TFT Progress Report #14 – Courage

Etymology of Courage:

Origin = Middle English (denoting the heart, as the seat of feelings): from Old French corage, from Latin cor ‘heart.’

Definition of Courage:

The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

If there is one thing I have learned during this trek of the past 6 months, it is that truth is relative and, therefore, mutable on both a societal and individual basis.

Furthermore: Personal ‘truths’ are essentially inextricable from one’s beliefs.

A long time ago I learned that it is a pointless and completely futile exercise to attempt to convince or otherwise convert anyone to my (or any) system of beliefs.  I learned that just because something had become true for me, it didn’t mean that it must be true for anyone else.  …Bob H exemplifies this and it is from him that I learned this important lesson while studying ACIM (Thank you, Bob–I love ya, man).

Truths and beliefs are relative to both individuals and collectives.   Each and every human being is entitled to have their unique life experience, which results in large part from the beliefs they hold and the ‘truths’ by which they operate and function in their daily lives.

What is true for one individual may be entirely untrue for another.  And that is okay.  Neither is right or wrong.

Ponder that:  neither is right or wrong.  –Because, indeed, truth is as relative as is reality.  …Well, at least that is what I have come to believe as true based on my ‘reality’.


If anyone ever says to you, “you need to come back to reality”.  Ask them where or what reality is. When attempting to define or describe ‘reality’, they can only answer that question by expressing their beliefs (i.e., what is true for them).

Again:  think about it.   If individual and collective beliefs are mutable (and they obviously do change) then so the collective ‘reality’ can change.  …It follows that what we believe as the collective becomes true.

Have you ever changed your beliefs about something?  About something really, REALLY, immense?

I have.

I was born and raised in the era of Red Dawn ( ) – a time in the middle of ‘time’ when we were conditioned and taught as a nation to fear the Soviets.  In fact, we were taught and conditioned to fight and eradicate the Soviets because our ‘govern-ment’ (research the Etymology of that word) told us that the Soviets were bad and out to kill us via nuclear holocaust.

Having lived in the Soviet Union during both the Reagan and Bush administrations, and having traveled both Moscow and the countryside while there, I, for one, can say that I never met a Russian who didn’t LOVE Americans—I NEVER, EVER met a Russian or Soviet who sought to bring ill will against me or my country.  In fact, they LOVE Americans and are among THE MOST hospitable, friendly and loving folks I’ve ever encountered in my worldly travels.   Them and the Greeks 🙂    …The French, well, not so much…

Point being:  I held a truth that I was conditioned to believe:  “the Soviets/Russians are out to get us, so let’s build more bombs!”    Turns out, (in my experience) they mostly wanted to be friends and celebrate life together.

This got me to thinking…

What would happen if the people of the world got together withOUT the ‘govern-ments’ being involved?  What would actually transpire if and when everyday common folk could commune and convene withOUT ‘govern-ment’ telling us how or why we should feel divisive or fearful toward each other?

Answer = WORLD PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Yes! –it’d be one big giant global LOVE fest, which is what ‘govern-ment’ fears THE most.

Why does ‘govern-ment’ fear this?  …Because it would mean they no longer have purpose.  Without purpose they have no existence.  Much like the individual human ego, ‘govern-ment’ is the macro of the micro.  It is the collective nation-state ego-mind, which cannot exist without the polarity of dualism.  In fact—it may ONLY exist as a ‘ruling authority’ to the extent that folks (i.e., the masses) are unable to self-regulate and/or unwittingly give up their power to a perceived authority because said ‘authority’ has convinced society that the greater society needs to be ruled!

Is this microphone on…hello?…’checking, checking one, two’…

Listen to me folks:  WHEN WE LEARN THE TRUTH THAT WE CAN CO-EXIST IN PEACE ON AN INTRA AND INTER-NATIONAL BASIS, THEN WE NO LONGER NEED A RULING OLIGARCHY TO GOVERN THE AFFAIRS, ECONOMIES, EDUCATION AND POLITICS OF WE, THE PEOPLE, OF THIS PLANET! –And we ARE a species of this planet, not a nationality(ies) that exist separate from each other on the life-giving Gaia Sophia Mother Earth upon which we live.  We are humans being—so let us be free in truth!

…’Check, Check…one, two’…is this thing on?

