TFT Scrapbook #1 – The Launch…

Hello, TFT Community, and happy day to you.

We just returned from an awe-inspiring (and whirlwind ) trip to Delaware for the launch of The Trek For Truth, and wanted to share a quick chronology along with some photos and videos.

Logan, Kathryn, Oliver and I departed Louisville ~8am Friday, April 17, arriving in Lewes, DE ~ 9pm.  The drive to DE made for some scintillating conversation and interesting scenery along the way


Oh, BTW- Friday was Logan's birthday...we celebrated on Saturday evening with a peach pie and candles.

Happy birthday, Logan









Oh, BTW- Friday was Logan’s birthday…we celebrated on Saturday evening with a peach pie and candles.

On Saturday morning, we sat off for the inception point of the American Discovery Trail (ADT), which is located within Fort Miles, an interesting historical place in and of itself.  …’A’ marks the spot of the trail head.

Lewes, DE - the ADT start point in Fort Miles Park

Lewes, DE – the ADT start point in Fort Miles Park












We were greeted by Trail Angel, Amy, her wonderful sons and their friend, who live nearby and originally met Logan via his Lyme Warrior journey on the Appalachian Trail last year.  Here’s a quick video with Amy, who we adore!

After Meeting Amy, she took a team photo for us

Launch Team Photo






Then, Amy took a team photo for us


Next, Logan spoke a few words before the cold waves rushed in…

And then I added my two cents…

Shortly thereafter, Logan and Kathryn set off on the first leg of the trek, embarking from a WWII-era artillery battery on Fort Miles, the start of the ADT.  They accomplished 10 miles on Saturday, during which time Oliver and I secured chow for dinner and firewood for the fire pit back at Tall Pines Camp.

On Sunday morning, we bid farewell to Logan at the 10 mile marker where we picked up he and Kat the day before.  Here’s a video from there:

Just afterward, Kathryn affixed the official TFT banner to Logan’s backpack with two binder clips and two safety pins (it was windy that day :-))

affixing banner

We gave big hugs and watched Logan set off on the next great adventure – the TFT across the ADT in 2015- let TRUTH prevail!!!

Farewell, Logan!

Farewell, Logan!


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  1. Sending love and prayers out for your safe journey Logan. Thank you for what you are doing!!

  2. Unitic,
    This is an awesome thing you’re doing. Keep it up, we look forward to the possibility of seeing you when you hit the west coast.