Speaking the plain, hard truth (video)

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As Logan mentioned in his video diary, he will be recording some slightly longer videos to address pertinent topics affecting humanity.

This video is one of them, and he calls it: Speaking the plain, hard truth.

Whereas the truth about the crimes committed against our species is not usually something folks like to hear or deal with, it is, none the less, the truth that such crimes are committed.

We need an open, honest investigation of our medical system (e.g., big pharma for starters) and its nefarious ties to the FDA, CDC, WHO– to the ‘doctors’ who are DIRECTLY on the payroll of the insurance companies and big pharma which stand to benefit by subduing cures and proliferating dis-ease.

The level of corruption is beyond obvious, as is the motive.

Why, we must ask, are proven cures for chronic diseases stifled (precluded from reaching the market) by people who sit on the boards of the FDA, CDC and WHO, yet also are on the payroll of either the insurance companies or big pharma, the latter which gain billions$$ from the suppression of these known cures?

Are why are the doctors who discover these cures– why are so many of them mysteriously killed– if not derided, ridiculed, sued by the establishment and driven out of practice?

here is a link to recent article related to this: http://www.sott.net/article/300739-10th-Holistic-Doctor-found-murdered-in-her-home-controversial-connections-are-surfacing

Such are the questions we continue to ask and explore in our Trek For Truth.




‘Beeing’ with Ellie Lobel

Hey TFT’ers, we are very happy to share this video interview recorded by Ellie Lobel and published on her YouTube site August 13th.  **See links below to access more info about Ellie**

Wow! – What a remarkable woman and radiant human ‘beeing’ !!!   🙂   When Logan called me to tell me about his meeting with Ellie, he was absolutely ecstatic; he had many laudatory comments about her efforts to bring information and truth to the cause of alternative healing methods that rely upon nature- and bee venom.  Her story and struggle with Lyme disease is nothing less than mind-blowing.

I also find it very serendipitous and encouraging that momentum builds around the suggestion and acceptance for NATURE-al ways of healing; of finding solutions that transcend the void left by the big pharma-controlled medical establishment.  A perfect example of this is the recent Parliament Of Wise Owls (POWO) recording, wherein Sol, Laura and Andrew discussed accountability for doctors who towed the lined of the status quo to the blatant detriment of their patients.  They also discussed Laura’s suggestion for exploring the integration of nature and natural methods for overcoming the plagues that are propagated against humanity by nefarious so-called healthcare establishments that are in collusion with CDC, FDA, AMA, etc.

For your convenience, the latest POWO recording (Episode #4) is here:

I greatly enjoyed the latest POWO, in and of itself.  But what is REALLY awesome is that I received the link from Logan per his interview with Ellie a few days later, and how the overarching message dovetails.  It is a wonderful, inspiring feeling to observe how these discussions are interrelated and mutually supportive–toward finding solutions to heal and transcend.

With that, here is the interview by Ellie with Logan:


And, Finally, here are the links to learn more about Ellie’s phenomenal journey and good works:

Link to Ellie’s story:  How a bee sting saved my life

Ellie’s Twitter link:  https://twitter.com/ellielobel 

Ellie’s YouTube channel: Elli Lobel YouTube

Ellie’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ellie.lobel

Ellie’s LinkedIn site:  Elli Lobel LinkedIn

Doctor Jeff Bradstreet – may he rest in peace (important video enclosed)

As I compose this post, it is Saturday, June 27; 6:44 pm EST.   I’ve had a really good day because time has slowed down a bit.  Much like the sensation described by people who have been a car wreck.

I was in a bad car wreck in 1983; was ‘T-boned’ at an intersection by a drunk driver who had a very large Ford, whereas I was in a very small car.  As the glass broke and the vehicle spun around, it was absolutely remarkable how sight and sound went into slow motion.  It was as though I was an astronaut floating ever so slowly in a space capsule, and the contents of the vehicle, the shards of glass, metal and I were momentarily ‘suspended’.  What actually was less than two seconds of impact seemed much longer–and EVERY sense was heightened beyond description.

The past two weeks have been like that car wreck.  I have been observing so much transpire in the world–yet from a place of extremely grounded objectivity–such that I can see the script while watching the play (so to speak).

This sensation of living in slow motion is accompanied by heightened intuition, as well as lucid dreams, wherein I am given lessons.  –But I digress.

All of the latest Kabuki (i.e., contrived and elaborate theater) commenced a couple of days before the church shooting in South Carolina on June 17.

I had been closely observing the machinations of our legislative branch as they fast-tracked the vote to broaden executive powers, so that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could be approved withOUT having the contents revealed or be open for debates and amendments.  More here:  http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/may/27/corporations-paid-us-senators-fast-track-tpp

In a moment of distinct clarity, I ‘felt it’ and said to myself:  “…Hmmmm, I sense a major sensational news event about to break…I wonder what will happen to distract everyone from this latest chicanery on Capital Hill…?”

Sure enough.  Another formulaic ‘lone-crazed-gunman’ event which was quickly exacerbated by the lamestream media.  Instead of providing root cause analysis and/or investigative journalism surrounding the bizarre patterns and commonalities of ‘crazed gunman’ events of the past 10 years (i.e., that are so eerily similar), the media followed its predictable full-tilt methods of hyping division between race.

I am so very, very sorry for those folks at the church and their families.  It is extremely tragic and my prayers are with them all.  This event is indeed saddening.   Let us, then, truly seek to honor the victims by being vigilant to observe the derivatives of resulting race hysteria that was spun up by the oligarchy-controlled media.

One such derivative is what I’ll call ‘Flag-steria’ — the diversion of attention toward division of our people, the human beings, be they black, red, yellow, white or anything else.    Instead of focusing on the root cause or investigating what this event has in common with other similar events of the recent past, all guns (no pun intended) were instead directed toward the abolition of the confederate battle flag.  Major media ‘Flag-steria’ ensued.  From the state capital of SC to Walmart and Apple, suddenly everyone became hyper-sensitive toward abolishing this flag.

Apple issued the following statement: “We have removed apps from the App Store that use the Confederate flag in offensive or mean-spirited ways, which is in violation of our guidelines. We are not removing apps that display the Confederate flag for educational or historical uses.

One must ask:  If they (the state of SC and all of these major corporations) found it so offensive, polarizing and divisive, why didn’t they ban it before now???   ..And does the abolition of the flag actually have impact on preventing future-such events or the mentality of crazed gunmen?   Furthermore, why aren’t they doing same about the swastika flag, nor any other flag that might be associated with offense toward any racial set?

Look–let’s get real clear, real fast:  I could care less about the battle flag.  I don’t own one, never have, and never will.  I really, truly, could care less about this flag.