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth!” –Henry David Thoreau

I recently read something that really resonated with me:

The time has come for all serious students of truth to move into their power as awakened spiritual beings, while at the same time moving courageously through whatever remnants of the ‘old’ may still operate in or affect them.  …As an individual evolves into new and higher ways of resolving karmic issues and remaining lesson, he no longer needs the intense problems, accidents, and difficulties previously required for awakening.  Most of you are there now.  On earth there will always be difficulties of some sort, whether your’s or another’s, but now you have new, higher and guided tools with which to resolve them”.

For me, this trek has been a period of resolution and personal renaissance.  I have learned that one is to undertake such a mission only for one’s self; that one is most foolish to expect any amount of validation or commendation in pursuing one’s truth.  …That one cannot expect anyone else to be transformed through vicarious epiphany and, therefore, not to expect anyone else to discover a ‘truth’ which can, in the final analysis, be only true for me within my unique reality.

Whereas I cannot speak for Logan, I feel that he might echo this sentiment.  Perhaps he found his truth on this journey, in that ‘the’ truth remains both illusive and relative, by nature.  …And so it is…

On April 18, in Lewes, DE, as Kathryn, Oliver and I watched Logan actually start walking from the vehicle toward the embarkation point of no return, I had a moment of reckoning:  We’d either pull this off or fail in our gallant attempt.

Due in the largest part to Logan’s valiant and courageous pursuit, indeed and in deed, we succeeded.  It took a lot of courage– a true lion heart– for Logan to traverse this great nation by foot and bicycle, over 4000 miles, through thick and thin in order to bring light to serious matters affecting humanity.

One week ago to this day, on Saturday, October 2 at ~ 1pm PST, Logan reached the Pacific Ocean to conclude the cycling portion of this trek (a bit more than 3000 miles of cycling, after hiking more than 1100 miles at the onset).  In total, he logged more than 4400 miles via walking and biking in the past six months.  …For this courageous endeavor I applaud and congratulate him—job well done, my brother! 🙂

Mind you, though, that both you and I did this for non-other than ourselves –for the relative truth we seek in an otherwise deceptive world of illusion- that of the polarity and separated mind which would prefer us to believe that peace on this earth and for her children is not possible in our lifetime.

‘Nay’, we say as dissidents!   For it CAN be and IS so the truth that humanity may be united in love.

Today, this 10th day of October, 2015, we reunite to conclude the final mile.  We meet at ~2pm EST, whereupon Logan bikes from Chelsea, Indiana to Jeffersonville, thereupon for us and whatever entourage might join us, to walk to the foot bridge from Indiana to Kentucky where Logan set off on July 31.

Today we conclude chapter 1 of The Trek For Truth, having written this chapter o’er the past six months since April 18, to discover our truth and speak fearlessly about the issues plaguing an otherwise peace-loving and peace-seeking humanity.  One which has been subverted and subjugated by a ‘govern-mental authority’ that would rather have us believe that we are at war with one another (in whatever form ‘it’ may assume).

No.  No More!   The veiled is being lifted.  So let the apocalypse reign in the rain of cleansing.   If anything, we—and ALL of the trail angel humans being who Logan encountered along this trek—are proof that humanity is redeemed and transcendent of the powers that were.  It is time for healing; it is time for peace, in all forms, for all.

Let us, then, go forth in our en-lightened and sovereign power to re-claim peace and love for a united humanity.

Please stay tuned for chapter two, for we know not where this trek leads from here…only that we know we are led to speak our truth and do all we can to restore integrity to the human condition.

In so many ways, it feels that this journey has only just begun…  Let us all be courageous as we endeavor to persevere.


“Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. They begin sensing that something is amiss, and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side ot reality others are oblivious to, and so beings their journey of awakening. Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance.”  — Henri Bergson


Our peace be with you always in all ways,


TFT Progress Report #13 – Day 103 and more than halfway to goal!

Happy Sunnyday, TFT Community!   And, while we are at it–happy lunar perigee.  I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy the perigee.  🙂

Well, it’s hard to believe that the last TFT Progress report was posted so many days ago, on August 9, when Logan was camping in Eminence, MO.  Much has transpired these past 20 days; he has covered much ground since then.

To bring you up to speed on the overall Trek benchmarks thus far:

On Thursday, August 27, we celebrated 100 days on the trek.  As of day 100, Logan had logged 2,506 total miles cumulative. The breakdown  as of day 100 was 72 days walking (1, 106 miles) 28 days on bike (1,400 miles) = 2,506 miles.

