Solutions (video)

Have you ever really studied the history of The Federal Reserve, our bankster system and the aberration of usury?

Well, we are done with being used and, therefore, suggest an end to usury.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for solutions too.


Matrix (video)

As Logan mentions in this video recorded on August 9, it is evident that the crimes committed against humanity are becoming more blatantly obvious- to a point beyond absurd.

It remains our mission to speak truthfully and fearlessly about the matters affecting society, and do so with compassion and love while seeking also to find solutions.

After you watch this video, be sure to watch the next one: ‘Solutions’.   In the meantime, please enjoy the monologue that Logan titles ‘matrix’.


From Freedom to Fascism

This is an excellent documentary by producer Aaron Russo, about the true nature and history of the Federal Reserve system and the IRS, both created in 1913.  Understanding the true nature and function of the Federal Reserve is critical to comprehending why the Internal Revenue Service was created in the same year.  These two fraudulent private organizations are joined at the hip.  We highly recommend this well made and engrossing film.