What I DO care about (i.e., what is MOST alarming) is the utter and COMPLETE hypocrisy of the media, corporations and govern-ment who spin up furry and division around an event (albeit a tragic one) then follow it by creating more hysteria around a flag as the implied causative impetus — whereas and hitherto — THEY HAVE BEEN TOTALLY VACANT ON REPORTING THE OTHER NEWS AFFECTING HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF AFRICAN-AMERICANS TO A MUCH BROADER EXTENT, and OVER AN EXTREMELY LONGER PERIOD OF TIME!!!

Another question:  If it was a known fact that there existed a conspiracy to debilitate and/or kill hundreds and thousands of African-Americans, wouldn’t you expect the media to report it and draw much attention to it; at least as much as the SC church shooting?    Further:  If they did not, would it not make you wonder why?

Well, folks, this is why we at TFT are here.  To point out the blatantly obvious and draw your attention to the proverbial ‘man behind the curtain’.  Yup– that man.  A.K.A.- “The man”.  The one that seeks to focus you on the sensationalism du jour, in order to de-focus you from scrutinizing the real and broader news affecting (i.e., killing and debilitating) hundreds, thousands and millions by their hand.

This brings me to the subject line of this post:  The highly suspicious death of a good man who sought to aid and protect both African-Americans and others against a known (and ongoing) attempt to bring harm to them on a massive, mind-boggling scale.  This man, Doctor Jeff Bradstreet, was found dead Friday June 19.  The national and local media coverage is HIGHLY suspect because they publish his death as a suicide, even though no official coroners report had yet been filed.  This is just the first thing that makes one go, “Hmmmmmm?”

Here’s a lamestream media link which provides an example of how they use certain words in their headline to immediately lead one to erroneous assumptions : http://www.gwinnettdailypost.com/news/2015/jun/25/controversial-autism-researcher-jeff-bradstreet/

But wait- there’s more!

In just a couple of clicks and web searches, I found another article.  …Interesting how the headline changes from “controversial autism researcher commits suicide” to “Famous Autism researcher and Doctor, Jeff Bradstreet MD died of alleged “self inflicted gunshot wound” to chest”.

What’s even MORE interesting is that this article (unlike the one’s posted by NBC, CBS and Gwinnett news) contains links to the real dirt on the KNOWN and PROVEN cover-up, which simply has not garnered one iota of the coverage provided to us, such as they have exerted with ‘Flag-steria’.

Check out THIS link and the links within this article regarding the email evidence of the subversion of justice:  http://www.autisminvestigated.com/doctor-vaccine-injury-dies-60/

email link:  http://www.autisminvestigated.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/fdup2.png

Scratching your head yet?  Anything smell fishy in Denmark?  Wonder why folks are not as pissed about this as they are about he shooting in SC?


…Wait…I should state that it’s not only African-Americans, but all others as well.  They are ‘equal opportunity eugenicist‘  (That’d be a funny one-liner if weren’t so true)

Hello?  Is this microphone on?  Can ya hear me yet, folks?   Ever heard of Doctor William Thompson?   Well- have you?

If not- WHY NOT?  If you have heard of the shooting in SC that took the lives of several people, then why have you not heard of the news regarding the atrocity and cover-up affecting hundreds of thousands???

That’s a trick question.  Answer = BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW, and WHICH IS WHY THE LAMESTREAM MEDIA DOESN’T GIVE IT ANY ATTENTION!!!   …It’s lots easier to get people fired up about a flag, with the inference that a flag has some impetus for inciting a lunatic to shoot-up a church congregation.

Here’s a link to news about Dr. Thompson:  http://vaxtruth.org/2015/02/dr-william-thompson-granted-official-whistleblower-status-and-immunity-cdcwhistleblower/

To where does this post and all the rest of this lead, you might ask?

Let me take it back to the beginning and the reference to the car wreck in slow-mo…

Logan recorded a video before the SC church shooting; it was posted to our YouTube channel, ironically, on June 19.  He recorded it a few days before.   I consider this to be one of the most awesome videos he’s done; I hope you enjoy it too.

In this video he speaks of Dr. Thompson and makes specific reference to the tragedy and known conspiracy to cover up the heinous crime committed by big pharma, in collusion with our ‘govern-ment’, against African-Americans and the broader population.   He speaks the truth that goes unreported by the lamestream media, for they are far, FAR too busy filling the airwaves with other bullshit upon which they prefer for you to focus.

If you want to know where all of this leads, the answer is:  YOUR doorstep.

I use to get angry, frustrated and utterly beside myself when researching such material/topic matter.  Anymore and henceforth, I choose to laugh and smile at the Kabuki.  I choose to alleviate the evil powers that were (A.K.A. the passe archon influence) by, quite simply, observing their charade and desperate attempts for what it is:  a charade of desperation.

It is ‘game over’ for them and they know it.  We can usher out their malevolence, to be replaced with the divine benevolence that WE ARE as loving human beings who choose life.  In our way, here at TFT, we do so by bringing LIGHT to the situation.

“God is found in the laughter”, as I’ve heard Carmen say so many times… let us, then, join hands in unity and laugh at the folly of evil, knowing it is not real.  The only thing real is that which is eternal—and the only thing eternal is LOVE.

Now, a word from Logan:

My peace and the love of a united humanity be with you,

-Drew 🙂








The Fluoride Deception

An interview with former BBC journalist Christopher Bryson, author of the 2004 book, titled “The Fluoride Deception”, examines the background of the fluoridation debate. According to Bryson, research challenging fluoride’s safety was either suppressed or not conducted in the first place. He says fluoridation is a triumph not of medical science but of US government spin.  Suffice it to say, “Tobacco Science” did not begin with the tobacco industry.  Corporate (agenda driven) science is the rule rather than the exception in most of the science applied in public health programs to this day, all of which have a direct affect on the bottom line of the corporate sector.  There is a wealth of information about the corporate agenda behind the propaganda campaign that has led to approximately 67% of the municipal water supplies in the US being adulterated with fluoride.  You’ll find the aluminum and atomic energy industries there at the inception of this public deception.

Biology of Belief

Here is a thought provoking lecture by biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of the best-selling book The Biology of Belief, an examination of the emerging science of epigenetics.  Epigenetics means “above” genetics; and explores the power that influences the actual expression of our genes, a power that appears to be rooted within our emotional and mental realms of consciousness.

Rockefeller Drug Wars

Here is an excellent 4-part article on how the Rockefeller Family took control of the world narcotics trade, both the legal and illegal forms.  Part I is reprinted below and the links to the other parts follow.  It is a fascinating and important story that sheds light on the nature of the present day pharmaceutical and medical monopoly cartels.

How the Rockefellers turned the United States and other countries into police states.

By Jean Carter

Most people are not aware that John D. Rockefeller Junior (1874 to 1960) was the man directly responsible for creating and instigating the destructive war on drugs. The war on drugs which has continued for many decades since it was started in the early 1900s was carefully planned and orchestrated to protect the family ownership of a chemically-based pharmaceutical monopoly.

