TFT Progress Report #14 – Courage

Etymology of Courage:

Origin = Middle English (denoting the heart, as the seat of feelings): from Old French corage, from Latin cor ‘heart.’

Definition of Courage:

The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

If there is one thing I have learned during this trek of the past 6 months, it is that truth is relative and, therefore, mutable on both a societal and individual basis.

Furthermore: Personal ‘truths’ are essentially inextricable from one’s beliefs.

A long time ago I learned that it is a pointless and completely futile exercise to attempt to convince or otherwise convert anyone to my (or any) system of beliefs.  I learned that just because something had become true for me, it didn’t mean that it must be true for anyone else.  …Bob H exemplifies this and it is from him that I learned this important lesson while studying ACIM (Thank you, Bob–I love ya, man).

Truths and beliefs are relative to both individuals and collectives.   Each and every human being is entitled to have their unique life experience, which results in large part from the beliefs they hold and the ‘truths’ by which they operate and function in their daily lives.

What is true for one individual may be entirely untrue for another.  And that is okay.  Neither is right or wrong.

Ponder that:  neither is right or wrong.  –Because, indeed, truth is as relative as is reality.  …Well, at least that is what I have come to believe as true based on my ‘reality’.


If anyone ever says to you, “you need to come back to reality”.  Ask them where or what reality is. When attempting to define or describe ‘reality’, they can only answer that question by expressing their beliefs (i.e., what is true for them).

Again:  think about it.   If individual and collective beliefs are mutable (and they obviously do change) then so the collective ‘reality’ can change.  …It follows that what we believe as the collective becomes true.

Have you ever changed your beliefs about something?  About something really, REALLY, immense?

I have.

I was born and raised in the era of Red Dawn ( ) – a time in the middle of ‘time’ when we were conditioned and taught as a nation to fear the Soviets.  In fact, we were taught and conditioned to fight and eradicate the Soviets because our ‘govern-ment’ (research the Etymology of that word) told us that the Soviets were bad and out to kill us via nuclear holocaust.

Having lived in the Soviet Union during both the Reagan and Bush administrations, and having traveled both Moscow and the countryside while there, I, for one, can say that I never met a Russian who didn’t LOVE Americans—I NEVER, EVER met a Russian or Soviet who sought to bring ill will against me or my country.  In fact, they LOVE Americans and are among THE MOST hospitable, friendly and loving folks I’ve ever encountered in my worldly travels.   Them and the Greeks 🙂    …The French, well, not so much…

Point being:  I held a truth that I was conditioned to believe:  “the Soviets/Russians are out to get us, so let’s build more bombs!”    Turns out, (in my experience) they mostly wanted to be friends and celebrate life together.

This got me to thinking…

What would happen if the people of the world got together withOUT the ‘govern-ments’ being involved?  What would actually transpire if and when everyday common folk could commune and convene withOUT ‘govern-ment’ telling us how or why we should feel divisive or fearful toward each other?

Answer = WORLD PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Yes! –it’d be one big giant global LOVE fest, which is what ‘govern-ment’ fears THE most.

Why does ‘govern-ment’ fear this?  …Because it would mean they no longer have purpose.  Without purpose they have no existence.  Much like the individual human ego, ‘govern-ment’ is the macro of the micro.  It is the collective nation-state ego-mind, which cannot exist without the polarity of dualism.  In fact—it may ONLY exist as a ‘ruling authority’ to the extent that folks (i.e., the masses) are unable to self-regulate and/or unwittingly give up their power to a perceived authority because said ‘authority’ has convinced society that the greater society needs to be ruled!

Is this microphone on…hello?…’checking, checking one, two’…

Listen to me folks:  WHEN WE LEARN THE TRUTH THAT WE CAN CO-EXIST IN PEACE ON AN INTRA AND INTER-NATIONAL BASIS, THEN WE NO LONGER NEED A RULING OLIGARCHY TO GOVERN THE AFFAIRS, ECONOMIES, EDUCATION AND POLITICS OF WE, THE PEOPLE, OF THIS PLANET! –And we ARE a species of this planet, not a nationality(ies) that exist separate from each other on the life-giving Gaia Sophia Mother Earth upon which we live.  We are humans being—so let us be free in truth!

…’Check, Check…one, two’…is this thing on?

