Matrix (video)

As Logan mentions in this video recorded on August 9, it is evident that the crimes committed against humanity are becoming more blatantly obvious- to a point beyond absurd.

It remains our mission to speak truthfully and fearlessly about the matters affecting society, and do so with compassion and love while seeking also to find solutions.

After you watch this video, be sure to watch the next one: ‘Solutions’.   In the meantime, please enjoy the monologue that Logan titles ‘matrix’.


Compulsory Public Eduction

Hmmm…just think about that phrase: “compulsory public education”.  Sold in the 1800’s as a great gift to the masses, underneath one finds the deeper motivations of self-avowed Darwinian socialists such and Thomas Dewey and Horace Mann.  The system developed by our self-proclaimed ruling class was modeled directly upon the then emerging Prussian model, expressly intended to produce an obedient and yes “dumbed down” populace.  By far the most penetrating and honest education historian of our time is a brilliant gentleman by the name of John Taylor Gatto.  He spent almost 30 years as a public school teacher in the New York City system before retiring in frustration.  Along the way he won several teacher of the year awards, inspiring and helping his children become imaginative critical thinkers, despite working within a system expressly designed to suppress those very abilities.  Below is a short Youtube video of Gatto in his own words, describing several key historical facts not taught (obviously) via our public education system.  Consider the nature of the recent federal education programs such as “Common Core” in light of John’s information.

If you’d like to know more, we highly recommend a brilliant interview conducted by another courageous hero of ours, Wall Street whistleblower and independent forensic historian and media producer Richard Grove.  Richard founded one of the best internet resources for those interested in developing their own capacity for critical thinking –  His five hour interview with Mr. Gatto is entitled The Ultimate History Lesson, and is available for purchase at his website.  Here is the intro and first hour compliments of Richard’s YouTube channel: