  Regret that there were feelings left unexpressed; words left unsaid…regret, and often guilt, that some aspect of their relationship with the departed could have been or should have been different, had they only made their peace before the person departed.  While they are sad for the vacancy and void now in their life, they are mostly regretful for something left undone; something left unsaid, which may now never be completed.  This lack of completion is what they actually mourn for most.”

He concluded by admonishing: “So remember, then, to tell your loved ones now that you love them and make your peace daily…that you may never have regret for leaving something incomplete should the time come unannounced, as it so often does.”

I think about my own family and friends.  If any of them transitioned tomorrow, what would be left unsaid or not completed in my relationship with them?  For whom and what would I mourn with the sense of ‘if only I had…’

I am presently writing a book about this lesson from the undertaker.  It’s titled:  Eulogy – putting the fun back in ‘fun’eral.  The premise is simple.  While it is an expected and normal part of the grieving process to experience a sense of loss for the person, it is most tragic and heartbreaking to never achieve closure for the feelings and words left unexpressed.

…It is most difficult when we experience a void of separation for which the gap could have otherwise been closed before it was too late.  The conclusion of the book entails an exercise:  To write eulogies for those whom we love, expressing what we love about them– and to give the eulogy to that person NOW– while they are alive.  The objective is to make one’s peace and closure now, so that one can celebrate the life of their dearly departed when the time comes, versus being mired in a sense of regret for what could have been, but never again can be.

Perhaps today is a good day to reach out to those for whom you care and express your love and appreciation.  Or, depending on the circumstances, to express whatever it is about your relationship that you wish were better than it is.  …Even to express or ask for forgiveness for some perceived trespass or infraction.

Perhaps every day is a good day to express our feelings to those with whom we are in relationship, even if those feelings may not be something they want to hear, or are difficult for one to convey.

What is worse?  To express love or contention now, or to have regret and lack of closure for ‘if only I had, while I still could…’ ?


p.s.- while at the forest today, I took some photos, in case you are interested in meeting some of my friends.   Here are three of them, in no particular order…

Lean On Me Tree

Mighty Pine

Joyous Tree





















PeaceLean On Me




Peace Pilgrim

The year 2015 marks the 62nd anniversary of the first of seven cross-country walks for peace undertaken by Mildred Lisette Norman Ryder, between January 1, 1953 and July 7, 1981. At the age of 44, after a spiritual journey of 15 years in which she transformed herself completely, she embarked on her “calling” to be a pilgrim for peace. For the next 28 years she walked over 25,000 miles, travelling penniless and without any organization, fearlessly calling for international as well as personal disarmament. She walked until given shelter and fasted until given nourishment. Her message was a simple one: overcome evil with good, hatred with love and falsehood with truth. To do this, she said, various stages of maturity must be reached, starting with the self: inner peace first, then peace will be attainable among individuals, the community, the nation and the world.

While she lived, those who only heard about her legendary pilgrimages, wondered if she was a little crazy. Those who met and observed her, however, knew that she was one of the most practical, clear thinking people they had ever known. The only startling-even disconcerting- thing about her was her willingness to live exactly what she preached and to walk her talk. To put her teachings to the test today would only sustain, not settle, the question of who she was. Was she a 20th century anomaly, or one of this century’s truest prophets for peace? Did she have a new – even unique – message to share, or was it the visible enactment of an old, well-known religious script practiced en route, over 25,000 miles, that was her genius? Should she be left in obscurity, or should her spiritual legacy be examined for what it may have to say to us today?

In 1952, the year before she began the pilgrimage, Peace Pilgrim, then known as Mildred Norman Ryder, set out on another memorable journey. On April 26 of that year, in the company of fellow Philadelphian Richard Lamb, Mildred began the 2050 mile walk north from Mt. Oglethorp in Georgia toward Mt. Katahdin, in northern Maine. Mildred’s passion for walking and her deep love for the beauty, inspiration, and peace she found in the natural world had lured her to the trail. By the time she completed the journey in October of that year she would become the first woman to walk the entire length of the Appalachian Trail in one season.

Only three other hikers had previously completed the 2050 mile Appalachian Trail in one calendar year. Earl Shaffer was the first in 1948. Three years passed before Earl’s feat was repeated. In 1951 two other men, Gene Espy and Chester Dziengielewski completed the journey in one season.