The war was first begun by Rockefeller Junior, with the help of his father, John D. Rockefeller Senior (1839 to 1937), taking over the control of all legal narcotics. A few years after Rockefeller Junior had taken over the narcotics business market, they then set their sights on eliminating medicinal marijuana (known as cannabis), because it was a competitive threat to their chemically-based pharmaceutical sales.

In addition to the control on narcotics, Rockefeller Junior was also directly responsible for the prohibition of marijuana back during the 1930s, and he was the real reason behind the government-sponsored Reefer-Madness propaganda campaign designed to scare people about marijuana. Rockefeller Junior used as a business tactic the strategy of controlling narcotics by using political influence to get laws passed. He also used the strategy of prohibiting certain medicines, in order to control the entire medical system, which he, with the help of his father was able to accomplish. This was done to insure that the Rockefeller-owned pharmaceutical companies would remain the powerful monopolies that they had become. Hemp/marijuana made plentiful ethanol when distilled and was good for running car engines, generators etc. Hemp/marijuana had many industrial uses such as cloth, paper, ropes, and many, many other uses. Because it made plentiful ethanol it therefore was seen as a competitive threat to the Rockefeller petroleum monopolies, as was the fact that cannabis/marijuana was an excellent natural medicine which presented a serious threat to the Rockefeller monopoly on chemically-based pharmaceutical sales.

I do not want to spend a lot of time writing about John Rockefeller Senior or the oil monopoly he built, since this is a research paper about the war on drugs. However, in order to understand the strategies used by Rockefeller Junior in causing prohibition, thus creating the war on drugs, it helps to look at the strategies used by Rockefeller Senior and how he earned his huge oil fortune. Rockefeller Junior learned a lot about how to conduct business from his father. So just a brief but closer look at the elder Rockefeller and his early days follows.

From a humble beginning, by the early 1900s John D. Rockefeller Senior was considered to be the richest man in the world; having made a huge fortune in oil. The Standard Oil Company formed by Rockefeller Senior in 1870 was by now so big that the government insisted that it be broken down into several smaller oil companies, which are still largely owned by the Rockefellers today. There have been many name changes over the years of the oil companies formed from the old Standard Oil Company such as BP, Texaco, Exxon-Mobile, Sunoco to name just a few of the oil companies still owned by the Rockefeller family.

An excellent book about the early days of Standard Oil is The History of Standard Oil Company, by Ida Tarbell. When her book was published around 1904, it caused a sensation. Rockefeller allies publically labeled Miss Tarbell as a muckraker, and Rockefeller Senior privately made fun of the author and called her Miss Tar-Barrel. However Rockefeller Senior never made any public reference to the book, because he was probably embarrassed, or maybe he just did not care if people knew he was a crook. In any case the Tarbell book contained a detailed account of the early years of Rockefeller building his oil refinery monopolies and she exposed his crooked business dealings in her book. Her book goes into highly documented detail about fraud, secret kickbacks, bribes and ruthless business practices used by Rockefeller Senior in his strategy of deceit and deception to eliminate any competition from others, and which would also guarantee a monopoly for his Standard Oil Company.

When Rockefeller Senior started his first oil refinery in Cleveland, one refinery was not enough for him. He was driven to own all the refineries, whether the other refinery owners liked it or not. He was a steam roller. It also was not enough for him to just own all the refineries; he had to take over the distribution routes too, such as the railroads, waterways and pipelines. He took over the distribution of the oil from the refineries to the ports on the east coast, where his ships were waiting to carry the oil to other countries. He built huge storage tanks to hold oil before it was distributed to the customer. He took over the domestic routes, with his own fleet of trucks, delivering oil directly to homes and businesses needing oil. He eliminated any middle men and took their profits as his own. Rockefeller Senior was like a man driven to obtain more and more. He was very smart and shrewd and he knew how to make deals in which he always got the best of the deal, and often leaving the other guy emotionally broken and financially bankrupted. Rockefeller senior had a great ability to create monopolies and to break the spirit of his competitors.

Rockefeller Senior’s obsession to own everything included owning or controlling the various chemical companies that relied on his petroleum. These chemical companies made various products such as fertilizers, pesticides, explosives, industrial chemicals of all sorts as well as synthetic fibers and pharmaceutical drugs. These chemical companies were totally dependent on Rockefeller petroleum. Rockefeller took over the controlling interest of these companies and ran them.

Another thing I want to mention about Rockefeller Senior because it is important to know about. In the early days of building his oil empire, he formed a fake company called the South Improvement Company to carry out shady deals. This was the company Rockefeller would use when he did not want people to know they were dealing with him. This company would make all kinds of shady deals and many people lost their businesses when they signed up with this company. The company looked great on paper and its bylaws looked fair, and many businesses signed up with this company because it looked so good on paper. However, once the unsuspecting businessman joined up with the fake company, he soon realized that according to the fine print he had given up all control and ownership of his company to Rockefeller Senior. The reason I mention this is because years later when the younger Rockefeller Junior was creating the League of Nations, similar wording was used for the conditions of countries to join the League of Nations. In other words just like companies unknowingly gave up all their rights and control of their businesses to the old South Improvement Company which had been formed by Rockefeller Senior, those joining the League of Nations had to also agree to give up their autonomy and to agree to defer any major decisions to the League of Nations. There are many similarities between the formation of South Improvement and the League of Nations. The book, The History of Standard Oil, by Ida Tarbell can be found free on the Internet. This book is a fascinating look at the early oil industry of the Pennsylvania Oil fields and the rise to prominence of Rockefeller Senior.

The wealth being produced from oil (kerosene) was enormous even before cars were on the road to use gasoline. Rockefeller Senior began buying coal mines, railroads, steel mills, chemical companies that depended on petroleum products, and many other areas of business and industry. In 1894 he had developed oil ties in Venezuela and had purchased a railroad in Manchuria now in Northeast China. Rockefeller Senior believed that if you made a small investment in another country, it would buy great political influence in that country. He also wanted to retire from the oil business and use his time to do other things such as philanthropy and work on causes. Even before the automobile appeared on the national scene, the Rockefellers were very rich, and once gasoline became needed for automobiles, the wealth of the family became even greater. Eventually Rockefeller did retire and allowed others to run the oil business, although he still had total control over everything his oil companies did By the late 1890s he was retired from the oil business, and looking for new business opportunities, under the guise of philanthropy. This desire to do philanthropy work, while on the surface looked good, also had a more self-serving side. It seemed to satisfy an obsessive need in Rockefeller Senior to create even more monopolies to protect the growing Rockefeller Empire. So while Rockefeller Senior had now officially retired from running Standard Oil Companies, he was looking for new business ventures while hiding behind the mask of philanthropy. Now Rockefeller Senior had his son to help him.