Today, just a few minutes ago, and literally as I type this update, I received the following photo and text from Logan:

“Halfway there!  Also over the halfway mark of the cycling leg.  Only 1,450 miles to go! 🙂    …Just reached the summit at 12:30 eastern; 12.5 miles at 6 miles per hour.  Not as tough as the climb two days ago; better road and weather. …Eating something, and then a fast and hair-raising decent…I will video it.”

Monarch Pass Summit

So there you have it, happy campers, We have surpassed the halfway mark to San Fran, and less than 1500 miles to go — way to trek, Logan — we KNOW you can and will make it!!!

It is great to receive this update from Logan, whereas the last one (and the previous intense climb to which he refers) was on Friday.  Thought I’d share it with you, to provide a peek behind the scenes of the glamorous (not) life on the trail:

“Dude… 15+ mile climb with 4,500 foot elevation gain…ouch!  Rockies are beautiful, but they kicked my ass today!  Longest climb I’ve ever done by 6 miles.  My legs are hammered, but hopeful better in the morning.  …Big storm last night and I ended up sleeping in bathroom at park.  Motion sensor light went on every time I moved! ”

Yup, every time I start to whine about something in my life for which I am not satisfied, I tend to pause and consider how it could be a lot worse- such as sleeping in a park bathroom to avoid a storm and not having a warm shower for days on end.  Logan and I sometimes chuckle when I complain about work and all of the emails and calls I have to process each day, lamenting that I wish I was out there on the trail with zero laptop and cut of from the world.    He replies how he’d like to be able to spend the night in one place for at least a couple nights in a row, not have to eat trail food daily, and have a shower and clean clothes more than once a week.  Then, we both pause, re-consider our circumstances, and decide (with a good laugh) that we will maintain our respective lifestyles- at least for now 🙂

In other news, Logan has recorded some really good videos; both footage of the cycling journey as well as some commentary videos related to issues for which we seek the truth.  Please check out both our FB page and YouTube channel to catch up on the videos (and remember to ‘like’ when you view).

As for the indiegogo fundraiser, we are deeply appreciative of the donations that have come in- thank you!  We’ve raised almost $800.00 toward our $5,000 goal.  Thanks also to such folks as Jim and Andrew for supporting the media development and website efforts, as well as our families and friends for their moral support, and the many trail angels whom Logan encounters along the trail.  Indeed, we have MUCH gratitude- it is a collective effort!

I will speak just a tad more about ‘the collective’ in the closing comments.  For the moment, I’d like to share with you some of the wonderful photos Logan has captured these past 20 days.  Please enjoy this TFT scrapbook (click on a photo to enlarge it):

Near Golden City MO


central Kansas








Logan’s good friend Sue


Scott City Park in Kansas- home is where you hang your hammock









fellow cycler Wayne Meador and his rig










East Colorado Plain















campsite in Olney Springs










Sugar City Cafe

Thomas Sr. & Thomas Jr.











Heart of The Rockies campground









fellow cycler Ryan-taken in Cotapaxi






The nice ladies at the Hillsdale Post Office






now that is a climb!







Summit of Monarch Pass







Rockies at Monarch Pass







Final maps for remaining trek








Bike map detail


In closing, we’d again like to thank everyone who is participating on this trek with us.  As it pertains to other recent posts with respect to unity among humanity, as well as the sometimes-not-so-pleasant topic matter we address via video or blogs, we have reached a pivotal point as a global society.

On the one hand, it seems evident that more and more people are awakening to the truths about the oppressive agendas of the powers that were.  It’s good that the veil is being lifted to let in the light of reckoning.

On the other hand, some of these truths are simply not fun to deal with; families and communities-entire nations- have been impacted in terrible ways by systems that do not serve the greater good.

In any case, we must be courageous to address these matters, in order that we may develop ways to make life better for everyone and our Mother Earth.  Ultimately, that is what we seek to do:  build the new.  To help usher in the second renaissance with as much love and compassion as we can possibly muster for all of Earth’s people.

We are the collective called humanity.  It is our divine nature to live in peace and prosperity, in full recognition and real-ization that we are capable of returning and anchoring heaven on Earth.

Let us, then, be united around those things that virtually everyone desires- regardless of race, creed or religion.  Such things as good health, a clean environment, the end to wars, freedom to experience liberty as defined by the sovereign individual, tranquility, plenty of food and shelter for all…in a word: happiness.