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth!” –Henry David Thoreau

I recently read something that really resonated with me:

The time has come for all serious students of truth to move into their power as awakened spiritual beings, while at the same time moving courageously through whatever remnants of the ‘old’ may still operate in or affect them.  …As an individual evolves into new and higher ways of resolving karmic issues and remaining lesson, he no longer needs the intense problems, accidents, and difficulties previously required for awakening.  Most of you are there now.  On earth there will always be difficulties of some sort, whether your’s or another’s, but now you have new, higher and guided tools with which to resolve them”.

For me, this trek has been a period of resolution and personal renaissance.  I have learned that one is to undertake such a mission only for one’s self; that one is most foolish to expect any amount of validation or commendation in pursuing one’s truth.  …That one cannot expect anyone else to be transformed through vicarious epiphany and, therefore, not to expect anyone else to discover a ‘truth’ which can, in the final analysis, be only true for me within my unique reality.

Whereas I cannot speak for Logan, I feel that he might echo this sentiment.  Perhaps he found his truth on this journey, in that ‘the’ truth remains both illusive and relative, by nature.  …And so it is…

On April 18, in Lewes, DE, as Kathryn, Oliver and I watched Logan actually start walking from the vehicle toward the embarkation point of no return, I had a moment of reckoning:  We’d either pull this off or fail in our gallant attempt.

Due in the largest part to Logan’s valiant and courageous pursuit, indeed and in deed, we succeeded.  It took a lot of courage– a true lion heart– for Logan to traverse this great nation by foot and bicycle, over 4000 miles, through thick and thin in order to bring light to serious matters affecting humanity.

One week ago to this day, on Saturday, October 2 at ~ 1pm PST, Logan reached the Pacific Ocean to conclude the cycling portion of this trek (a bit more than 3000 miles of cycling, after hiking more than 1100 miles at the onset).  In total, he logged more than 4400 miles via walking and biking in the past six months.  …For this courageous endeavor I applaud and congratulate him—job well done, my brother! 🙂

Mind you, though, that both you and I did this for non-other than ourselves –for the relative truth we seek in an otherwise deceptive world of illusion- that of the polarity and separated mind which would prefer us to believe that peace on this earth and for her children is not possible in our lifetime.

‘Nay’, we say as dissidents!   For it CAN be and IS so the truth that humanity may be united in love.

Today, this 10th day of October, 2015, we reunite to conclude the final mile.  We meet at ~2pm EST, whereupon Logan bikes from Chelsea, Indiana to Jeffersonville, thereupon for us and whatever entourage might join us, to walk to the foot bridge from Indiana to Kentucky where Logan set off on July 31.

Today we conclude chapter 1 of The Trek For Truth, having written this chapter o’er the past six months since April 18, to discover our truth and speak fearlessly about the issues plaguing an otherwise peace-loving and peace-seeking humanity.  One which has been subverted and subjugated by a ‘govern-mental authority’ that would rather have us believe that we are at war with one another (in whatever form ‘it’ may assume).

No.  No More!   The veiled is being lifted.  So let the apocalypse reign in the rain of cleansing.   If anything, we—and ALL of the trail angel humans being who Logan encountered along this trek—are proof that humanity is redeemed and transcendent of the powers that were.  It is time for healing; it is time for peace, in all forms, for all.

Let us, then, go forth in our en-lightened and sovereign power to re-claim peace and love for a united humanity.

Please stay tuned for chapter two, for we know not where this trek leads from here…only that we know we are led to speak our truth and do all we can to restore integrity to the human condition.

In so many ways, it feels that this journey has only just begun…  Let us all be courageous as we endeavor to persevere.


“Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. They begin sensing that something is amiss, and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side ot reality others are oblivious to, and so beings their journey of awakening. Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance.”  — Henri Bergson


Our peace be with you always in all ways,


TFT Progress Report #8 — Over 1000 miles and feeling GREAT!!!

Happy SUNday, Trekkers for Truth, and welcome to TFT update #8.   I like the number 8; it is the number of infinity.  It’s so much fun being infinite.  One never runs out of things to exBErience  😉

That word just came to me.  I typed ‘be’ and was thinking ‘experience’, hence ‘exberience’.   In addition to my affinity for infinity, I also like fun with words .  In fact, I LOVE words!   Hey- just add the letter ‘L’ and you have worlds of words.  See what I mean?  -Fun!  🙂

Were I not focusing my efforts on being a human rights and happiness advocate, I’d likely be a full-time etymologist with a minor in hermeneutics.  It’s true: I can spend blissful hours perusing the dictionary or thesaurus.  We’ll chat more about words later.  For now, let us move on to the combined report for the period covering June 15-28.