The only son born to John Rockefeller Senior was John Rockefeller Junior. When Junior was old enough, somewhere around the turn of the century, his father gave him the responsibility for running Standard Oil. However, after Junior had worked a short time in the top position, his father replaced him with someone else who was more qualified to run the company. Nonetheless, this did not prevent Rockefeller Senior from finding other positions for Junior because Rockefeller Senior was grooming Rockefeller Junior to manage the family fortune, and there were a lot of ways to do it. Rockefeller Senior set Junior up on the board of directors of many companies and industries, including U.S. Steel.

During the period from about 1900 to 1920 the Rockefellers, both Senior and Junior, started working on serious plans to take over the educational system, the medical system, all the medical schools and research schools. This was all done in the name of so called philanthropy, but was really designed to act as a method of distributing the chemical pharmaceutical drugs that his companies produced. Rockefeller had already decided to take control of the physicians of America and use them as distributors for his pharmaceutical drugs. One thing Rockefeller Senior had always done in his past business dealings was to take total control away from others and give it to himself. To his way of thinking, buying or taking over a medical school or university was no different than taking over any other business.

Rockefeller Senior showed Junior just how easy it was to take over the entire medical system in the United States, and that is exactly what happened. Rockefeller Senior set up the Educational Fund, later to be named the Rockefeller Foundation (established in 1913) and they gave money to the various educational institutions in the form of a conditional grant. This means that if a medical school or university accepted conditional grant money offered by the Rockefeller Foundation, there were strings attached. Those strings basically gave control of the school to the Rockefellers. Rockefeller Senior was not the type of person to twist arms to get his way. The use of force was not his style, to the best I can determine. While Rockefeller Senior often resorted to crooked and unethical business practices to bilk his competitors, he did not use force to get control of a business or industry. Instead Senior used shrewd intelligence, secrecy and the practice of dangling a lot of money (like a payoff) in front of the people who could make the decision to give up control of their educational institution to the Rockefellers.

The Rockefeller tactics usually worked, whether in the business world or the world of academics, it did not matter, because people still reacted to money in the same way. Senior expended huge sums of money buying out medical schools, universities and especially research schools, but to Rockefeller, the money was just a drop in the bucket. The purpose of taking over the medical schools was so that the Rockefellers could now insist that physicians be trained to only prescribe the use of chemical pharmaceutical drugs for their patients. Any teaching of naturopathy, the use of medicinal plants to treat illnesses, was to be viewed as quackery. Any teaching of nutrition, holistic medicine, or the prescribing of healing and medicinal herbs/plants was not allowed. The ultimate goal of this strategy was to be able to control what physicians were allowed to do, or not do. If a physician stepped out of line and did anything that was not approved by the Rockefeller medical doctrine, the physician lost his license to practice medicine. If the physician followed the Rockefeller rules, they would be financially rewarded through money.

In the case of colleges and universities that were not necessarily related to medical teaching, they got money too. The roster of universities and colleges that have received Rockefeller money includes the leading Ivy League schools. The Rockefellers pretty much built the University of Chicago, as well as other schools, too numerous to mention. Rockefeller wanted to be able to utilize these schools to teach students the Rockefeller doctrine of global economic development. To Rockefeller Senior, the schools were just more businesses to be added to his empire, and would pay results by benefiting the Rockefeller business interests. A little historical footnote about the Rockefeller Foundation, as well as the Carnegie Foundation which is actually funded by Rockefeller money follows. Back in 1954 a congressional committee called the Reese committee was convened to investigate tax exempt Foundations such as the Rockefeller Foundation. The investigation found a lot of wrongdoing on the part of these Foundations and was critical of how they operated. When the results of the investigation were released to the public, Carol Reese, the man who was in charge of the investigation, was slandered and attacked by the Rockefeller controlled media.

Another project that the Rockefellers were working on was narcotic control (opium) in order to insure their monopoly on the medical system. Rockefeller Senior must have known that the person who can decide who gets to use narcotics and who cannot is the person who controls the entire medical system. Without narcotics, doctors cannot practice medicine, and hospitals cannot treat patients in pain or perform surgical procedures. Without narcotics people suffering terrible pain cannot find relief. Narcotics are a necessity to any medical system. Rockefeller Senior and Junior used a variety of methods to corner the market and control narcotics. One of these tactics was to hide behind sacred cows to achieve business goals. Sacred cows such as religion, church groups and missionaries. I am not sure if it was Senior or Junior who thought up the idea to use missionaries to beat the drum for prohibition of narcotics, but that was one of their tactics. The missionaries carefully chosen by the Rockefellers were reportedly Baptist fundamentalist types who were more interested in stirring up trouble for people who used narcotics than spreading the word of the Lord Jesus. The missionaries in China were always trying to get laws passed which punished those Chinese citizens who used narcotics. In 1909 Rockefeller, using his missionaries convened the first commission on international narcotics, sponsored by the U.S. State Department, and held in Shanghai, China.

In 1912 another international opium conference, with the same group of missionaries was held, and was called the International Opium Convention. Those countries who attended this convention agreed to be bound by the rules of the convention, which committed this country to work toward the control of all narcotics worldwide. Later, this same group of prohibitionist minded missionary types would also comprise the first narcotics board on the League of Nations, created by the Rockefellers around 1920. I believe that Rockefeller Senior was planning on doing in China what he was also doing in the United States, and that was to get a monopoly of the Chinese medical system. The Rockefeller business strategy for China was to force the Chinese people off of their traditional herbal medicines and on to Rockefeller chemical pharmaceutical drugs. Rockefeller missionaries were agitating for opium prohibition in China, same as in America. I believe that Senior planned to eventually get laws changed in China, making the conversion easier. Senior and Junior built a huge medical school and hospital in China. The medical school would have produced the so called medical experts needed to convince government to change laws to favor Rockefeller pharmaceutical sales. I believe that none of these things ever came to fruition, but not because the Rockefellers did not try. Between a war in China and the Communists coming to power in China, western businessmen were no longer welcome in the country, thus removing any further hope of doing business in the Chinese market for the Rockefellers. There is much more I could write about the Rockefeller habit of using intolerant religious groups to carry out the Rockefeller prohibition agenda. Before researching this paper I did not know that the Rockefellers actually created their own church and used it to push public acceptance for the League of Nations, which Rockefeller Junior was instrumental in creating. This organization was created in order to protect the Rockefeller rapidly growing global empire. Enter (Interchurch World Movement and Rockefeller) into a search engine and find all kinds of information on this subject.  END OF PART I

Ill-Gotten Gains, The Rockefeller’s War on Drugs

Beyond Treason

Excellent documentary delving into the issues surrounding medical experimentation on members of the military and the underlying causes of Gulf War Illness.  If you are a military veteran, you can receive a free DVD copy of this video by emailing or faxing a copy of your DD 214 to the producers.  Every veteran and their loved ones should watch this film, along with all Americans who would like an explanation for the widespread and virtually ignored illnesses that sicken and kill so many of our nation’s finest.