Let us end the separation by remaining vigilant to the things and entities that seek to divide us.

Let us unite, remain strong, and bring healing to our collective in re-membering that Truth and Love Prevails.  It always does.

Until next progress report, may our Truth and Love be with you, 🙂


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Speaking the plain, hard truth (video)

Posted this to YouTube this morn, and now posting on TFT website for your convenience.


As Logan mentioned in his video diary, he will be recording some slightly longer videos to address pertinent topics affecting humanity.

This video is one of them, and he calls it: Speaking the plain, hard truth.

Whereas the truth about the crimes committed against our species is not usually something folks like to hear or deal with, it is, none the less, the truth that such crimes are committed.

We need an open, honest investigation of our medical system (e.g., big pharma for starters) and its nefarious ties to the FDA, CDC, WHO– to the ‘doctors’ who are DIRECTLY on the payroll of the insurance companies and big pharma which stand to benefit by subduing cures and proliferating dis-ease.

The level of corruption is beyond obvious, as is the motive.

Why, we must ask, are proven cures for chronic diseases stifled (precluded from reaching the market) by people who sit on the boards of the FDA, CDC and WHO, yet also are on the payroll of either the insurance companies or big pharma, the latter which gain billions$$ from the suppression of these known cures?

Are why are the doctors who discover these cures– why are so many of them mysteriously killed– if not derided, ridiculed, sued by the establishment and driven out of practice?

here is a link to recent article related to this:

Such are the questions we continue to ask and explore in our Trek For Truth.




…Of Flies, Ticks and Etheric Parasites

** This blog is posted under the category of ‘Spirit’**

It is time.  It is time we had “the talk”.  …And Spirit, oh Holy Instant, let me be guided by your benevolence in the conveyance of these words.   So be it, and so it is, once again, that I write.

Whereas we are much overdue for a TFT progress report, and there is much to celebrate, I cannot bring myself to pen anything that might be interpreted as trivial.  Yesterday, we celebrated 100 days on this odyssey; 2,506 miles cumulative thus far.  72 days (1,106 miles) of walking and 28 days (1,400 miles) on bike = 2,506 miles over 100 days of truth speaking and soul searching for Logan and me, each in our own way.

Alas, we are relegated to measuring such things in linear terms, although there is actually no-thing linear in the multiverse of experience. Let us begin this missive here, on this topic and study of ‘time’; this aberration of a construct that appears necessary for measuring our existence.   While it may appear as necessary, it is not.  Rather, it is but another trick of the separated mind, a construct and nothing more, by which we limit ourselves into perceiving and believing that we are finite.

One week ago tomorrow- last Saturday- I had lunch with George.  George is wise beyond his years; a truly brilliant and loving being who I quickly came to adore.  George lamented that ‘time is a total scam’.

I chuckled.  I couldn’t agree more.   Those within our LES and Soul Group community here in Louisville have heard me bitch and moan on more than one occasion about my disdain for (frustration with) the construct of linear time.

George suggested that our whole planet would be better off if we lived by the cycles of nature; if we rose with the sun and slept with the moon…if we, by all means, learned again to be at one with nature and Earth’s natural cycles.  He concluded by describing how crazy it is that society is constructed around the five day, ‘9-to-5’ work week…and that he’d much rather live on a farm.  I am with you, George, and may it be such that we both do someday soon.

The reason we conduct ourselves (measure our entire lives) according to ‘time’ is because we have been fooled into avoiding our divine essence.  We have become accustomed (conditioned) to living within tidy little boxes that attempt to both restrict and define who we are as individuals and a society.

No more…

…At least not for me.  I can no longer feign the finite.  I grow weary of ‘being in the world but not of it’.  I can no longer be constrained or distanced in any way from my divinity.  Nor will I sit by idly to observe any of you wallow in this mire of perceived limitation; this appearance of lack— which is yet another construct within the antithesis realm of anything eternal and infinite.  For that which is eternal and infinite knows no lack; throughout divine freedom there exists no lack in any form.  …Only the appearance thereof.

As to the subject line of this message, it is by the apocalypse- the unveiling- we address that which plagues us.