What a past couple of weeks it has been!  More surreal than usual.  But ya know, that’s what makes the ‘exberience’ ever more amusing! 🙂

Let’s begin by announcing some phenomenal progress via the most recent TFT all-time world record set by Logan last week.  Ready?

Logan has surpassed the 1000 mile mark upon entering KY on June 23 !!!

  🙂  Woo-HOOOOOO!  🙂

It so happened to be ‘Truth Tuesday’, and the ever-awesome Luba Williams made a really wonderful poster that Logan posted to his trail journal page.  Check it out–and THANK YOU, Luba!

Truth Tuesday






selfie at serpent mound- June 16




As of June 16, Logan was in West Union, OH, at the cumulative benchmark of 890 miles.   Since he was only a couple hours drive from Louisville, we pulled him off of the trail so that he could co-host the guest speaker event we had arranged with Adam Kokesh on Wednesday, June 17.

Thanks to Logan’s son, Gabe, for making the trip and helping us get him back here for the event.  Thanks also to Jim, Oliver and Jack for helping with AV and set-up; it was a team effort!

We also express much gratitude to everyone who came out in support of Adam’s visit.  Indeed, it was great crowd; there was copious laughter, hugs and smiles throughout the evening.


Gabe’s ADT shuttle service



Adam and Macey are wonderful people.  We admire their tenacity and courage as they make their own trek across America on Adam’s Freedom Campfire Tour.

I gained something profoundly important while listening to Adam talk.  It gave me a perspective that lifted my spirits and attitude, with both a renewed sense of empowerment  and joyfulness.   It relates to one of my favorite passages in his book, FREEDOM: “Happiness Causes Freedom”.

Listening to Adam recount his experiences of incarceration, among other things, I was re-minded that freedom begins with one’s state of mind.  …Actually- with their state of heart.  As he writes: “If we don’t know how to be happy, what’s the point of being free?”

L-R = Logan, Adam, Drew June 17

The joy and mission of TFT is helping others be liberated.  In our mission we are sometimes challenged with assimilating and transmuting dense energies; entities which are rather malevolent. In my experience as a human rights and happiness advocate, it is commonplace to encounter the absolute antithesis of happiness.  It takes much discipline to remain vigilant to ‘the game’, so as not to become seduced into the battle-mind of lower ego densities where they thrive.

When I originally drafted this post, the subject line was “1000 miles and still laughing”.   “Great” rhymes with “8”, so I opted for the rhyme this time.     The point is, both Logan and I sometimes struggle with the aforementioned transmutation; we become worn down and feel that our efforts are futile.  That’s usually when the ‘mind chatter’ sets in, along with unhappy feelings and/or bombardment of extremely negative thoughts.  …Heavy physical fatigue typically onsets as well.

When it gets bad enough, we will hop on a call to compare notes about what we are experiencing. These calls always come about in a synchronous way.  Inevitably, these discussions lead to mutual enLIGHTen-ment, whereupon we end up (literally) belly laughing out loud at a given situation.  As soon as we find the laughter, a redeeming aspect becomes apparent and we are re-calibrated back ‘up’ to the higher octaves.  Even though the topics with which we deal are tragic and often mind-blowing, you reach a point where tears turn to laughter because it’s just that darn ludicrous.  (…note to self:  ease back on the open source event correlation analysis for a few days…hahahahaha)

Maybe that’s why Kurt Vonnegut is my all-time favorite satirist.  He had a way of taking really dark topic matter (things such as war, trans-humanism, geoengineering etc.) and crafting a story that leads one to observe the lunacy, but in a nonthreatening way.  He created awareness without ‘preaching’; he demonstrated how to be empowered by observing the utter folly in the foibles of man.  …He found the humor in the seeming chaos and made us laugh about it.  God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut.

This post was originally drafted for release on June 21, the summer solstice, and six months after the historic TFT launch meeting that Logan and I held on December 21, 2014 (winter solstice).  I sometimes have ‘a thing’ about symmetry; I also observe the solstices with devoted eagerness.  For me, they are pivotal balancing points.   June 21 was also Father’s day, and I was feeling introspective, if not a bit melancholy.  I pondered the legacy I’d leave my children, were I no longer here.  I awoke that day thinking about the ways I wish I was a better father, and a better person overall.