Royal Rife

Royal Raymond Rife was an American inventor known for his belief that he could observe and render inert a number of viruses which he thought were causal factors in several diseases, most notably cancer. The observations were made though a specially designed optical microscope, only five of which were ever constructed. Rife claimed that a “beam ray” device could devitalize the pathogens by inducing destructive resonances in their constituent chemicals.  The link below is drawn from excerpts from the book THE CANCER CURE THAT WORKED,  about the suppressed work of Royal Raymond Rife.

Nexus Magazine 1993, Excerpts from the book: THE CANCER CURE THAT WORKED

His research and breakthroughs in the 1930’s threatened the very existence of the growing allopathic medical monopoly principally orchestrated by J. D. Rockefeller and J.D. Rockefeller, Jr.  For an overview of the rise of the allopathic/pharma cabal, here is a brief podcast that covers this history: Rockefeller Medicine.  I also recommend the 1995 book entitled: Murder By Injection by Eustace Mullins.  Scroll down for an excellent summary of Rife’s work from an article written by Jeff Rense.

Here are a couple of excellent short videos.  The first a recording of Rife explaining his work, and the second (in the playlist) an excerpt from an excellent documentary about his amazing research.

The Life of Royal Rife

Royal Raymond Rife was a brilliant scientist born in 1888 and died in 1971. After studying at Johns Hopkins, Rife developed technology which is still commonly used today in the fields of optics, electronics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics, and aviation. He received 14 major awards and honors and was given an honorary Doctorate by the University of Heidelberg for his work. During the 66 years that Rife spent designing and building medical instruments, he worked for Zeiss Optics, the U.S. Government, and several private benefactors.

Because Rife was self-educated in so many different fields, he intuitively looked for his answers in areas beyond the rigid scientific structure of his day. He had mastered so many different disciplines that he literally had, at his intellectual disposal, the skills and knowledge of an entire team of scientists and technicians from a number of different scientific fields. So, whenever new technology was needed to perform a new task, Rife simply invented and then built it himself.

Rife’s inventions include a heterodyning ultraviolet microscope [see New York Times article], a microdissector, and a micromanipulator. When you thoroughly understand Rife’s achievements, you may well decide that his was one of the most gifted, versatile, scientific minds in human history.

By 1920, Rife had finished building the world’s first virus microscope. By 1933, he had perfected that technology and had constructed the incredibly complex Universal Microscope, which had nearly 6,000 different parts and was capable of magnifying objects 30,000 times their normal size. With this incredible microscope, Rife became the first human being to actually see a live virus.

Modern electron microscopes instantly kill everything beneath them, viewing only the mummified remains and debris. What the Rife microscope can see is the bustling activity of living viruses as they change form to accommodate changes in environment, replicate rapidly in response to carcinogens, and transform normal cells into tumor cells. But how was Rife able to accomplish this, in an age when electronics and medicine were still just evolving? Here are a few technical details to placate the skeptics…

Rife painstakingly identified the individual spectroscopic signature of each microbe, using a slit spectroscope attachment. Then, he slowly rotated block quartz prisms to focus light of a single wavelength upon the microorganism he was examining. This wavelength was selected because it resonated with the spectroscopic signature frequency of the microbe based on the now-established fact that every molecule oscillates at its own distinct frequency.

The atoms that come together to form a molecule are held together in that molecular configuration with a covalent energy bond which both emits and absorbs its own specific electromagnetic frequency. No two species of molecule have the same electromagnetic oscillations or energetic signature. Resonance amplifies light in the same way two ocean waves intensify each other when they merge together.

The result of using a resonant wavelength is that micro-organisms which are invisible in white light suddenly become visible in a brilliant flash of light when they are exposed to the color frequency that resonates with their own distinct spectroscopic signature. Rife was thus able to see these otherwise invisible organisms and watch them actively invading tissues cultures. Rife’s discovery enabled him to view organisms that no one else could see with ordinary microscopes. [For more details in an article written by Rife, click here]

More than 75% of the organisms Rife could see with his Universal Microscope are only visible with ultra-violet light. But ultraviolet light is outside the range of human vision, it is ‘invisible’ to us. Rife’s brilliance allowed him to overcome this limitation by heterodyning, a technique which became popular in early radio broadcasting.

He illuminated the microbe (usually a virus or bacteria) with two [harmonic] wavelengths of … ultraviolet light frequency which resonated with the spectral signature of the microbe. These two wavelengths produced interference where they merged. This interference was, in effect, a third, longer wave which fell into the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. This was how Rife made invisible microbes visible without killing them, a feat which today’s electron microscopes cannot duplicate. [For a 1944 Smithsonian Institution report which includes information on Rife’s amazing microscopes, click here and do a search for the word “Rife”]

By this time, Rife was so far ahead of his colleagues of the 1930’s that they could not comprehend what he was doing without actually traveling to San Diego to Rife’s laboratory to look through his Virus Microscope for themselves. And many did exactly that.

One was Virginia Livingston. She eventually moved from New Jersey to Rife’s Point Loma (San Diego) neighborhood and became a frequent visitor to his lab. Virginia Livingston is now often given the credit for identifying the organism which causes human cancer, beginning with research papers she began publishing in 1948.

Research into Cancer and Cancer Cures

In reality, Royal Rife had identified the human cancer virus first. … In 1920, Rife made over 20,000 unsuccessful attempts to transform normal cells into tumor cells. He finally succeeded when he irradiated the cancer virus, passed it through a cell-catching ultra-fine porcelain filter, and injected it into lab animals. Not content to prove this virus would cause one tumor, Rife then created 400 tumors in succession from the same culture. He documented everything with film, photographs, and meticulous records. He named the cancer virus ‘Cryptocides primordiales.’

Virginia Livingston, in her papers, renamed it Progenitor Cryptocides. Royal Rife was never even mentioned in her papers. In fact, Rife seldom got credit for his monumental discoveries. He was a quiet, unassuming scientist, dedicated to expanding his discoveries rather than to ambition, fame, and glory. His distaste for medical politics (which he could afford to ignore thanks to generous trusts set up by private benefactors) left him at a disadvantage later, when powerful forces attacked him. Coupled with the influence of the pharmaceutical industry in purging his papers from medical journals, it is hardly surprising that few have heard of Rife today.

Meanwhile, debate raged between those who had seen viruses changing into different forms beneath Rife’s microscopes, and those who had not. Those who condemned without investigation, such as the influential Dr. Thomas Rivers, claimed these forms didn’t exist. Because his microscope did not reveal them, Rivers argued that there was “no logical basis for belief in this theory.”