When the boys become too rowdy, I must sometimes intervene.  “Don’t make me come up there!” I admonish from the comfort of my evening chair.  “If you don’t settle down, if I have to come up there, I am not wasting my energy on foolish behavior!” (That’s code for ‘somebody is gonna get an ass whoopin’)

Now comes to pass the reckoning, for I have risen from my chair, and my energy shall be not wasted.

Flies at a picnic are annoying, whereas they so persistently flit and light upon one’s self and food.    Ticks are more loathsome; whereas they burrow to take blood- they are more intrusive by their means of seeking sustenance.

We discuss the dis-ease called Lyme; the havoc and detriment borne by the infected tick.  We further discuss the travesty and dishonor of a ‘healthcare’ system that fails to even recognize chronic Lyme as the epidemic which it has become.  Although we strive to bring light- and thereby healing- to such maladies, I often feel that we are addressing the symptoms and not the root cause.

As it pertains to all things malignant to an otherwise peace-loving society, be it disease perpetuated by a rigged medical monopoly, the dumbed-down programming of a defunct education system, or the subjugation of our global society by the corrupt self-appointed monarchy of the two-headed beast (Church and State), let us be both honest and bold to exclaim that, in fact, the emperor has no clothes.

…It is only by our willingness to participate in the charade that both he and we perceive the air of regality when, in truth, there is for this hierarchy no reality.

In the context of business process improvement, to conduct root cause analysis (RCA) is to peel back the layers until you arrive at the messy under seam of what makes things tick (there’s that word again).     RCA, though not usually a fun task because of the discipline and work required, does yield information upon which to implement changes in procedure, which results in a more smoothly running process.

In the context of consciousness, root cause analysis brings me to study such things as Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy, the pinnacle of which is self-actualization.  I have studied and sought in earnest for many years for how to arrive there.  After many years of study and seeking clues from esoteric texts, shamans and all manner of sources ‘out there’, it finally occurred to me:  remove the ‘T’ from ‘there’.

Yes.  It occurred to me, finally, that there is nothing external that will lead me to this pinnacle- to ‘there’.   Rather, it is only, ever and always herewithin, in and of myself are all my experiences created.  As such, there can be nothing external to plague me, be it flies, ticks, or etheric parasites, that which some refer to as the Jinn.  Others call it Satan, of which the Jinn are merely an expression or construct.  These shadow expressions are simply just that: the shadow self.  Some might reflect upon this as being the wounded or ego self—that which cannot be born nor sustain by itself; which by definition must have a host if it is to exist.

As much as we place labels or use words to try and describe this polarizing darkness and duality- this condition which appears at odds with the peaceful security of love and light—alas we must be delivered back to taking responsibility for re-cognizing these shadow aspects within ourselves.  In doing so, we are both appalled and liberated.  We become, at once, horrified to see within ourselves the capacity to harbor dis-ease in all of its forms, while paradoxically real-izing the cure which sets us free to once again ‘be’ without effort or constraint…to alleviate the appearance of lack.

To examine most deeply this goal of achieving heaven on earth is to observe most honestly that nothing external can prevent it from manifesting.  In the time-less multiverse of the consciousness of The All That Is, it is already made manifest.  We have but to receive (accept) it in our experience.  We have but to recognize and release these perceived demons within ourselves- the nightmare of the separated mind- that we may awaken to the happy dream; to the eternal and infinite Love that we are.  The separated mind (a.k.a. the alleged ‘fall from grace’) creates these Jinn- Satan in all its forms- that we may experience duality to any extreme we so choose.

Again: let us accept full responsibility for our creation, abhorrent as it may seem, and release this duality with and by the greater love that we are.  Said inversely: Let us re-cognize and real-ize our infinitely expansive capacity to hold and emanate the love and light of Source- the pure and eternal divinity from which we derive and, in truth, never departed.  As we accept our expansion and release from contraction, let us choose again to live in love, that these shadows may be eradicated by our light.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.  

-Anis Nin

Yesterday at 9am I spoke with Logan.  He has trepidation about the week ahead, as he departs westward from Pueblo, CO.  This next week, which begins today for him, is the most physically challenging leg of the route, encompassing desolate terrain, adverse weather and many long inclines.  I know he can do it, for he has courage and heart like the lion.  I remain with him in spirit, ever cheering him on, and with gratitude for the revelations made to me on this journey of 100 days thus far.

Last night I was faced with the black moon; the essence or glimpse of the dark night of the soul.  It was not pleasant, but it caused me to arise from chair.  When finally I slept, I did dream.  An odd message did come from this nocturnal journey, wherein I was driving in a car with a specific mission to deliver a sealed carafe of tea.