I tried to write, to be at the laptop, but it was making me physically ill.  (I have increasingly less tolerance for electronic devices and EMFs).   As much as I felt a tremendous sense of obligation to complete the report; to celebrate the build up to Logan’s 1000 mile marker, alas, I simply struggled to execute.  At that juncture, (i.e., a moment of in-congruence and conflict) I did what I so often do:  I invoke The Holy Instant; I listened to Steve Judd’s latest report; I re-read the latest Oracle Report.  …Daily, weekly and monthly, I find inspiring answers and the most salient, accurate guidance in The Oracle Report.  Sure enough (as usual) my prompt was found in the Friday report of June 19 — get outside and be with nature.  BTW– archives found here: Oracle Report Archives

So I did !  🙂

Turtle whisperer


I called the marina at Taylorsville lake at 7:50 am and reserved a john boat.  Ollie and I spent the day on the water, exploring coves, swimming, playing with turtles and having a great time.

lunch break



Beauty of life




a corner cove

On the drive home that afternoon, out of the blue, Ollie-bear started asking me questions about the things Adam had spoken of.  “…why can’t you dance in Washington, D.C.; why do we pay so much taxes; why doesn’t the government like it when you all talk about certain things if they are true; when will I be old enough to drive across the country like Adam…”

I looked at him with a big grin, somewhat in amazement of his inquisitive mind and attentiveness.  At first I began to chuckle.  The chuckle became one of those kind that you cannot stop- like the giggles. The giggles snowballed into a roaring laugh- I had tears of laughter in my eyes as I was banging my hand on the steering wheel to catch my breath.  He kept asking me, “what’s so funny; why are you laughing?”

…Because, Oliver, you made me feel happy.  I was laughing with joy.  From the inquisitive minds of babes, life springs eternal.  To consider that my youngest son might some day become an anarchist, well, it just made me so proud…I had no further concerns about my legacy.

Nor am I concerned about our collective ability to complete this trek while bringing more joy to the world in the process.  We are humans being in the epoch of the second renaissance, and we know it. It’s why we are here.  As extensions of divinity- The All That Is- our expressions of love cannot be diminished.  We are exponentially creative spiritual beings having the experience of human form on this dimensional plane, for the purpose of anchoring heaven on earth.  –And it shall be done because we have already imagined that IT IS POSSIBLE!!!  As it is our essential nature to live an abundant joy-filled life- so be it – because we can!

Logan hiked almost 100 miles in the past 72 hours.  He arrived in corn patch Indiana, a little place called Chelsea, this afternoon at 4:00 pm.  It’s about 20 minutes from where I grew up (Austin, IN). Cuz and I loaded up and drove north to extract Logan from the trail; we took my mom to dinner before arriving back in The Ville a couple hours ago.

a boy and his dog – pick-up in Chelsea June 28

As we approached Logan’s sister’s home (Hi Les!), we spoke of remaining undeterred in our mission to alleviate pain, lack and suffering in all its forms, by continuing to hold the space for light and laughter…to forge ahead and find the humor in the folly of attacks against our species.

We meet again on July 5 to map the plan for the next 4000 miles of this odyssey, and at the same place we met on December 21 when the launch charter was finalized.  …Gosh.  I will never forget that day of the winter solstice 2014.  I was absolutely charged and frenetic about our prospects for success.  I was filled with eager anticipation for  the adventure to launch in the spring.  I didnt want that day to end.  I was entranced by the sun…it was so remarkable that day as I watched it set on the drive back home…

I am grateful that Logan will have a ‘zero’ week ahead.  He needs time to rest and recuperate, and we also can use this time to generate some media attention.

In closing, I leave you with something to ponder; with something to try the next time you feel sad, frustrated or overwhelmed and seek to pull yourself out of the doldrums:  Think of just one thing that makes you happy.  It might be a creative pursuit, an outdoor activity, a person, place or thing.  Whatever it is, just pause and think of it.  Then, upon feeling that happiness inside, ask yourself, “what is it that I like about this…what is it about this person/place/thing that makes me happy?”

When the answer comes to you, then ask the same question again about the answer, and so on and so forth…keep exploring what makes you happy, and see how your day unfolds from there.

In elevating our vibration to a state of joy, we become more prone to elevate the vibration of those around us.  The more this pool of joy – this circle of light- increases, so does it arise the vibration of our mother planet and all her species thereupon.  That’s a nice thought 🙂

Here is the photo I took of the sun on December 21, just before it sank below the horizon.  It made me happy to realize that as ‘my’ sun set, so was it also rising for someone else around the globe.