The same argument is used today in evaluating many other ‘alternative’ medical treatments; if there is no precedent, then it must not be valid. Nothing can convince a closed mind. Most had never actually looked though the San Diego microscopes, as air travel in the 1930’s was uncomfortable, primitive, and rather risky. So, the debate about the life cycle of viruses was resolved in favor of those who never saw it (even modern electron microscopes show frozen images, not the life cycle of viruses in process). Nevertheless, many scientists and doctors have since confirmed Rife’s discovery of the cancer virus and its pleomorphic nature, using darkfield techniques, the Naessens microscope, and laboratory experiments.

Rife ignored the debate, preferring to concentrate on refining his method of destroying these tiny killer viruses. He used the same principle to kill them which made them visible: resonance. By increasing the intensity of a frequency which resonated naturally with these microbes, Rife increased their natural oscillations until they distorted and disintegrated from structural stresses. Rife called this frequency ‘the mortal oscillatory rate,’ or ‘MOR’, and it did no harm whatsoever to the surrounding tissues.

Rife’s instruments used the principle of harmonics. This principle can be illustrated by using an intense musical note to shatter a wine glass: the molecules of the glass are already oscillating at some harmonic (multiple) of that musical note; they are in resonance with it. Because everything else has a different resonant frequency, nothing but the glass is destroyed. There are literally hundreds of trillions of different resonant frequencies, and every species and molecule has its very own.

It took Rife many years until he discovered the frequencies which specifically destroyed herpes, polio, spinal meningitis, tetanus, influenza, and an immense number of other dangerous disease organisms. Rife also worked with the top scientists and doctors of his day, who also confirmed or endorsed various areas of his work.

They included: Arthur Kendall (Director, Northwestern Medical School); Rufus Klein-Schmidt (President of USC); E.C. Rosenow, Sr. (longtime Chief of Bacteriology, Mayo Clinic); Dr. Milbank Johnson (Director of the Southern California AMA); Whalen Morrison (Chief Surgeon, Santa Fe Railway); George Fischer (Childrens Hospital, N.Y.); Edward Kopps (Metabolic Clinic, La Jolla); and many others.

On November 20, 1931, forty-four of the nation’s most respected medical authorities honored Royal Rife with a banquet … at the Pasadena estate of Dr. Milbank Johnson.

In 1934, the University of Southern California appointed a special medical research committee to bring terminal cancer patients from Pasadena County Hospital to Rife’s San Diego Laboratory and clinic for treatment. The team included doctors and pathologists assigned to examine the patients – if still alive – in 90 days.

After the 90 days of treatment, the committee concluded that 86.5% of the patients had been completely cured. The treatment was then adjusted and the remaining 13.5% of the patients also responded within the next four weeks. The total recovery rate using Rife’s technology was 100%.

Suppression and Ridicule

But by 1939, almost all of these distinguished doctors and scientists were denying that they had ever met Rife. What happened to make so many brilliant men have complete memory lapses? It seems that news of Rife’s miracles with terminal patients had reached other ears. Remember our hypothetical question at the beginning of this report: What would happen if you discovered a potential cure for everything? You are now about to find out.

At first, a token attempt was made to buy out Rife. Morris Fishbein, who had acquired the entire stock of the American Medical Association [AMA] by 1934, sent an attorney to Rife with ‘an offer you can’t refuse.’ Rife refused. We may never know the exact terms of this offer.

But we do know the terms of an offer Fishbein made to Harry Hoxsey for control of his herbal cancer remedy. Fishbein’s associates would receive all profits for nine years and Hoxsey would receive nothing. Then, if they were satisfied that it worked, Hoxsey would receive 10% of the profits. Hoxsey decided that he would rather continue to make the profits himself. When Hoxsey turned Fishbein down, Fishbein used his immensely powerful political connections to have Hoxsey arrested 125 times in a period of 16 months. The charges (based on practice without a license) were always thrown out of court, but the harassment drove Hoxsey insane. [see article in JAMA, the journal of the AMA, available here]

But Fishbein must have realized that this strategy would backfire with Rife. First, Rife could not be arrested like Hoxsey for practicing without a license. A trial on trumped-up charges would mean that testimony supporting Rife would be introduced by prominent medical authorities working with Rife. And the defense would undoubtedly take the opportunity to introduce evidence such as the 1934 medical study done with USC.The last thing in the world that the pharmaceutical industry wanted was a public trial about a painless therapy that cured 100% of the terminal cancer patients and cost nothing to use but a little electricity. It might give people the idea that they didn’t need drugs.

And finally, Rife had spent decades accumulating meticulous evidence of his work, including film and stop-motion photographs. No, different tactics were needed.

The first incident was the gradual pilfering of components, photographs, film, and written records from Rife’s lab. The culprit was never caught. Then, while Rife struggled to reproduce his missing data (in a day when photocopies and computers were not available), someone vandalized his precious virus microscopes. Pieces of the 5,682 piece Universal microscope were stolen. Earlier, an arson fire had destroyed the multi-million dollar Burnett Lab in New Jersey, just as the scientists there were preparing to announce confirmation of Rife’s work. But the final blow came later, when police illegally confiscated the remainder of Rife’s 50 years of research.

Then in 1939, agents of a family which controlled the drug industry assisted Philip Hoyland in a frivolous lawsuit against his own partners in the Beam Ray Corporation. This was the only company manufacturing Rife’s frequency instruments (Rife was not a partner). Hoyland lost, but his assisted legal assault had the desired effect: the company was bankrupted by legal expenses. And during the Great Depression, this meant that commercial production of Rife’s frequency instruments ceased completely.

And remember what a universal cure meant to hospitals and research foundations? Doctors who tried to defend Rife lost their foundations grants and hospital privileges. On the other hand, big money was spent ensuring that doctors who had seen Rife’s therapy would forget what they saw. Almost no price was too much to suppress it. Remember that, today, treatment of a single cancer patient averages over $300,000. It’s BIG business.

Thus, Arthur Kendall, the Director of the Northwestern School of Medicine who worked with Rife on the cancer virus, accepted almost a quarter of a million dollars to suddenly ‘retire’ in Mexico. That was an exorbitant amount of money in the Depression. Dr. George Dock, another prominent figure who collaborated with Rife, was silenced with an enormous grant, along with the highest honors the AMA could bestow. Between the carrots and the sticks, everyone except Dr. Couche and Dr. Milbank Johnson gave up Rife’s work and went back to prescribing drugs.

To finish the job, the medical journals, supported almost entirely by drug company revenues and controlled by the AMA, refused to publish any paper by anyone on Rife’s therapy. Therefore, an entire generation of medical students graduated into practice without ever once hearing of Rife’s breakthroughs.

The magnitude of this crime eclipses every mass murder in history. Cancer picks us off quietly. By 1960 the casualties from this tiny virus exceeded the carnage of all the wars America ever fought. In 1989, it was estimated that 40% of us will experience cancer at some time in our lives. In Rife’s lifetime, he had witnessed the progress of civilization from horse-and-buggy travel to jet planes. In that same time, he saw the epidemic of cancer increase from 1 in 24 Americans in 1905 to 1 in 3 in 1971 when he died.