As I was driving, for hours upon hours, I would routinely pick up this carafe and shake it.  I knew not to who I was to deliver this carafe of tea.  I knew only that I must complete my mission, and that the tea must be shaken freshly upon delivery.

When I finally arrived at the destination, I was surrounded by water.  Upon stepping out of the car to survey this place, many people shouted from a hillside, yelling and waving for me to seek high land before the receded water rushed back in to inundate me and the car.

 I paid them no heed, because I knew it was a dream, and I fear no death, whether in dream or waking state.  I simply refuse to recognize death because, I have learned, it is not real- it is not possible, by definition, for anything eternal to perish.

I looked down in my hand at the carafe of tea and shook it once again.  I then looked to the horizon and could see the water line build; the ebb of the tide was flowing back in.  The people on the hillside yelled louder, waving me away from this basin.

Then, ahead of the swelling wave I saw her–the one who awaited my delivery of tea.  I smiled to know that I had completed my mission.  I smiled more broadly to know that my diligence had delivered not the carafe, rather, me to the sea to meet my true love.

She smiled too and held out her arms to embrace me as the waters engulfed us.

…For a moment submerged, so quickly in a rush of tide we were buoyed up and delivered to the hillside, whereupon the waters receded once again.

Said I to her:  “I have traveled very far, what is this place?”  …She did not answer.  Instead she smiled, looked me in the eyes, placed her finger upon my forehead and gently pressed.

I then heard the name of this land echo in my mind’s ear and felt good knowing that I was to be here—home with my true love, completely forgiven and fulfilled…in this place called Ochlamat.


Today the sun rose, the dark moon now passed.  Tomorrow is the full moon of illumination, whereupon the next expanse of pathway is further revealed.  I embrace the continued journey of self-exploration, infinitely within.

I send prayers of gratitude to you all for undertaking this journey with us, for your support and indulgence as we broach topics about those things that plague us with dis-ease.  This ‘time’ of dis-ease shall too pass, as we are ultimately delivered to a return to ease; the end of the drama.

In love, and with encouragement, that you may each soon discover your very own Ochlamat.


Solutions (video)

Have you ever really studied the history of The Federal Reserve, our bankster system and the aberration of usury?

Well, we are done with being used and, therefore, suggest an end to usury.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for solutions too.


Matrix (video)

As Logan mentions in this video recorded on August 9, it is evident that the crimes committed against humanity are becoming more blatantly obvious- to a point beyond absurd.

It remains our mission to speak truthfully and fearlessly about the matters affecting society, and do so with compassion and love while seeking also to find solutions.

After you watch this video, be sure to watch the next one: ‘Solutions’.   In the meantime, please enjoy the monologue that Logan titles ‘matrix’.


‘Beeing’ with Ellie Lobel

Hey TFT’ers, we are very happy to share this video interview recorded by Ellie Lobel and published on her YouTube site August 13th.  **See links below to access more info about Ellie**

Wow! – What a remarkable woman and radiant human ‘beeing’ !!!   🙂   When Logan called me to tell me about his meeting with Ellie, he was absolutely ecstatic; he had many laudatory comments about her efforts to bring information and truth to the cause of alternative healing methods that rely upon nature- and bee venom.  Her story and struggle with Lyme disease is nothing less than mind-blowing.

I also find it very serendipitous and encouraging that momentum builds around the suggestion and acceptance for NATURE-al ways of healing; of finding solutions that transcend the void left by the big pharma-controlled medical establishment.  A perfect example of this is the recent Parliament Of Wise Owls (POWO) recording, wherein Sol, Laura and Andrew discussed accountability for doctors who towed the lined of the status quo to the blatant detriment of their patients.  They also discussed Laura’s suggestion for exploring the integration of nature and natural methods for overcoming the plagues that are propagated against humanity by nefarious so-called healthcare establishments that are in collusion with CDC, FDA, AMA, etc.

For your convenience, the latest POWO recording (Episode #4) is here:

I greatly enjoyed the latest POWO, in and of itself.  But what is REALLY awesome is that I received the link from Logan per his interview with Ellie a few days later, and how the overarching message dovetails.  It is a wonderful, inspiring feeling to observe how these discussions are interrelated and mutually supportive–toward finding solutions to heal and transcend.