Sunset 12-21-14

Until next time, happy campers, our peace and love be unto you,


P.S.– as always, we encourage you to pass this along to your family, friends and neighbors.  It’s not addictive and it’ll make you look cool.  🙂  Links below…

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Also recall that Logan maintains a daily trail journal on Trail, if you’d like to see additional commentary and/or photos of the day-to-day journey, then go to this link:  Unitic Daily Trail Journal

TFT Progress Report — Week #5 …another record week on the seek!

Hello again, ye TFT seekers of truth, justice and the happy human way!

Welcome to TFT Progress Report #5, for the period covering May 18-24.  It has been another record-setting week, in that Logan has accomplished the 500 cumulative mile mark as of Saturday, 5-24-15.   WAY TO TREK, LOGAN!!!   He also logged 23 miles on Thursday, 5-21-15, an all-time daily record thus far.  Not bad, considering that for six hours and 18 miles it was in a driving rainstorm.

Having departed Davis, WV (Canaan valley) a week ago, he’s passing through Clarksburg, WV later today (Monday, 5-25-15).  Whereas most of America is on Memorial Day Holiday today, Logan presses onward, soon to complete Segment 3 of the WV ADT.

Pennsboro, WV PO – new socks and hammock hardware awaits!

The next immediate objective is to reach Pennsboro, WV post office by Wednesday, May 27.

There awaits a drop box with a re-supply of Whoopie Slings for the hammock and other trekking necessities, including socks to replace the last pair he has worn through.

BTW- a quick shout out to Shane at Butt In A Sling; he helped expedite the shipment of Whoopie slings, toggles and carabineers so that we could make the mail drop in time for this Wednesday.  Here’s Shane’s website:

From there, Logan will be “just” a couple days away from completing segment 4 of the WV ADT, landing him in Parkersburg, WV Friday evening, 5-29-15.

Then, on Saturday, 5-30-15, he will  cross the bridge out of West Virginia to begin ADT Segment 1 in Ohio.  So, to provide some perspective on where he has been, where he is now, and where he is next headed, here is a map to help illustrate (*note: this is not the ADT trail specifically, but close to it):

Perspective map as of 5-25-15 – click on map for clearer view

I’m not sure how he does it, but somehow between trekking all day almost everyday, he also produces written updates on the Trail Journals site (found here:    This is a GREAT website for those who’d like to see more photos and read more detail of the day-to-day journey.

I received the SIM card from Logan in the mail a couple days ago, on which was recorded a two-part video about some of the interesting experiences and folks he encountered during segments 1 & 2 of the West Virginia trail.    Following are two short videos; Trail Angels WV Parts 1 & 2:

BTW/Reminder:  All of the TFT Video updates are found on the TFT YouTube channel here:

Speaking again of the Trail Journal entries, I was particularly touched by an entry he posted on May 16, after hitting a snag near Red Creek, which we mentioned in the last TFT progress report.  That was when he expected to secure water at gas station in a really rural area (Streby), only to find upon arrival that the station had been closed for two years.

Thereupon, he encountered a kindly young man and spontaneous Trail Angel by the name of Matthew.

Trail Angel Matthew

Trail Angel Matthew

Again, I, for one, am humbled to the point of tears to learn of such compassionate people as Matthew and his mother.  They live in a trailer with no electricity, subsiding by the grace of God, yet would give the shirt off of their back to a passing stranger in need (in this case, Logan).

Here is the link directly to Logan’s journal entry for that day:

…I was literally brought to tears upon reading this.  Partly because of the gratitude I felt for yet another example of the greatness of the human spirit (thank you, Dear Matthew)…


I speak of the VERY SAME new world order (NWO) globalist— traitors of our Constitution–those scoundrel lapdogs of the United Nations (UN), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and ALL of the derivative organizations thereof.

…I speak of any and all supporters of Agenda 21, including the so-called ‘elected’ representatives of our Congress, such as Mitch McConnell- TRAITOR of our Constitution EXTRAORDINAIRE– and proponent of The Patriot Act (…oh, Mitch, I feel a quiet pity for your soul when the people finally find out who you REALLY work for and what you have done to deny and abscond with their most basic freedoms for which so many have given their lives to defend…)

…I speak of, and with vehement dissent against, ALL THOSE who serve The Crown Corporations–which is synonymous with those whom oppose life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in all of its forms…

…I point you back to the great video that Logan made about the Federal Reserve Act- link here:

Yes, folks, for those who have read Logan’s Trail Journal entry about Matthew, it is a sad commentary on the state of our union when a boy in West Virginia likes apples but cannot eat them because HE HAS NO TEETH.  …A boy who lives with his mom in a decrepit trailer WITHOUT ELECTRICITY.

