TFT Guest Speaker Event – Adam Kokesh visits Louisville – June 17, 2015

Here ye, hear ye TFT Community– Late breaking special announcement!

We invite everyone to join us on Wednesday, June 17  2015 from 7-9 pm for an exciting evening with Adam Kokesh!!!



That’s right!   Adam’s Campfire Freedom Tour is swinging through ‘The Ville’ for a one-night-only special TFT guest appearance  event at The Clifton Center (see venue note*).



We are extremely excited for the opportunity to host Adam and help him promote his book FREEDOM!     visit:

This event is FREE –so bring a friend or two or three!!!

Copies of Adam’s book FREEDOM! (and stickers, mind you) will be given to attendees for FREE!


Double bonus:  We are extracting Logan from the Trek Trail, as he is presently (and most fortuitously) only a couple hundred miles from Louisville–so you’ll get a chance to see Logan and hear about his adventures on the trail thus far.


This is an immediate CALL TO ACTION and our enthusiastic invitation for YOU to join us at what promises to be a fun, enlightening and informational event to hear about and discuss critical issues affecting us, our nation, our planet and species as a whole–PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND!

About Adam:

Adam Kokesh joined the US Marines at age 17 and volunteered for combat duty in Iraq in 2004. This critical experience showed him that war is a racket and led him to deeply question his most cherished statist beliefs. He first rose to fame as an anti-war activist before branching out into other areas, often taking action too risky for other activists. In 2010, he became an independent journalist as ADAM VS THE MAN. He has been arrested and gone to jail dozens of times standing up for his convictions. He began writing FREEDOM! while caged in Washington, DC. While he has inspired millions with his speeches, videos, and civil disobedience, his greatest contribution to the cause of freedom is the concept of localization as a way to overcome statism and achieving a free world. To learn more, please go to

*Meeting Place: If the meeting venue changes we will update this page immediately, otherwise, we plan to host this event at The Clifton Center, 2117 Payne St, Louisville, KY 40206.,-85.707049,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xe236ac1a0b833c06

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