He also witnessed the phenomenal growth of the American Cancer Society, the Salk Foundation, and many others collecting hundreds of millions of dollars for diseases that were cured long before in his own San Diego laboratories. In one period, 176,500 cancer drugs were submitted for approval. Any that showed ‘favorable’ results in only one-sixth of one percent of the cases being studied could be licensed. Some of these drugs had a mortality rate of 14-17%. When death came from the drug, not the cancer, the case was recorded as a ‘complete’ or ‘partial remission’ because the patient didn’t actually die from the cancer.

The inevitable conclusion reached by Rife was that his life-long labor and discoveries had not only been ignored, but probably would be buried with him. At that point, he ceased to produce much of anything and spent the last third of his life seeking oblivion in alcohol. It dulled the pain and his acute awareness of half a century of wasted effort – ignored – while the unnecessary suffering of millions continued so that a vested few might profit. And profit they did, and profit they do.

In 1971, Royal Rife died from a combination of valium and alcohol at the age of 83. Perhaps his continual exposure to his own Rife frequencies helped his body endure abuse for so many years.

Disease – A Growth Industry

I really struggled with this post when I first wrote it in August of 2014…even the title gave me fits.  I originally wrote a stream of consciousness journal entry one morning the prior month shortly after I woke up.  Ironically I titled it Why Have I Begun to Awaken?  I’ve printed it at the end of this blog post.  I decided on the existing title after considering others such as:

Insanity, Genocide and Suicide


Why Mainstream Medicine Will NEVER Cure Cancer

If one could step back from previous experiences and neutrally examine the history behind the design, development and implementation of the current medical model, a radically different story may emerge as opposed to the common misunderstanding.  The current Big Pharma, Big Insurance AMA, FDA, CDC, NCI controlled system is truly a monopoly.  How can that be you may ask, since I’ve listed several groups that would have to be controlled by another for this mega-industry (and mainstream medicine is truly an industry) to be considered a monopoly?  Simply look at the monopolists who created it…Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan (please refer to the podcast entitled “Rockefeller Medicine” in my previous blog post for a detailed explanation).  The facts and the sordid history are all readily available.  But you may have to set aside your conditioned views to gain a broader perspective.  This system is one multi-headed hydra…not separate entities as those behind the curtain would have you believe.  And the Rockefellers, Carnegies, et al are not at the top of the food chain.  Much like the mafia, the names that are commonly known are not the true puppet masters.  But you don’t have to know the specific con artists in order to see through the con.  I’m examining the health related aspects of the con with this post, but once you can perceive the hallmarks you can see the same game perpetrated within virtually all of our mainstream hierarchical systems.  Here is a short video I recorded on this topic:

Medical Monopoly: Brief History of Pharmaceutical Medicine


So let’s look at cancer as the most transparent example of this insanity (at least from the perspective of one who considers life more precious than profit) of our current system.  Cancer is a massive epidemic, but it is not treated that way by our public health institutions.  Why aren’t all possible causes and cures (and not just patentable/profitable ones) aggressively investigated?  In most (if not all) states it is a medical board violation for a Medical Doctor (trained and “certified” in the allopathic medical system) to treat a cancer patient with any other therapy beyond cutting (surgery), burning (radiation), and poisoning (chemo) their patients.  The straight-jacketed MD’s are bound by what is called “standard of care” rules, treatment protocols mandated by their powers that be (self-appointed medical authorities such as the Infectious Diseases Society of America), and if they dare to treat outside those boundaries the medical mafia (AMA, FDA, state medial boards, insurance companies) will make them pay (lawsuits, slander, revocation of license, criminal prosecution, etc.). Even though these toxic “therapies” are horribly ineffective (remember, their statistical success rates are based upon an arbitrary number of years each patient manages to survive beyond his/her treatment), MD’s are not allowed to offer any other options.  And the sad fact is that many of these “survivors” later die from the toxic after-affects of their treatment.  But those statistics and facts are conveniently ignored. Not just ignored but actively suppressed.  Beyond their ineffectiveness and toxicity, the other common thread among these profit above life therapies is their immense cost and hence huge profitability.

Conspiracy Theorist:  Someone who questions the statements of known liars.

Cancer (a close second to heart disease as the leading cause of death in the US) is a growth industry, employing hundreds of thousands across the US (millions around the world) and generating billions of dollars of annual profits.  And yet with all the donated dollars and the efforts of the “War on Cancer” (declared by one of our many political paragons of virtue – Richard Nixon, a Rockefeller puppet) we only see an exponential worsening of the situation.  If simple and very inexpensive (hence not profitable) cures for cancer were made available today, within a short period our economy would be wrecked.  We literally cannot afford to cure cancer.   That is an absolute statement of fact and a declaration of complete insanity.  By some estimates, as much as 75% of our annual healthcare dollars are spent on chronic metabolic diseases.  And mainstream allopathic medicine has never come up with a single cure for any of these types of diseases…not one!  And beyond that, the sociopaths who developed and maintain this system actively suppress any cure that comes about to protect the insane (yet very profitable) monopoly they created.   And yet we keep it afloat by subscribing to the lies that are hidden in plain site.

Here are a but a few of these emerging disease profit centers that mainstream medicine can’t cure (they can’t even determine the causes), but can certainly profitably treat with lots of drugs (properly prescribed and administered FDA approved drugs kill more that 100,000 people in the US annually):

Autism, ALS, Alzheimers, Arthritis, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, AIDS, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parkinsons, MS, Lyme disease, Dementia, Guld War Illness, and on and on and on.  New diseases are being invented every year…conveniently accompanied by new patented pharmaceutical drugs.  And when I say invented, I mean most of the names listed above are merely medical labels for a collection of symptoms. Many of these may have related underlying causes, but it is much more profitable to manufacture a new syndrome and hence new expensive treatments (not cures mind you…cures are not good for business) rather than uncover the real underlying roots of these ailments.  All part of the insanity of a system that relies upon sickness to drive profits.  Doesn’t seem like a very sustainable business model though does it?  So what possible reason beyond pure greed would make a system such as this attractive to the powers that be?  What other benefits befall a ruling elite when the populace is almost universally sick, stressed and struggling just to survive?


If a cure for a deadly and/or debilitating disease was recognized and available, but was intentionally hidden and/or violently suppressed, would that be a crime?  If it was the cure for a disease that was affecting millions of humans all over the world, would that be a crime against humanity?  If a toxic substance was knowingly added to foods, drinks and other consumer products, but the general knowledge of its toxicity was suppressed and/or hidden, would that be a crime against humanity?  If a pathogen (bacteria, virus, fungus, mycoplasma) was manipulated in a lab and accidentally or intentionally released and that knowledge was withheld from the public, would that be a crime against humanity?  Are these situations not hidden in plain site?  Look into the organizations and financiers at the origins of molecular biology and genetics and you’ll find most of the usual subjects that drove the eugenics programs begun in the US in the late 1800′s.  Different names, same sociopaths.  Designer drugs flow from much of the same research and mindset as designer pathogens (genetically modified and combined in unnatural combinations – much like GMO “food”!).