Ironically:  “West Virginia is the nation’s largest coal producer east of the Mississippi River and the second-largest overall, leading the nation in coal production from underground mines; it accounts for more than 10 percent of coal production in the United States, delivering coal to more than 25 states on the East Coast and in the Midwest. The state is the second largest net exporter of electricity in the country.”        SOURCE:

Okay- end of the Drewber rant.  I will now get off of my TFT soapbox and close this week’s report with one last thing to ponder…

…On this day of memorial, May 25, 2015, I beg of thee, please:  no longer thank me for my service, for your words of thanksgiving are hollow and mean nothing to me.

Rather, if you REALLY want to thank me (or anyone else) for my/our service as veterans of these States United, then TAKE ACTION to become INFORMED; take ACTION to inquire of our ‘elected’ representatives about the reasons for continued wars and crimes against humanity– for which our military industrial complex is infinitely complicit at the behest of the Crown Corporation (the aforementioned non-human, non-and-ANTI-AMERICAN scum) who perpetuate division, confusion and conflict to serve ONLY their sick, twisted means of depopulating YOU!

If YOU REALLY want to help– then seek to discover the TRUTH.

I apologize, dearest TFT Community,  if it seems I am ending this week’s report on a contentious note, for I/we seek to be a conduit for healing and assimilation.  It is not our goal/intent to be inflammatory nor divisive.

That said, it IS our stated goal to bring light to the truth of the perplex (and sometimes overwhelming) constructs that have been designed to divide humanity; to deceive and deter humanity from re-alzing our divinity… our inherent divinity and natural tendency toward peace…toward the final dissolution of all wars.

May love and light be with you… until next week, may we all trek in peace! 🙂

TFT Progress Report — Week #2 …ending May 2 under sky of blue!

Howdy once again, TFT Community!  🙂

As we update you on progress for the week ending May 2nd, I am excited to report that Logan will broach the 200 mile mark this coming week–and what a week it has been!    Let’s dive right into it…

The ADT path conditions were MUCH better this week because Logan was on the C&O canal tow path, versus the heavily congested, more dangerous highways of last week’s leg.  That said, Logan began the week with a deficit; a wicked raw foot from the first week ending, and a ‘little piggy’ that went ‘ouch’.  …And THEN, Monday began with a bit of a scare, whereas Logan discovered an embedded tick that hitched a ride at some point the night before:

This little piggy went ‘ouch’

Tick bite Sunday night!


Onward and upward!

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal was operated from 1831 until 1924 along the Potomac River, primarily for transporting coal from the Allegheny Mountains.  It runs from Washington, D.C., to Cumberland, MD.  To give you an idea of where this is, see map image here.  This illustrates mile 0-10 of the C&O, which Logan accomplished on Wednesday, April 29–and then some!  It was a 19 mile day that day.

–But wait– I am getting ahead of the chronology because we want to tell you about some of the really awesome folks that Logan met at Greenbelt Park the day before, one of whom was Phil, and another wasVinny from NY.

Vinny is Biking the ADT

Vinny is a fellow veteran who is biking the ADT, trying to raise funds for veterans services such as suicide prevention and the Warrior Hike Walking Off The War Program created by Marine veteran Sean Gobin. WAY TO GO VINNY– and thank you — for bringing awareness and assistance to the plight of the innumerable veterans who have been ABSOLUTELY SCREWED* and left hanging by our ‘Government’ (*Drew’s commentary)

Logan broke camp at 0630 Wednesday, April 29, and busted out 19 miles in order to meet his friend and trail angels, Oslem and her husbans, in time for their rendezvous point near the C&O.  Here’s a great pic of Logan at the time:

Logan starts the C&O

Thursday was a ‘zero day’, meaning that Logan did not log any Trek miles, because he was in Arlington, VA for the May Day event.  The ‘May Day’ is a national Lyme Disease protest at the HQ of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA).  An objective of the May Day event is to persuade the IDSA to reconsider their position denying the existence of chronic Lyme disease.

