Doctor Jeff Bradstreet – may he rest in peace (important video enclosed)

As I compose this post, it is Saturday, June 27; 6:44 pm EST.   I’ve had a really good day because time has slowed down a bit.  Much like the sensation described by people who have been a car wreck.

I was in a bad car wreck in 1983; was ‘T-boned’ at an intersection by a drunk driver who had a very large Ford, whereas I was in a very small car.  As the glass broke and the vehicle spun around, it was absolutely remarkable how sight and sound went into slow motion.  It was as though I was an astronaut floating ever so slowly in a space capsule, and the contents of the vehicle, the shards of glass, metal and I were momentarily ‘suspended’.  What actually was less than two seconds of impact seemed much longer–and EVERY sense was heightened beyond description.

The past two weeks have been like that car wreck.  I have been observing so much transpire in the world–yet from a place of extremely grounded objectivity–such that I can see the script while watching the play (so to speak).

This sensation of living in slow motion is accompanied by heightened intuition, as well as lucid dreams, wherein I am given lessons.  –But I digress.

All of the latest Kabuki (i.e., contrived and elaborate theater) commenced a couple of days before the church shooting in South Carolina on June 17.

I had been closely observing the machinations of our legislative branch as they fast-tracked the vote to broaden executive powers, so that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could be approved withOUT having the contents revealed or be open for debates and amendments.  More here:

In a moment of distinct clarity, I ‘felt it’ and said to myself:  “…Hmmmm, I sense a major sensational news event about to break…I wonder what will happen to distract everyone from this latest chicanery on Capital Hill…?”

Sure enough.  Another formulaic ‘lone-crazed-gunman’ event which was quickly exacerbated by the lamestream media.  Instead of providing root cause analysis and/or investigative journalism surrounding the bizarre patterns and commonalities of ‘crazed gunman’ events of the past 10 years (i.e., that are so eerily similar), the media followed its predictable full-tilt methods of hyping division between race.

I am so very, very sorry for those folks at the church and their families.  It is extremely tragic and my prayers are with them all.  This event is indeed saddening.   Let us, then, truly seek to honor the victims by being vigilant to observe the derivatives of resulting race hysteria that was spun up by the oligarchy-controlled media.

One such derivative is what I’ll call ‘Flag-steria’ — the diversion of attention toward division of our people, the human beings, be they black, red, yellow, white or anything else.    Instead of focusing on the root cause or investigating what this event has in common with other similar events of the recent past, all guns (no pun intended) were instead directed toward the abolition of the confederate battle flag.  Major media ‘Flag-steria’ ensued.  From the state capital of SC to Walmart and Apple, suddenly everyone became hyper-sensitive toward abolishing this flag.

Apple issued the following statement: “We have removed apps from the App Store that use the Confederate flag in offensive or mean-spirited ways, which is in violation of our guidelines. We are not removing apps that display the Confederate flag for educational or historical uses.

One must ask:  If they (the state of SC and all of these major corporations) found it so offensive, polarizing and divisive, why didn’t they ban it before now???   ..And does the abolition of the flag actually have impact on preventing future-such events or the mentality of crazed gunmen?   Furthermore, why aren’t they doing same about the swastika flag, nor any other flag that might be associated with offense toward any racial set?

Look–let’s get real clear, real fast:  I could care less about the battle flag.  I don’t own one, never have, and never will.  I really, truly, could care less about this flag.

What I DO care about (i.e., what is MOST alarming) is the utter and COMPLETE hypocrisy of the media, corporations and govern-ment who spin up furry and division around an event (albeit a tragic one) then follow it by creating more hysteria around a flag as the implied causative impetus — whereas and hitherto — THEY HAVE BEEN TOTALLY VACANT ON REPORTING THE OTHER NEWS AFFECTING HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF AFRICAN-AMERICANS TO A MUCH BROADER EXTENT, and OVER AN EXTREMELY LONGER PERIOD OF TIME!!!

Another question:  If it was a known fact that there existed a conspiracy to debilitate and/or kill hundreds and thousands of African-Americans, wouldn’t you expect the media to report it and draw much attention to it; at least as much as the SC church shooting?    Further:  If they did not, would it not make you wonder why?