Even a cursory study of mainstream history will reveal dozens and dozens of examples of this same type of predatory behavior among people drawn to power and control.  Can’t wrap your mainstream media soaked noggin around such dark scenarios?  Then just ask yourself, how many secret biological warfare labs are operating in the US or on one of our hundreds (yes hundreds) of foreign military installations, and what specifically are they researching?  Tough questions…since the billions of dollars of public (and not so public) funding devoted to ongoing biowarfare research is all secret!  But even mainstream history informs us that this type of sickness and death inducing research is most definitely being conducted on a massive scale.  If we seek true freedom from this insane and self-destructive behavior, then we must fearlessly ponder and face these dark subjects and bring the light of awareness to them.

If you’d like to see just a few of the dramatic examples of suppressed cures, simply research the stories of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski (excellent documentary here:Burzynski – Cancer is Serious Business).  You’ll find the American Medical Association and the Food and Drug (interesting combination don’t you think?) Administration front and center and hellbent on protecting someone…but it ain’t you and I!

There are many, many cures available for all the ills we face…physical, emotional and spiritual.  Healthy and nutritious foods produced with care and compassion.  Natural whole herbs and medicinal plants.  Traditional healing arts that have centuries of proven results.  Imagine one simple alteration in our world that could have a sweeping effect on our health and well being.  Imagine if we transferred say half of the collective effort and funds we invest in manicured (and toxic) lawns toward small organic gardens grown by virtually every homeowner.  In suburban America alone in one year, we could see the most remarkable neighborhood farmers markets emerge where neighbors swap produce, teach each other, help their elderly and less fortunate residents and rebuild real local communities.  Fresh wholesome food could be readily and abundantly available and it could happen very, very quickly.  Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.

Nature, in her infinite wisdom always seeks balance and equilibrium, and produces substances that bring that healing about within the human body/mind/spirit.  The human immune system is not inherently defective. It requires little if any external manipulation (i.e. pharmaceutical drugs) to perform its job.  Given the proper resources and protected from toxic assaults, it is an almost miraculous self-healing intelligence.

We Can Do So Much Better Than This…

Just imagine if we unleashed all the human creative potential that is currently focused on just trying to stay alive within the confines of a system where a ruling elite thrives off of the misery of the masses.  But make no mistake here, I share none of this to demonize a small sect.  The energy of  ”victimhood” may be the single greatest drain upon our collective power.  Awakening to a lie is the first essential step toward realizing a great truth.  Recognizing ones identification with a false sense of self can lead to the realization of the “you” that has always been present.  We are so much more than we’ve been led to believe.

Lies, manipulation and pure ego maniacal self-interest foster a state where dis-ease can dominate.  When we begin to accept responsibility for our own role in perpetuating these debilitating energies, we weaken the grip of the forces of insanity.  Compassion, empathy, sincerity and gratitude literally generate a power that transmutes the corrupting nature of what some call the energy of evil (it may be trite, but I’ve always been fascinated that evil reversed is live).  It may sound overly dramatic, but on so many levels it appears that humanity is fast approaching an “awaken or perish” crossroads.

Many may have heard this analogy before, but it seems so apropos here. When a caterpillar is approaching the point of its metamorphosis, new cells begin to emerge within its body.  These are literally called “imaginal cells”.  At first, the creature’s own immune system identifies these cells as invaders and destroys them.  But nature in her wisdom creates them in greater and greater numbers until the transformation into a butterfly is inevitable.  If humanity is destined to transcend the limitations of our own collective fears and self limiting beliefs, many are going to need to embrace the role of being imaginal cells during our transformation.  It can be a painful process, but beauty and freedom await on the other side.

Let me be clear that when I attempt to highlight the corrupt nature of these insane systems of control and profit (at the expense of freedom and life itself), I am not implying any negative intent by the vast, vast majority of human beings forced to exist within them (hey, I am one of them!).  My intent is merely to reveal information that is now self-evident to me, in large part because of the fearless work and self expression of so many others I’ve come to know.  And this information is empowering, if one can step through the initial discomfort that comes with facing any painful truth.  In the months to come it will become more difficult and painful to remain willfully ignorant.  There is a heroes journey awaiting each of us.


Below is my spontaneous journal entry I mentioned above.  Just a few days after I wrote these words, I became aware of the suicide of a fellow Lyme Warrior named Heather.  She recorded a poignant video a few months before her death, appealing for help in the wake of her abandonment by the insane system I reference in this post.  She describes feeling foresaken, alone and almost hopeless (she was very sick, broke and homeless with no family support).  You can view her short, heart-breaking video below.  You can obviously tell she wanted to live.  These senseless suicides are an inevitable byproduct of the insane systems and beliefs we keep alive though our ignorance.  We can and will change this…and the courage of more and more human imaginal cells is vital.

Why Have I Begun to Awaken?

Why have I woken up to all of this?  Why have I remembered and recovered all this knowledge of illusion and deceit?  It’s so painful to be aware of the lie, and to live among all those who are so seemingly committed to willful ignorance.  I know their awakening is not up to me…it is not my responsibility.  But yet it feels so lonely to see the illusion in so many aspects of “civilized” life and wonder if I’m destined to exist within this no-man’s land for the remainder of my Earthly days.

Thoughts of suicide are my frequent companions.  I think of my son, my dog, my family and soul friends and push them away.  Often I just don’t understand why I seemingly volunteered to awaken in this life.  It feels like a lie to re-enter the game, and yet I wonder how to exist outside of it.  This limbo, this walking between the worlds is so very disorienting.  I don’t know where to go, what to do, how to live.  What am I here to do?  Will I ever have that insight, that inner knowing that I have connected with my purpose?  I so yearn to get on with what I came here to be and do.

I’m just soooo tired.  I’m tired of being sick.  I’m tired of not sleeping.  I’m tired of a “civilization” fueled by lies, deceit and falsehood.  People, left to their own nature, are most often genuine and selfless.  But in this insane society we are conditioned to put up a false face, and go along to get along.  I am sick of that.  But I can only take responsibility for my own role,  for my own participation.  Chop wood, carry water…

“Oh I am just a vagabond, a drifter on the run; And eloquent profanities, they roll right off my tongue…”  Lowell George

PS – here is a relevant video from a story printed by Green Med Info:  CDC Whistleblower video from August 19, 2014

PSS  – here is a short video I recorded on my AT hike in September of 2013 related to this same topic:  Lyme Truth – Why a Whistleblower?