–OH, BTW, if you want to learn more about the horrendous deeds of the tax-payer-funded organizations that are SUPPOSED to be helping the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of our citizens whom have contracted Lyme, but are, instead, kowtowing to the insidious big pharma monopoly, then go to this link on YouTube for a documentary that will BLOW YOUR MIND:

…And here is a GREAT photo of Oslem at the protest–thanks again, Oslem, to you and your husband, for taking care of Logan on the trail:

Oslem at ISDA Protest

Logan made a couple of videos leading up to this; if you go to this upload you can find both:

As of Friday, May 1, Logan was on the C&O path, having departed the great folks he met at the May Day protest the two days before.

It was on this day that Logan met another AWESOME human being by the name of Warren.  …Logan and I spoke of this encounter on Saturday morning, when I called him for counsel because I was totally depressed.

I had been doing research the night before; I was delving into some data for upcoming posts to TFT (for which I am woefully behind posting content).  As these things go, one rabbit hole led to another, and I came across some research about the programmed sexual-ization of young children.  …It was a video that showed, very clearly, how the film industry, TV and other controlled interest of the ruling oligarchy manipulate children to become desensitized to child pornography and other mass-media mind control methods in order to induce society into accepting the abuse and exploitation of children–GLOBALLY!!!

As I watched it, I became overwhelmed with sadness, (if not wanting to vomit), at the fact that our society has become so very brainwashed…at the point that there is some perverse cognitive dissonance which impedes people from seeing the gross manipulation to which our children are exposed– and via such dynasties as Disney and all of the other plethora of lame-stream media propaganda infiltrating our homes.

I was very, very sad.  I felt that our Trek For Truth initiative could NEVER overcome nor remotely compete against the BILLIONS of dollars and decades of mind control  invested by ALL of the media who serve ONLY the interest of the sick bastards at the top of this fetid pyramid.  …Those same sick bastards who refer to YOU as ‘useless eaters’ (google it).

I became very depressed, indeed…I wondered if all of this effort was for naught.

The next morning (yesterday- Saturday), I texted Logan to check in, and he too was a bit worn down. –No doubt because his body ached, but also mentally.   We decided to chat, although Logan’s phone battery was  quite low, and we were mutually concerned about him having no phone power out there on the trail.

As I conveyed to him my concerns and described the absolute ‘low’ I was in, he told me about a gentlemen he had met the day before…a very kind person named Warren.

As Logan conveyed his experience:  Warren was jogging along the C&O path, passed by Logan, then circled back to strike up a conversation.  They discussed the TFT mission and Warren was impressed.  He spontaneously offered food and shelter to Logan that night, but Logan declined because he was only a couple miles from his bivouac site for that evening.  Kindly, they parted ways, each continuing on their routes for that day.   It was but a short while later that Logan felt tremendous remorse for declining the invitation from Warren.   “…I was smacking my forehead, Drew, doing a palm face-plant, that I might have offended Warren in some way, when he was only trying to help…I feel very badly for not taking him up on his offer, especially when the whole purpose of TFT is, in essence, a massive community outreach to engage with anyone and everyone along the trail… ”

As we spoke of this encounter with Warren, I became suddenly inspired!  “It is true, Logan“, I exclaimed.  “People ARE good by nature– they DO want change and they DO want to help!  –And to engender collaboration from folks such as Warren is  exactly why we sat about to launch the TFT to begin with!

Although I had not met Warren, I had become immensely rejuvenated  by his offer of goodwill toward Logan and our TFT mission– I had become re-inspired and felt a sense of hope at a time when I needed it most.

Upon hearing Logan describe his encounter with Warren, I became evermore determined to step back from the brink of this sadness that I had felt hitherto; I became even MORE motivated to continue this trek because of, and for, the redemptive qualities of compassionate human spirit embodied by people such as Warren.  As such, I loaded up Cuz and drove to my happy, healing place in the heart of the Clark State Forest (Henryville, IN) on Saturday (yesterday) afternoon.  …It turned out to be a remarkable day!!!

We would like to convey a BIG sincere TFT ‘Thank You’ to Warren, Phil, Vinny, Oslem and EVERYONE along the path of life who demonstrate and exude the attitudes of mind and qualities of spirit that make for radiant living; that make life on this planet worthwhile.  We are in awe of your contribution to humanity, toward the betterment of healing and fostering the next higher ideal of what we can achieve and become as a loving, benevolent species.