Well, folks, this is why we at TFT are here.  To point out the blatantly obvious and draw your attention to the proverbial ‘man behind the curtain’.  Yup– that man.  A.K.A.- “The man”.  The one that seeks to focus you on the sensationalism du jour, in order to de-focus you from scrutinizing the real and broader news affecting (i.e., killing and debilitating) hundreds, thousands and millions by their hand.

This brings me to the subject line of this post:  The highly suspicious death of a good man who sought to aid and protect both African-Americans and others against a known (and ongoing) attempt to bring harm to them on a massive, mind-boggling scale.  This man, Doctor Jeff Bradstreet, was found dead Friday June 19.  The national and local media coverage is HIGHLY suspect because they publish his death as a suicide, even though no official coroners report had yet been filed.  This is just the first thing that makes one go, “Hmmmmmm?”

Here’s a lamestream media link which provides an example of how they use certain words in their headline to immediately lead one to erroneous assumptions :

But wait- there’s more!

In just a couple of clicks and web searches, I found another article.  …Interesting how the headline changes from “controversial autism researcher commits suicide” to “Famous Autism researcher and Doctor, Jeff Bradstreet MD died of alleged “self inflicted gunshot wound” to chest”.

What’s even MORE interesting is that this article (unlike the one’s posted by NBC, CBS and Gwinnett news) contains links to the real dirt on the KNOWN and PROVEN cover-up, which simply has not garnered one iota of the coverage provided to us, such as they have exerted with ‘Flag-steria’.

Check out THIS link and the links within this article regarding the email evidence of the subversion of justice:

email link:

Scratching your head yet?  Anything smell fishy in Denmark?  Wonder why folks are not as pissed about this as they are about he shooting in SC?


…Wait…I should state that it’s not only African-Americans, but all others as well.  They are ‘equal opportunity eugenicist‘  (That’d be a funny one-liner if weren’t so true)

Hello?  Is this microphone on?  Can ya hear me yet, folks?   Ever heard of Doctor William Thompson?   Well- have you?

If not- WHY NOT?  If you have heard of the shooting in SC that took the lives of several people, then why have you not heard of the news regarding the atrocity and cover-up affecting hundreds of thousands???

That’s a trick question.  Answer = BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW, and WHICH IS WHY THE LAMESTREAM MEDIA DOESN’T GIVE IT ANY ATTENTION!!!   …It’s lots easier to get people fired up about a flag, with the inference that a flag has some impetus for inciting a lunatic to shoot-up a church congregation.

Here’s a link to news about Dr. Thompson:

To where does this post and all the rest of this lead, you might ask?

Let me take it back to the beginning and the reference to the car wreck in slow-mo…

Logan recorded a video before the SC church shooting; it was posted to our YouTube channel, ironically, on June 19.  He recorded it a few days before.   I consider this to be one of the most awesome videos he’s done; I hope you enjoy it too.

In this video he speaks of Dr. Thompson and makes specific reference to the tragedy and known conspiracy to cover up the heinous crime committed by big pharma, in collusion with our ‘govern-ment’, against African-Americans and the broader population.   He speaks the truth that goes unreported by the lamestream media, for they are far, FAR too busy filling the airwaves with other bullshit upon which they prefer for you to focus.

If you want to know where all of this leads, the answer is:  YOUR doorstep.

I use to get angry, frustrated and utterly beside myself when researching such material/topic matter.  Anymore and henceforth, I choose to laugh and smile at the Kabuki.  I choose to alleviate the evil powers that were (A.K.A. the passe archon influence) by, quite simply, observing their charade and desperate attempts for what it is:  a charade of desperation.

It is ‘game over’ for them and they know it.  We can usher out their malevolence, to be replaced with the divine benevolence that WE ARE as loving human beings who choose life.  In our way, here at TFT, we do so by bringing LIGHT to the situation.

“God is found in the laughter”, as I’ve heard Carmen say so many times… let us, then, join hands in unity and laugh at the folly of evil, knowing it is not real.  The only thing real is that which is eternal—and the only thing eternal is LOVE.

Now, a word from Logan:

My peace and the love of a united humanity be with you,

-Drew 🙂








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