‘Beeing’ with Ellie Lobel

Hey TFT’ers, we are very happy to share this video interview recorded by Ellie Lobel and published on her YouTube site August 13th.  **See links below to access more info about Ellie**

Wow! – What a remarkable woman and radiant human ‘beeing’ !!!   🙂   When Logan called me to tell me about his meeting with Ellie, he was absolutely ecstatic; he had many laudatory comments about her efforts to bring information and truth to the cause of alternative healing methods that rely upon nature- and bee venom.  Her story and struggle with Lyme disease is nothing less than mind-blowing.

I also find it very serendipitous and encouraging that momentum builds around the suggestion and acceptance for NATURE-al ways of healing; of finding solutions that transcend the void left by the big pharma-controlled medical establishment.  A perfect example of this is the recent Parliament Of Wise Owls (POWO) recording, wherein Sol, Laura and Andrew discussed accountability for doctors who towed the lined of the status quo to the blatant detriment of their patients.  They also discussed Laura’s suggestion for exploring the integration of nature and natural methods for overcoming the plagues that are propagated against humanity by nefarious so-called healthcare establishments that are in collusion with CDC, FDA, AMA, etc.

For your convenience, the latest POWO recording (Episode #4) is here:

I greatly enjoyed the latest POWO, in and of itself.  But what is REALLY awesome is that I received the link from Logan per his interview with Ellie a few days later, and how the overarching message dovetails.  It is a wonderful, inspiring feeling to observe how these discussions are interrelated and mutually supportive–toward finding solutions to heal and transcend.

With that, here is the interview by Ellie with Logan:


And, Finally, here are the links to learn more about Ellie’s phenomenal journey and good works:

Link to Ellie’s story:  How a bee sting saved my life

Ellie’s Twitter link:  https://twitter.com/ellielobel 

Ellie’s YouTube channel: Elli Lobel YouTube

Ellie’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ellie.lobel

Ellie’s LinkedIn site:  Elli Lobel LinkedIn

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