In closing, I leave you with a couple photos from Cuz’s and my mini-TFT yesterday in Henryville. This is the place where I was raised to appreciate the divinity of nature; the divinity in each of us…I remain inspired, in-spirit, with SO MUCH LOVE in my heart and anticipation for the next chapter of the TFT trail journal.

Until next week, dear TFT community, may your trek in the days ahead lead you to meet such wonderful humans as we’ve encountered along the way thus far.

…and now, here is a pic of one happy dog on the scent of squirrels and dandelions 🙂

Cuz at Firetower Hill Overlook

View South toward Louisville from Firetower Hill, Clark State Forest

Peace be to you, TFT community!






TFT Scrapbook #1 – The Launch…

Hello, TFT Community, and happy day to you.

We just returned from an awe-inspiring (and whirlwind ) trip to Delaware for the launch of The Trek For Truth, and wanted to share a quick chronology along with some photos and videos.

Logan, Kathryn, Oliver and I departed Louisville ~8am Friday, April 17, arriving in Lewes, DE ~ 9pm.  The drive to DE made for some scintillating conversation and interesting scenery along the way


Oh, BTW- Friday was Logan's birthday...we celebrated on Saturday evening with a peach pie and candles.

Happy birthday, Logan









Oh, BTW- Friday was Logan’s birthday…we celebrated on Saturday evening with a peach pie and candles.

On Saturday morning, we sat off for the inception point of the American Discovery Trail (ADT), which is located within Fort Miles, an interesting historical place in and of itself.  …’A’ marks the spot of the trail head.

Lewes, DE - the ADT start point in Fort Miles Park

Lewes, DE – the ADT start point in Fort Miles Park












We were greeted by Trail Angel, Amy, her wonderful sons and their friend, who live nearby and originally met Logan via his Lyme Warrior journey on the Appalachian Trail last year.  Here’s a quick video with Amy, who we adore!

After Meeting Amy, she took a team photo for us

Launch Team Photo






Then, Amy took a team photo for us


Next, Logan spoke a few words before the cold waves rushed in…

And then I added my two cents…

Shortly thereafter, Logan and Kathryn set off on the first leg of the trek, embarking from a WWII-era artillery battery on Fort Miles, the start of the ADT.  They accomplished 10 miles on Saturday, during which time Oliver and I secured chow for dinner and firewood for the fire pit back at Tall Pines Camp.

On Sunday morning, we bid farewell to Logan at the 10 mile marker where we picked up he and Kat the day before.  Here’s a video from there:

Just afterward, Kathryn affixed the official TFT banner to Logan’s backpack with two binder clips and two safety pins (it was windy that day :-))

affixing banner

We gave big hugs and watched Logan set off on the next great adventure – the TFT across the ADT in 2015- let TRUTH prevail!!!

Farewell, Logan!

Farewell, Logan!

Mainstream Media and Origins of Propaganda

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. 

      We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.
Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet.” 

  • Edward Bernays

These are the opening paragraphs of the 1928 book entitled Propaganda, written by the man considered to be the father of modern Public Relations.  Mr. Bernays, nephew to Sigmund Freud, began his career in earnest working for the Woodrow Wilson administration to manufacture public consent for the U.S. entry into WW I (violating the foremost pledge Wilson made during his re-election campaign).  After Nazi Germany’s Joseph Goebbels made such effective use of the techniques espoused and applied by Bernays in the US political and corporate arenas, the more politically neutral phrase “public relations” was coined and used in the post WWII world.

The following is an excerpt from an article posted by Michael Snyder in from October of 2014:

Back in 1983, approximately 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media in the United States.  Today, ownership of the news media has been concentrated in the hands of just six incredibly powerful media corporations.  These corporate behemoths control most of what we watch, hear and read every single day.  They own television networks, cable channels, movie studios, newspapers, magazines, publishinghouses, music labels and even many of our favorite websites. Sadly, most Americans don’t even stop to think about who is feeding them the endless hours of news and entertainment that they constantly ingest.  Most Americans don’t really seem to care about who owns the media.  But they should.  The truth is that each of us is deeply influenced by the messages that are constantly being pounded into our heads by the mainstream media.  The average American watches 153 hours of television a month.  In fact, most Americans begin to feel physically uncomfortable if they go too long without watching or listening to something.  Sadly, most Americans have become absolutely addicted to news and entertainment and the ownership of all that news and entertainment that we crave is being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands each year.

Prof. Noam Chomsky on the Propagandized Media