With that, here is the interview by Ellie with Logan:


And, Finally, here are the links to learn more about Ellie’s phenomenal journey and good works:

Link to Ellie’s story:  How a bee sting saved my life

Ellie’s Twitter link: 

Ellie’s YouTube channel: Elli Lobel YouTube

Ellie’s Facebook:

Ellie’s LinkedIn site:  Elli Lobel LinkedIn

Gear Tour

We hope you find this video enlightening. It is provided to answer many inquiries we’ve received regarding the equipment and methods Logan utilizes to sustain himself on the trek.

The science surrounding gear selection, materials, expendables and various necessities all teeters on the weight quotient as well.

It is critical to have everything one needs for shelter, sustenance and tools, but with a keen eye for keeping the overall curb weight, when fully outfitted, to the absolute minimum. –Ounces count!


TFT Progress Report #12 – almost halfway to San Fran Bay !

Hello and happy SUNday, our most awesome TFT Community!  🙂

Welcome to TFT Progress report #12, wherein we are VERY excited to announce the release of the tickler for the documentary film Freedom?  In conjunction, we have launched an indigeogo campaign to raise funds for the production and ongoing trek operating expenses.  Here is a link to the indiegogo campaign:

…And here is the latest video.  Special thanks to Bright-Eyed-Jack Studios and  Director/Producer Jack Lindsey.


Ever heard that Willie Nelson song ‘On the Road Again’ ?  Well, that’s where Logan has been, having logged a whopping 530 miles this past week, since departing Louisville for TFT phase 2 on Friday, July 31.   Add the hiking miles (1,106), and the total cumulative trek miles logged thus far is 1,636– Go, Logan, GO!!! 🙂

Passing through Sturgis, KY Aug 3

It has been an eventful week with tremendous progress, due in no small part to our family, supporters, the trail angels and Logan’s Kung Fu-like ability to distract his mind away from his aching, saddle sore butt. (Just sayin’…kinda comes with the territory)

Toren Family

It is exciting to begin posting photos again of the awesome folks he meets along the way, as well as to journal and effect the trek via the sporadic communications he and I share between his stopovers and my crazy schedule.

Speaking of awesome folks, Logan was so thrilled to see Jessica Toren ( a former Red Cross coworker of his) and her family when he passed through Paducah, KY.  As he notes on our FB page, many thanks to the Toren Family for hosting him in their lovely home. Jessica picked up Logan in Vienna, IL and arranged an interview about Lyme disease with the NBC affiliate.   Thank you Jessica and mark- you rock!  🙂 

Jenkins bicycle rest stop


On August 4th, Logan was fortunate to find a really wonderful stopover at Jenkins Bike Shop.  We really appreciate the good folks there, who make it accommodating for cyclist on the go.

Jenkins rest stop ph charge
By August 5, Logan had made his way to Alto Pass, IL.  For those in our Midwest region, that was during the time we had those wicked-bad torrential downpours.  Logan found a neat little shop in Alto Pass to wait out the storms.
Alto Pass IL
…He doesn’t look too bad for a guy who just peddled 30 miles  of rolling hills and 345 miles over the past 5 fives days leading up to Alto…


Cynthia and Ron in Alto Pass

While there, he also met Michael and Cynthia.  They own a Root Beer Emporium and Cafe in Alto Pass, IL. Michael also builds custom electric guitars (Zunis).

As of today, August 9, Logan is camping in Eminence, MO.  We aren’t quite halfway to San Fran, but soon will be–and momentum builds!   here is a snapshot to provide perspective of where we started back in April, where Logan presently is, and the remaining trek ahead.

Eminence MO

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, we have expanded our logistics and supply operation to make room for the T-shirts and coffee cups inventory, which is part of our perks for donating to the TFT Indiegogo campaign.    Additionally, Cuz, Mr. Butters and Londy are doing fine (for those who have inquired), and I remain head over heals in love with the big ‘L’ – Life itself…  All the more intriguing it becomes day-by-day… 🙂

…Wow- what a GREAT time to be alive and partake in this grand experiment of becoming the next higher ideal of our potential as a human species.   Thank YOU for participating with us on this loving trek for truth, freedom and the human way.

Again, we so very much appreciate the kindness of strangers, the support of our family and friends, the trail angels and all of the absolutely radiant humans being that Logan encounters along the trail.

Until next time, may peace and happiness enlighten your day!


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